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Two Sentence Horror Stories

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 22h30
Genre: Horror

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Inspired by viral fan fiction, the anthology series features diverse characters and a different sub-genre of horror in each episode, tapping into universal primal fears while tackling provocative social issues that exist within our modern society.

This series of terror features diverse characters facing primal fears in spine-chilling situations that stretch past daily routine.

The series is filtered through the anxieties of the most connected and inclusive generation.

With dizzying advancements in technology, social progress, inequality and environmental degradation…the things that haunt us are still the same.

In the series premiere, "Gentleman": SHE WAS STIFF AND COLD IN MY ARMS. THEN THE DOLL BLINKED.

A serial killer with an obsession for single moms stalks a young mother who rejected him.

The ABC Murders

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Miniseries

The ABC Murders

Widely regarded as one of Agatha Christie's best mysteries, The ABC Murders is one of the most surprising and unusual appearances by literature's most famous detective, Hercules Poirot.

The year is 1933 and a killer stalks Britain, known only as A.B.C. They strike in a methodical pattern and leave a copy of the ABC railway guide at the scene of each of murder.

As Poirot (John Malkovich) attempts to investigate he is thwarted on every front; by a police force that no longer trusts him, a public that no longer adores him, and an enemy determined to outsmart him.

If Poirot is to match his most cunning nemesis everything about him will be called into question; his authority, his integrity, his past, his identity.

In her fourth Agatha Christie adaptation, Sarah Phelps continues to explore the 20th century through the work of Britain's greatest crime writer.

This time it is the 1930s; a divided country where suspicion and hatred are on the rise, and the gap between wealth and poverty is great and growing greater.

In the midst of this we find Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells. Poirot has aged and the world has changed quickly around him.

England, tolerant, welcoming England, squeezed by Depression, by the dark news from Germany, isn't as tolerant and welcoming.

The jubilation of winning the Great War has evaporated, now all there is, is a mess. Someone has to take the blame and sympathy for Displaced People has run out.

As the British Union of Fascists gains ground, inveighing against 'aliens', Poirot feels even more like the outsider that he is.

Even worse, he has been swept aside by the new brooms in the police and forgotten by the Bright Young Things whose dinner parties he entertained.

But somebody has not forgotten him...

The A.B.C. killer travels the length and breadth of Britain to taunt Poirot.

The ominous rumble of the train tracks connects every sinew of the country, every corner of opulence and poverty bound together.

As Poirot tracks the killer across a riven, tense England, the case peels back the layers of the persona he's created to survive in a foreign land, surrounded by strangers where the only person who seems to truly understand him, is the deranged, uncontrolled killer.

One Day at a Time

Channel: SABC3
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Comedy

One Day at a Time

This contemporary remake of the original, One Day at a Time revolves around a Latina family living in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Echo Park whose matriarch, Penelope, is a recently separated former military mom navigating a new single life.

Assisting her in raising her radical teenage daughter, Elena and socially adept tween son, Alex are Lydia, her old-school Cuban-born mom and her aging hipster building manager Schneider.

Penelope strives to maintain at least some balance between her semi-traditional Cuban culture and the modern American influence her family encounters while living in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Duidelik Dapper

Channel: kykNET (DStv 144)
TX Time: 17h30
Genre: Lifestyle, Afrikaans

Duidelik Dapper

A lifestyle and health programme presented by singer and media personality Leah.

Every episode is divided into three segments. The first is about health. Leah will talk to doctors, pharmacists, therapists and specialists about new trends and innovations.

The seconde lifestyle segment will cover topics like sports science, meals for diabetics, and exercise routines you can do at home.

The third segment of every episode pays tribute to people who achieved extraordinary things despite their circumstances.

In the series premiere, the focus is on COVID-19 which will, no doubt, be part of our lives for some time.

The importance of blood pressure, cholesterol and heart health is also discussed.

And, seeing that it's New Year's Day, we take a look at New Year's resolutions and what is actually attainable and what is not.

The special guest is Mortimer Williams, a singer and actor, who was injured in a shooting in front of a Melville restaurant in Johannesburg on 1 January, 2020.

He talks about his trauma and about what he did to process and heal.

Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Reality, Motoring

Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records

Last year, the Diesel Brothers made history when they successfully jumped their massive, 12,000 pound BroDozer Monster Jam truck over a flying airplane.

This year, the team – Heavy D and Diesel Dave, along with TV personality Chris Jacobs – reunite with their friends at Monster Jam for an even more epic night of record-breaking stunts and Guinness World Record attempts at never-before tried feats.

To dial the danger up a notch, veteran drivers from Monster Jam will attempt seven stunts striving to etch their names into the history books.

For the first time in months, fans will have a front row seat as their favourite drivers climb back in their Monster Jam trucks to wow audiences with their jaw-dropping stunts.

With their typical humour and crazy antics, Heavy D and Jacobs will guide audiences through the night, setting up the stunts with their colourful commentary and a play-by-play for the "Stuntacular".

And as always, Diesel Dave will bring his standard flare for interviewing talent as he shoots around the track for sideline chats.

And because they can't just stand on the sidelines while trucks are involved, Heavy D and Diesel Dave will face off in a drag race... Diesel Brothers style.

Adam and Krysten Anderson from the "First Family of Monster Jam," will each be behind the wheel to attempt a world record.

Adam hopes to smash the record for most monster trucks (8) jumped by a monster truck. He will be attempting the challenge in Megalodon.

Younger sister Krysten looks to break that glass ceiling by taking the title for the highest ramp jump in Grave Digger.

During Monster Jump Live last year, Todd LeDuc successfully completed a gravity defying forward momentum back flip.

This August, he ups the ante by attempting the first-ever forward momentum double back flip while driving a monster truck.

Other drivers featured include Bryce Kenny, who attempts to break the record for the fastest speed ever recorded in the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Monster Jam truck; Bari Musawwir, who will hop in Zombie with the hopes of crushing the title for the most consecutive donut revolutions in a monster truck and the most number of donuts in a monster truck in 1 min.

And Tom Meents, who has his eyes set to break the Guinness World Record for the longest nose wheelie in Max-D.

It is sure to be a night of awe-inspiring stunts, plenty of jokes and hijinx, and of course, no Diesel Brothers stuntacular would be complete without a few surprises.

Absentia 3

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Thriller

Absentia 3

Absentia centers on FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), who had disappeared without a trace and was declared dead after hunting one of Boston's most notorious serial killers.

Six years later, Emily was found in a cabin in the woods, barely alive, and with no memory of the years she was missing.

Returning home to learn her husband, Special Agent Nick Durand, had remarried and her son Flynn was being raised by another woman, she soon found herself implicated in a new series of murders.

Season 3 picks up after the dramatic events of Season 2 with Emily nearing the end of her FBI suspension.

Everything is upended when one of Nick's criminal cases threatens the lives of Emily's family.

Her efforts to unravel a dangerous conspiracy take Emily to Europe, testing her like never before and forcing her to learn to trust and love again as she finally realises her true place in the world.

The Librarians 3

TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

The Librarians 3

The Librarians centers on an ancient organisation hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around.

Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim star in the series as the newest protectors of the world's mystical treasures, with John Larroquette as their reluctant caretaker.

Noah Wyle recurs as Flynn Carsen.

In the Season 3 premiere, "And the Rise of Chaos": When the Egyptian God of Chaos inhabits a human body, he attempts to release Pure Evil into the world, thus beginning the final battle of Good vs. Evil.

In order to stop him, the Librarians must decipher a series of clues within a science museum, including a mysterious warning spoken by exhibit mannequins that have come to life.

TVSA Show Page: The Librarians 3

Beachfront Bargain Hunt 16

Channel: HGTV (DStv 177)
TX Time: 20h35
Genre: Reality

Beachfront Bargain Hunt 16

An all-new season of the show that documents the journeys of everyday people as they search for their dream 'home away from home' without breaking the bank.

Each episode features families touring a number of affordable properties before selecting the one they feel best fits their budget and wish list.

In the Season 16 premiere: Fed up with the rising costs of vacations, a couple sets out to make their dreams of owning a beach home a reality.

The couple decides that St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, would be the perfect place for a retreat along the Caribbean Sea after only one visit.

Aware of the affordable housing market but unsure of where to start the house hunt, the couple uses an agent to help find their ideal private oasis while staying under budget.

Kidding 2

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Comedy

Kidding 2

Jim Carrey returns to Kidding in his Golden Globe-nominated performance as the iconic children's television host, Jeff Pickles.

The second season picks up moments after Season 1's cliffhanger, and with his beloved Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time off the air for the first time in 30 years, Jeff must find a way to communicate with his many fans who still need him.

Jeff creates a new and controversial method to talk directly to children across the world only to become the target of animosity for the first time in his career.

As Jeff navigates the most complicated moral gray areas of his life, he discovers a new side of himself in a season full of music, magic, puppets and pathos.

In the Season 2 premiere, "The Cleanest Liver in Columbus, Ohio": Jeff realises that if he can tell a lie for the first time in his life he'll get everything he's ever wanted.


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