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Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Miniseries


Follows Zenzi, an unremarkable cleaning lady who hides behind her identity while desperately searching for her husband after he is released from prison.

Who is Zenzi Mwale?

This six-part crime thriller narrates the story of a nondescript domestic worker who goes in search of her missing husband and comes up against powerful and violent criminals.

Her reaction to the immense and immediate danger she faces is not as timid as she seems.

The series tracks the inconspicuous Zenzi's (Gail Mabalane) perilous descent from cleaner to killer.

On a mission to uncover her missing husband's whereabouts, Zenzi goes down a dangerous and destructive path littered with sinister characters who want to exploit her for their nefarious schemes.

The series stars Gail Mabalane, Vuyo Dabula, Brendon Daniels, Hein de Vries, Ilse Klink and Mothusi Magano.

Other cast members include Waldemar Schultz, Dineo Langa, Abduragman Adams, Rapulana Seiphemo, Colin Moss, Shamilla Miller, Lehasa Moloi, Shimmy Isaacs and Clifford Young.

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Hitler: A Life in Pictures

Channel: HISTORY (DStv 186)
TX Time: 20h15
Genre: Documentary Series, History

Hitler: A Life in Pictures

Hitler: A Life in Pictures uses archive and expert interviews to explore both the public and the private life of Germany's infamous dictator, and features the photos and videos of just two photographers who both dedicated their lives to documenting Hitler.

They were Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler's official photographer; and Hoffmann's photographic assistant, Eva Braun.

The archive footage includes 1,300 recently-digitized, rarely-seen photos taken by Hoffmann and material garnered from Eva's personal photo collection along with more than four hours of her home videos mostly filmed at Hitler's fortified chalet in the Bavarian Alps.

With the help of experts, including Lutz Becker who found Eva's home videos after they were lost for 27 years, and Richard Schneider, the special projects preservationist digitizing Hoffmann's photos, the series asks what was the message behind these images and films at the time and what can they tell us today?

Baboons: Rules of the Troop

Channel: S3
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary

Baboons: Rules of the Troop

Life on Earth is complex and diverse.

Through the course of evolution, species have emerged that are adapted to constantly changing environments.

There are few more resilient than the baboon.

Over the course of the film we follow four families – the Beach, Mountain, River and Desert Troops and their dramatic stories of survival on the African continent.

From the highlands of Ethiopia, down rivers in Botswana, through deserts to the southernmost beaches of Africa, the film depicts the adaptations baboons have made to survive under a myriad of harsh conditions.

Restaurants at the End of the World

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 20h10
Genre: Food, Documentary Series

Restaurants at the End of the World

This four-part series, headlined by chef Kristen Kish, travels to four off-the-beaten-path pockets on the planet.

Restaurants at the End of the World follows Chef Kish as she searches for the secret ingredients – people, places, culture and traditions – within the world's most remote restaurants in Boquete, Panama; Svalbard, Norway; North Haven Island, Maine; and Paraty, Brazil.

Running any successful venture takes a certain tenacity and grit, but those who set up deep in the wild, cut off from the grid and normal supply lines, are in a class all their own.

Chef Kish goes behind the scenes and embeds herself with local purveyors, farmers, herders, kitchen crew, managers and head chefs to listen to their stories and witness the day-to-day balancing act required to bring unique food to the table, meal after meal.

She then dives into the depths of the land to forage only the freshest ingredients and, along the way, unearths the culture and heart behind the cuisine.

The chefs profiled in the series are inspired by the surrounding land and local resources to make dishes that reflect their culture.

Because their menus rely so much on the environment, they are constantly challenged to improvise, adapt and become tougher in pursuing their passions.

With dishes ranging from reindeer tongues to buttermilk biscuits topped with lobster salad to kimchi sorbet, the menus featured in Restaurants at the End of the World are a fusion of curiosity, playfulness and relentless dedication, giving viewers a taste of faraway worlds through food.

The Big Door Prize

Channel: Apple TV+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Comedy-Drama, Comedy

The Big Door Prize

Based on M.O. Walsh's novel of the same name, The Big Door Prize tells the story of a small town that is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears in the general store, promising to reveal each resident's true life potential.

Soon residents start changing jobs, rethinking relationships and questioning long-held beliefs — all in pursuit of a better future.


Channel: VIA (DStv 147)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Reality, Afrikaans


Emotional and psychological wellbeing is important for our overall health.

In Veerkrag, Dr. Leverne Mountany challenges stigmas around psychological health.

She looks at an array of psychiatric conditions that she sees in her practice.

By empowering and encouraging her patients and viewers, she helps them to take back their lives.


Channel: Disney+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Sci-Fi


As Dana, a young Black woman and aspiring writer, begins to settle in her new home, she finds herself being pulled back and forth in time, emerging at a nineteenth-century plantation and confronting secrets she never knew ran through her blood.

In the series premiere, "Dana": LA transplant Dana has come to town expecting a warm welcome from family, but she's met with quite the opposite.

Some comfort arrives in the form of a new friend - but there's also the matter of Dana's terrifying and recurring dreams, which may not be dreams at all.


Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Comedy-Drama


When a health crisis forces a successful food writer to rethink her hard-partying ways, she jumps into a journey to get well — even if it kills her.

Aussie actor-comedian Celeste Barber stars in this raunchy, freewheeling dramedy based on the book by Brigid Delaney.

When human tornado and food critic Liv is diagnosed with 'catastrophic health' – trapping her in Australia and jeopardising her dream job in New York – she throws herself body-first into a radical wellness journey, hell-bent on getting well to return home.

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)
TX Time: 19h55
Genre: Docu-Reality, Food

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang

Chef and restauranteur Kathy Fang serves up mouthwatering Chinese fusion dishes that challenge conventional culinary ideas at Fang, the hot restaurant she co-owns in San Francisco with her father Chef Peter Fang.

This father/daughter duo is a dominant force in San Francisco's food world and now Kathy is ready to expand their business while honoring their roots.

Kathy grew up immersed in food culture at her father's iconic Chinatown restaurant House of Nanking.

As an adult, Kathy's concept for modernizing menus, risk taking and embracing young influencers doesn't always go over well with the more traditional Peter, who has been called "the godfather of Chinese cuisine".

She is constantly trying to convince him that they must innovate in order to expand and achieve what she coins "Chinese cuisine world domination."

In the series premiere, "Old School, New Food": A private dinner for social influencers puts Kathy's new ideas to the test, but only if her guests, including Peter, approve of her changes.

The Great Apes

Channel: Curiosity Channel (DStv 185)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary

The Great Apes

The Great Apes brings us face to face with some of the world's rarest primates.

Featuring chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and the magnificent mountain gorillas, the film captures the emotional connection we all experience when encountering such extraordinary creatures.

This is the mesmerizing odyssey of Holly Carroll, a passionate zoologist who explores the dense rainforests and remote jungles of Africa and Indonesia to study the lives of these intelligent and curious animals.

Walking in the footsteps of her lifelong heroes, Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall, Holly also highlights some of the challenges the great apes face in their increasingly threatened habitats.

A fascinating story of discovery and an unforgettable adventure.

Emergency: NYC

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Docu-Reality

Emergency: NYC

This docuseries follows New York City's frontline medical professionals as they balance the intensity of their work with their personal lives.

Join the fast-paced world of emergency medicine in this eight-part docuseries that follows the intense, merciless, day-to-day lives of emergency medical workers across New York City.

Experience the relentless pulse of the city's healthcare system through the struggles and triumphs of a helicopter flight nurse, transplant surgeons, paramedics, pediatriac trauma surgeons and neurosurgeons as they give everything they have to help those who need it most.


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