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Comedy Mixtape

Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 19h30
Genre: Comedy

Comedy Mixtape

Comedy Mixtape is a South African sketch comedy television series which blends stand-up comedy with sketches and parody songs.

Each episode is hosted by a renowned South African comedian, including Riaad Moosa, Stuart Taylor, Tumi Morake, Nik Rabinowitz, Chester Missing and Shimmy Isaacs.

In addition, each episode features a showcase of up-and-coming comedians.

The first episode is hosted by Schalk Bezuidenhout and features a guest performance by Mel Jones.

Hailing from the "New York of the East Rand", Schalk takes us behind the scenes of what it is like to be a social media star.


Episode 1: Schalk Bezuidenhout
Episode 2: Tumi Morake
Episode 3: Riaad Moosa
Episode 4: Barry Hilton
Episode 5: Stuart Taylor
Episode 6: Nina Hastie
Episode 7: KG Mokgadi
Episode 8: Nik Rabinowitz
Episode 9: Ndumiso Lindi
Episode 10: Rob van Vuuren
Episode 11: Shimmy Isaacs
Episode 12: Conrad Koch
Episode 13: Kurt Schoonraad

TVSA Show Page: Comedy Mixtape

Better Things

Channel: S3
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Comedy-Drama

Better Things

This comedy-drama revolves around Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon), a single, working actor with no filter raising her three daughters - Max, Frankie and Duke - in Los Angeles.

She's mom, dad, referee and the cops.

Sam also watches out for her mother, Phil, an English expatriate, who lives across the street.

Sam is flawed and fierce with her love for her daughters, and her own mother, as well - sometimes heaping the love on when she feels guilty.

Sam's just trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters' lives, have fun with a friend or two and also - just maybe - squeeze in some private time once in a while.

In the series premiere, "Sam": Sam Fox, single mother of three and a struggling actress, is just trying to make it through the day.

She is flabbergasted when her eldest, 15-year-old Max, openly asks her to score some pot for her.

She is harried when her eccentric, highly intelligent, OCD middle daughter, 12-year-old Frankie, interrupts her unpromising audition to ask if she can have a bunch of friends over.

And she is fed up with other women judging her when her youngest, six-year-old Duke, cries in public for no substantial reason.

Last Woman on Earth

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Travel, Docu-Reality

Last Woman on Earth

Writer and comedian Sara Pascoe is learning how to do the world's most endangered jobs, from ice carving in Finland to climbing trees to make sweets in Cuba.


Sara travels to Cuba to learn and try out the unique jobs put at risk by the country's increased exposure to commercialism.

Among the workers she meets are a mattress magician, a cigar factory reader and a family who climb giant coconut trees to make a local sweet.


Sara heads to Georgia, a country on the borders of Russia and the Black Sea, which has drastically modernised in the last decade.

As the country moves into the 21st century, it threatens to leave behind some unique jobs with a history going back hundreds of years.

Sara gets an insight into Georgia's past by learning some very unusual professions, which include being a gunsmith, a polyphonic singer and a guide at the Stalin Museum.


Sara travels across Finland where she looks at the impact the changing climate is having on the future of the country's traditional jobs.

In the south, Sara explores the timber trade by meeting a forest cleaner and a baker.

In the north, where temperatures are increasing the most, Sara looks at Lapland's tourism industry by learning some unique jobs including ice carving and being an elf in Santa's village.

Fokofpolisiekar 17th Birthday: Super Sick Seventeenth

Channel: kykNET NOU! (DStv 146)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Music, Special, Afrikaans

Fokofpolisiekar 17th Birthday: Super Sick Seventeenth

This is a monster of a career-spanning Fokofpolisiekar performance, celebrating their 17th birthday as a band.

The show is packed with all the classics, the fan favourites and some songs that haven't been played live in years.

Th high-energy, two-hour Afrikaans alt rock show was originally live streamed to fans during lockdown last year.

Prepare to cheer on Francois van Coke on vocals, Hunter Kennedy on guitar and backup vocals, Johnny de Ridder on lead guitar, Wynand Myburgh on bass and Jaco 'Snakehead' Venter on drums.

The guys are kicking off with Dis In My Bloed, and the set list includes 29 songs including Vernietig Jouself, Tygerberg Vliegtuig, Angs Aanval, Fokofpolisiekar and the closing number, Tiny Town.

Xploration DIY SCI 3

Channel: Da Vinci (DStv 318)
TX Time: 16h00
Genre: Science, Technology, Documentary Series

Xploration DIY SCI 3

Walking on eggs, building your own ping pong ball launcherand turning soda bottles into rockets: DIY SCI teaches you how.

The fun and educational series is hosted by YouTube star Steve Spangler and features jaw-dropping science experiments viewers can do at home.

Steve presents experiments that can be repeated at home using everyday items and explaining how they relate to real-world innovations.

In the Season 3 premiere, "Best Experiments": Steve reveals the secrets behind some of his best science tricks.

He shows how to create a toy that reads your mind and a balloon you can put in fire without popping it.

World's Top 5 2

Channel: Discovery Family (DStv 136 / StarSat 222)
TX Time: 17h40
Genre: Science, Technology, Reality

World's Top 5 2

Experience the global search for the ultimate giants of engineering genius as World's Top 5 returns for a brand new season.

The show puts the greatest mechanical marvels under the spotlight and pits them against each other to establish the best of the best.

In each show, the World's Top 5 aircraft, trains and ships are tested, analysed and rated in five key categories to eventually reveal the overall winner.

Along the way, top engineering talent take a closer look under the bonnet and behind-the-scenes to reveal the sheer engineering brilliance powering each magnificent machine.

How will these mechanical titans measure up to the rest of the competition and what are the secrets of their success?

Watch a plane put out a forest fire and an oil tanker carve its way through arctic ice.

See how a personal submarine dives 300m below the waves, and how the ultimate people carrier survives a massive explosion.

Each World's Top 5 mega machine is a winner in its own right. But which is the ultimate world-beater?

In the Season 2 premiere, "Mighty Ships": Five incredible Super Ships are shortlisted, each a titan of the sea on its own right.

But how will they fare in head-to-head battles in five key nautical categories?


Channel: Universal TV (DStv 117)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Police Procedural


Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, an enigmatic former police detective with a rare condition that makes her memory so flawless that every place, every conversation, every moment of joy and every heartbreak is forever embedded in her mind.

It's not just that she doesn't forget anything - she can't; except for one thing: the details that would help solve her sister's long-ago murder.

Carrie has tried to put her past behind her, but she's unexpectedly reunited with her ex-boyfriend and partner, NYPD Detective Al Burns (Dylan Walsh), when she consults on a homicide case.

His squad includes Det. Mike Costello (Michael Gaston), Al's right-hand man; Detective Roe Saunders (Kevin Rankin), the junior member of the team; and Detective Nina Inara (Daya Vaidya), a sassy, street-smart cop.

Being back on the job after a break feels surprisingly right for Carrie. Despite her conflicted feelings for Al, she decides to permanently join his unit as a detective solving homicides - most notably, the unsolved murder of her sister.

All she needs to do is remember.

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