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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 14 May 2021
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The Underground Railroad

Channel: Amazon Prime Video
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Period Drama, Drama

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad chronicles Cora Randall's (Thuso Mbedu) desperate bid for freedom in the antebellum South.

After escaping a Georgia plantation for the rumoured Underground Railroad, Cora discovers no mere metaphor, but an actual railroad full of engineers and conductors, and a secret network of tracks and tunnels beneath the Southern soil.

Over the course of her journey, Cora is pursued by Ridgeway, a bounty hunter who is fixated on bringing her back to the plantation she escaped; especially since her mother Mabel is the only one he has never caught.

As she travels from state to state, Cora contends with the legacy of the mother that left her behind and her own struggles to realise a life she never thought was possible.

Move to Heaven

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: K-Drama

Move to Heaven

Finding life in all that's left behind, a trauma cleaner with Asperger's and his ex-con uncle deliver the untold stories of the departed to loved ones.

Move to Heaven tells the story of Geu-ru, a young man with Asperger's syndrome; and Sang-gu, who suddenly finds himself as Geu-ru's guardian.

The two work as trauma cleaners, clearing out the possessions of the deceased and uncovering the many stories that are left behind.

Ji Jin-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) makes a special appearance as Geu-ru's father Jeong-u, who is a kind and affectionate man.

He operates Move to Heaven, a disposal service for the personal belongings of the deceased, and designates his younger brother Sang-gu as Geu-ru's guardian.

Lee Jae-wook (Extraordinary You), makes a special appearance as Su-cheol, who had been involved with Sang-gu being sent to prison.

Su-cheol's appearance will pique your curiosity not only for more insight into Sang-gu's past but also about Move to Heaven in general.

Hong Seung-hee (Who Kissed Me?) plays Na-mu, a key character alongside Geu-ru and Sang-gu who lives next door to Geu-ru and considers him as family and is protective of him.

She keeps a careful eye on Sang-gu, who suddenly becomes Geu-ru's guardian.

Love in the City

Channel: 1Magic (DStv 103)
TX Time: 17h30
Genre: Docu-Reality

Love in the City

Kiyah, Bershan, Chenoa and Tiffany have known each other for more than 10 years, and are constant sources of inspiration, support, competition and companionship to one another.

Kiyah, an ambitious and successful celebrity hair stylist, is the link who brought the four friends together, and New York City's legendary Harlem neighbourhood is where the quartet come together on a regular basis... over drinks, lunches, dinners, you name it.

Two are married, two are single and all are strong and fiercely independent women who believe in living out their dreams and not letting anyone or anything get in their way.

Through the group's adventures, misadventures, romances, successes and life-altering struggles, they may not always see eye-to-eye, but when push comes to shove, they are there for each other with solid and unwavering support as they each face their own unique challenges and triumphs.

Famous Last Words

Channel: S3
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Comedy

Famous Last Words

What do TV presenters Jeannie D and Khanyi Mbau, rapper and Idols host ProVerb, celebrity chef and MasterChef SA judge Benny Masekwameng, media personalities Kuli Roberts and John Robbie, Isidingo star Robert Whitehead and former Bafana Bafana player Mark Williams have in common?

They are all about to be turned into stand-up comedians thanks to help from some comic heavyweights.

The comedians – Jason Goliath, John Vlismas, Casper de Vries, Rob van Vuuren, Nina Hastie, Kagiso Lediga, Mpho Popps and Joey Rasdien – will spend time with their celebrity partners and step into their psyche to find the funny in their everyday lives, with sometimes painful results.

This will enable them to coach their protégé with the goal of doing their first ever five-minute stand-up comedy set in front of a live audience.

In the series premiere: Jeannie D takes Jason Goliath into her glamourous world while showing him just how much wax is required when your body is your business (ouch!).

In the second episode of the weekly double bill: John Robbie's Irish heritage rubs off on Kagiso Lediga with a jig and a beer.

Later in the season, Joey Rasdien learns what it takes to be a top-class footballer courtesy of Mark Williams.

There's plenty of hilarity (and music) when ProVerb pulls Casper de Vries into a cypher for a rap battle.

Khanyi Mbau gets John Vlismas pouting in a photo-shoot with a python.

Chef Benny Masekwameng whips Rob van Vuuren's culinary skills into shape while drag-racing.

Kuli Roberts takes Nina Hastie to a nursery school in search of her mothering instincts.

Robert Whitehead (arch-villain Barker Haines) shows Mpho Popps how an actor prepares for a stunt plane.

In turn, the comedians will have to share their knowledge and turn the celebrities into stand-up comedians.

Avenue 5

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 22h30
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

Avenue 5

Created by Armando Iannucci of Veep, Avenue 5 is set 40 years in the future when traveling the solar system is no longer the stuff of sci-fi fantasy, but a booming, multibillion-dollar business.

The series stars Hugh Laurie as Ryan Clark, the confident and suave captain of "Avenue 5," a space cruise ship with luxury amenities like gourmet buffets, a spa, an observation deck and yoga classes.

As the series begins, Avenue 5's eight-week journey around Saturn is underway and its systems are optimal.

But when the ship suddenly encounters technical difficulties, it's up to Ryan and his crew to calm the disgruntled passengers and find a way to deal with unexpected events onboard - though they may or may not be equipped for the task.

In the series premiere, "I Was Flying": When a malfunction occurs aboard the luxury space cruise ship Avenue 5, it's up to engineer Billie McEvoy (Lenora Crichlow) to warn Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie), Avenue 5 owner Herman Judd (Josh Gad) and his right-hand-woman Iris Kimura (Suzy Nakamura) that the incident may have a cataclysmic knock-on effect.

As Rav Mulcair (Nikki Amuka-Bird) manages the situation from mission control back on Earth, Matt Spencer (Zach Woods), the head of customer relations, tries his best to calm frayed nerves on board.

Meanwhile, persistent passenger Karen Kelly (Rebecca Front) discovers the crew may know more than they're letting on.

First Dates UK 8

Channel: Vuzu (DStv 116)
TX Time: 20h10
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality

First Dates UK 8

With nine million Brits now looking for love online and potentially meeting their partners on blind dates, the world of modern dating is complicated, but some things never change – when eyes first meet and hearts skip a beat.

This is the first time television might truly capture the look of love – following daters who are hoping that they just might spend the rest of their life together.

The series invites people from all walks of life from around the country, who are looking for love.

Using a fixed-rig, the series films new couples each week in a unique restaurant – where everyone is on a first date.

From the moment they lay eyes on each other to their parting glance, the hour-long programmes show every shared joke, faux pas and blossoming connection as the series aims to see first love unfolding.

At the end of every date, the couples talk candidly to the camera about their evening and answer the killer question – will they see each other again?

In the Season 8 premiere: Cupid has a big surprise for mum-of-two Emma.

Is lofty rocker Squid the man for six-foot-tall Kat?

Charming science student Sameer hopes to meet Mr Right.

And will Fran be dapper Will's English rose?

Love, Death + Robots: Volume 2

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi, Horror

Love, Death + Robots: Volume 2

Otherworlds, naked giants and robots-gone-wild clash in this anthology of adult animated stories.

Love, Death + Robots is a blast of the future with its roots deep in the past.

Show creator Tim Miller teamed up with director David Fincher after years of wanting to make adult animated features and short films at his animation house Blur Studio.

When his directorial debut Deadpool hit big, they saw their opportunity and the anthology series found a home at Netflix.

The Volume 2 episodes are as follows:

Pop Squad

In a future where resources are controlled by the rich, "unregistered offspring" are forbidden by the state.

A police officer charged with enforcing population control faces a crisis of conscience.

Life Hutch

When his ship is damaged in battle, a combat pilot rashlands on a desolate planet.

Fortunately there's an automated shelter on the surface he can take refuge in until rescue arrives... if he can survive that long.


In a future where many humans are enhanced with extraordinary strength and endurance, the "unmodded" feel left behind.

This class-conflict drives a rift between two brothers that puts their lives at risk during a dangerous race across the frozen sea of their colony world.

The Tall Grass

When a train makes an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, a lone traveller is lured into the surrounding fields by drifting, ethereal lights.

But his curiosity may prove deadly when he discovers the hellish source of the illumination.

Automated Customer Service

Some senior citizens are lucky enough to enjoy their golden years in tomorrow's high-tech, assisted living communities.

They pursue relaxation and spiritual fulfillment, their every need taken care of... until their robotic servants decide to kill them.

All Through the House

On Christmas Eve, a young girl and her little brother lie awake, too excited to sleep.

When a jingle of bells announces Saint Nick's arrival they sneak downstairs hoping to catch a glimpse of the mythical gift-giver... but find something far less jolly than they expected.

The Drowned Giant

When a two hundred foot tall naked body washes ashore outside a small fishing village, crowds gather to witness the spectacle.

A local scientist documents the leviathan's surrender to nature while the miraculous becomes first mundane and then forgotten entirely.

Snow in the Desert

On an arid, scorched planet at the edge of galactic civilization, an ageless albino named Snow is hunted by an assortment of hired killers.

But after a beautiful stranger named Hirald saves his life, she reveals her own plans for him, but keeps some secrets of her own.

Wild China with Ray Mears

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Wildlife, Nature, Documentary Series

Wild China with Ray Mears

British bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears explores eight dramatic Chinese landscapes and the wildlife to be found there.

Along the way he learns about how the landscape has shaped the people, culture and customs of China.

China encompasses a vast range of awesome landscapes including lush rainforest, high plateaus, dramatic limestone karsts, sculpted rice fields and spectacular mountains.

Unique wildlife has evolved in these different environments.

Across the series Ray explores the physical geography of each region: its topography, its climate and its extreme weather conditions.

He tracks down and identifies the key wildlife species that live there and investigates how they have adapted to their habitats.

And he explores the unique plants and trees that support life there.

Mexico Life 6

Channel: HGTV (DStv 177)
TX Time: 19h45
Genre: Reality

Mexico Life 6

Mexico Life showcases homebuyers in search of their own slice of Mexican paradise.

Episodes feature oceanfront house hunts near the white sand beaches of Tulum to the surfing mecca of Puerto Vallarta.

In the Season 6 premiere, "Cooking Up New Adventures": A Toronto couple looks to pursue their dream and open a restaurant in Playa Del Carmen.

They're looking for something that's open concept with a spacious, fully-equipped kitchen, but she prefers a house where he would like a condo.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill, "Love Nest in Tulum": After dreaming and saving for years, a Texas couple is now ready to purchase a home in Tulum.

She's focused on finding a place large enough for their three teenagers, but he's envisioning a low maintenance love nest for just the two of them.

Kids Baking Championship 9

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)
TX Time: 19h55
Genre: Reality Competition, Food

Kids Baking Championship 9

Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman return to test the skills of nine new talented young bakers, ranging in age from 10 to 13, in difficult dessert challenges to see who will measure up in the competition.

Only one will take the cake and the sweet grand prize of $25,000 and the title of Kids Baking Champion.

Throughout the season, the kid contestants show off their skills and creativity as they whisk through new confectionary challenges, from hedgehog poke cakes, to intricate pie art, and to giant doughnut cakes.

The classic imposter dessert challenge returns as well with a new surprising international twist.

Also, the bakers will also have to tackle other delectable desserts including creative out-of-this-world cakes, sweets, and scrumptious snacks.

On Season 9 premiere, "Flying Colors": Valerie and Duff embrace the brushstroke decorating trend by asking the 12 young bakers to create colourful and delicious brushstroke mini cheesecakes.

Haunted 3

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Docu-Drama

Haunted 3

Haunted gives a chilling glimpse into the first-person accounts from people who have witnessed horrifying, peculiar, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomenons that continue to haunt them.

A menacing mansion. A haunting melody. A demonic cat.

More real people share scary stories from their past — and the truth is terrifying.



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