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Die Sentrum

Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Telenovela, Afrikaans

Die Sentrum

Die Sentrum (The Centre) is a South African telenovela which revolves around a group of eight diverse counsellors who work together at a helpline call centre.

Although they spend their time helping callers with their personal issues, each one of the counsellors has their own challenges to overcome.

The series explores socially relevant issues which reflect the present times in South Africa, with callers' stories providing another layer of social reality in each episode.

Alcoholism, domestic violence, a desperate search for love and secret lifestyles are some of the subjects the counsellors need to deal with – not only over the telephone, but in their personal lives as well.

The counsellors try not to judge their callers, but rather assist them however they can, from people just needing someone to lend an ear, to life threatening situations.

The series stars Carmen Maarman as Kelly, Chumani Pan as Muzi, Keeno-Lee Hector as Darren, Esihle Mkosana as Buhle, Randy Januarie as Naomi, Zenobia Kloppers as Lucinda, Stiaan Bruwer as Kobus, Dustin Beck as Imaad, Thoko Ntshinga as Funeka and Kim Syster as Rochelle.

Die Sentrum is produced by Penguin Films and the series director is Mandilakhe Yengo.

The series was filmed in Cape Town and is broadcast in Afrikaans and Xhosa, with English subtitles.


SABC2's new telenovela Die Sentrum: what it's about and who's in it

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Too Hot to Be Single

Channel: SABC1
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality

Too Hot to Be Single

Modern dating game show designed to find a match for people who rate themselves as hot property, using methods from dating apps and social media.

Set in a studio, Too Hot to Be Single features a hot single who is looking for an equally hot date.

Led by host Lawrence Maleka, six hopeful matches will go through a series of trials to impress the single.

Segment by segment the single eliminates options until they are left with one match.

Mrs. America

Channel: SABC3
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Drama, Period Drama

Mrs. America

The true story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the unexpected backlash led by a conservative woman named Phyllis Schlafly, aka "the sweetheart of the silent majority".

Through the eyes of the women of the era – both Schlafly and second wave feminists Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug and Jill Ruckelshaus – the series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the '70s helped give rise to the Moral Majority and forever shifted the political landscape.

Cate Blanchett headlines as Phyllis Schlafly, leading a cast portraying some of the most iconic women of the era.

These include Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem, Margo Martindale as Bella Abzug, Uzo Aduba as Shirley Chisholm, Elizabeth Banks as Jill Ruckelshaus and Tracey Ullman as Betty Friedan.

Pastor Wants a Wife

Channel: Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality Competition, Docu-Reality, Religion

Pastor Wants a Wife

Pastors Aaron, Zion and Lincoln are looking for true love and a woman fit to stand by their side and help them to lead a church in this new reality show from Basetsana Kumalo.

Twelve women are onboard to compete for their hearts and prove that they can be the perfect "Mamfundisi".

This isn't just about the love or chemistry between a man and a woman, it's about seeing eye-to-eye on the greater moral and theological issues.

Will they strike a diving match, or will they have to settle for being single?

Before I Die

Channel: Investigation Discovery (DStv 171 / StarSat 223)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series, Docu-Drama

Before I Die

Before I Die exposes the truth behind the individuals who had the strength and courage in their final moments to catch the perpetrator of their own brutal slaying.

Each episode in this three-part series re-tells the shocking events leading to the crucial piece of evidence, the one item, that the victim was able to somehow communicate with their dying breath, that helped to solve their own murder.

In the series premiere, "In the Line of Duty": January 28, 1986, Deputy Floyd Moore is locking up. He sees a man acting suspiciously and calls for back-up.

It arrives in two minutes, but Floyd is shot in the head.

However, the man's ID is found hidden in Floyd's pocket and the hunt is on to catch the killer.


Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Comedy-Drama


Comedy-drama series set in a local, family-run supermarket staffed by a family of oddball employees with a set of varying personalities and stories.

These include all sorts, from recent Matric drop-outs to eternal dreamers and long-suffering cashiers.

Together they must all face the daily grind of discount hunters, the torture of end of season sales, awkward training sessions and sales targets, all whilst balancing their own personal lives.

The series is set in Kliptown, which allows for the series to present multiple and contradicting perspectives across colour, generational and class boundaries.

There are commonly held beliefs that mixing business with family is not a good idea, that you must always separate work from your personal life and that in the workplace nothing should be taken personally.

But what happens when you work with your family and the very people you are supposed to open up to about your workplace challenges are the cause of your workplace stress?

Working with family means that every criticism is taken personally and every fight will inevitably be taken home.

Ak'siSpaza is about taking the dysfunctions of family and putting them in a place where they will eventually lead to conflicting and humorous situations.

In the series premiere: After his mother's funeral, Tshiamo is shocked when his father (Bra Pantsula) returns out of the blue and learns that he has to share 50% of his inherited store with his estranged father.

Kopano gets punished for fighting at school when Tshiamo forces him to work at the store.

Ak'siSpaza is produced by Coal Stove Productions.

TVSA Show Page: Ak'siSpaza


Channel: 1Magic (DStv 103)
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Docu-Reality, True Crime


Follows individuals who have completed long-term prison sentences during those first crucial 90 days on the outside.

We'll meet them as they walk out the prison doors for the first time, and stay with them for every step – and misstep – as they attempt to reconnect with their loved ones, establish their independence and begin the long, hard work of starting over.

In the series premiere, "It's Over": After serving decades behind bars, convicted felons Kevin, Kay and Jermaine are released from prison.

Her sixth time out, Kay is now sober with a new attitude; Jermaine's daughter refuses to forgive him; and Kevin makes the long trip home from San Quentin.

The Red Room

Channel: SABC3
TX Time: 18h30
Genre: Telenovela

The Red Room

The Red Room tells women's stories at a time when the world is waking up to the challenges faced by those living oppressed lives in a patriarchal system.

The stories play out in a therapist's office in Istanbul where vulnerable women, men and children pass through to get treatment and handle their traumas and problems.

At the same time we witness personal dramas involving the main cast of characters, and see how their relationships develop while they help those in need of their clinical support.

The series is based on the real experiences of an Istanbul doctor and writer Gülseren Budayicioglu.

The episodes are built around harrowing stories of the patients, while at the centre of the drama is the team of therapists in the clinic, and their own personal issues.


Step into SABC3's The Red Room

New! The Red Room Teasers - April 2021

Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation 2

Channel: Real Time (DStv 155)
TX Time: 15h00
Genre: Reality Makeover, Home Improvement, DIY, Lifestyle

Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation 2

Families who achieved their dreams of buying an affordable vacation home are now tasked with the tough job of turning it into the relaxing oasis they envisioned when they purchased it.

In each episode of Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation, watch as they work together to transform their new properties into a home away from home, proving that with a little imagination and a lot of muscle, you can have the relaxing getaway you've always wanted.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Fishing for a Fixer-Upper": Stephanie and Virginia's wish list for a vacation home in Galveston, Texas, includes an elevated deck and close proximity to fishing.

They're working with a local agent to help them reel in a winner, but permit problems and unforeseen issues threaten to prevent them from making their dream renovations a reality.

Bull 5

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 20h35
Genre: Drama, Legal Drama

Bull 5

Follows the employees of a jury consulting firm headed by Dr. Jason Bull, who is a psychologist and trial science expert.

Bull uses his skills and those of his team not only to select the right jurors for his clients, but to help his clients' lawyers decide which type of argument will win over jurors best.

In the Season 5 premiere, "My Corona": Bull and the TAC team struggle to adjust to a virtual court system as they weather the New York City shutdown due to the coronavirus.


Channel: SABC3
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Comedy


Garrett Modi (Kal Penn) was living the American Dream.

As the youngest New York City Councilman ever, he was rubbing elbows with the political elite, attending star-studded parties and was the pride of Queens.

But instead of spending his time in office helping the people that got him elected, he lost his way amidst the power and glamour of politics.

When his downward spiral got him busted for public intoxication (and downright stupidity), it was all caught on tape and ended his career.

Now, Garrett's crashing with his sister, Mallory, and wondering where it all went wrong.

That is, until he's hired by a diverse group of hopefuls who dream of becoming American citizens and believe he can help - giving him a new sense of purpose and a chance for redemption.

As long as he remembers where he came from.


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