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Channel: BritBox
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Drama, Period Drama, Biopic, Miniseries


Four-part drama starring Jason Isaacs about the life of Hollywood's leading man.

Born in Bristol, England in 1904, to parents Elsie and Elias, Archie narrates the story of a young Archibald Alexander Leach's troubled childhood and how extreme poverty, his father's adultery and the loss of his older brother, John, tore the family apart and sent his loving mother into a downward spiral of grief and depression.

Jeff Pope's scripts reveal how deceit, cruelty and one overpowering lie shaped Archie's life.

At 14 he auditioned for the music hall act the Bob Pender Troupe, a band of acrobats, stilt walkers, clowns and comedians after seeing them perform at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Lean and athletic, he learned the art of stilt walking, and when the troupe went on tour to the US, teenage Archie was intoxicated by the land of opportunity.

Believing he was not wanted by his family in the UK, he decided to stay in the US to try to make his way in showbusiness.

With no thoughts of acting, a chance meeting with the comedian George Burns helped him find his first footing on the acting ladder and a contract with a movie studio who felt he needed to change his name, and Cary Grant was born.

The drama intercuts with scenes from 1961 when at the height of his fame, living in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, the legendary actor was breaking all box office records, but desperately unhappy in his private life.

With two failed marriages behind him, he began to woo an actress he'd seen on a TV show, Dyan Cannon.

Thirty-three years his junior, Dyan didn't initially fall for his charms, turning down his attempts to meet, because she didn't feel they could ever be a match.

Dashingly handsome, suave and sophisticated, Cary continued to pursue her, with introductions to his famous friends, until they eventually wed in Las Vegas in 1965.

In the series premiere: 58-year-old Cary Grant is lonely in Los Angeles and on his third divorce.

We flash back to his troubled childhood as Archie Leach in Victorian Bristol with a bullying father and a mother grieving for the loss of his older brother.

After Archie's father, Elias, tells him his mother is dead and sends him to live with his grandmother, Archie finds a new 'family' with the Pender Troupe - acrobats playing at the Bristol hippodrome.

We follow teenage Archie as he journeys to New York with the Pender Troupe and his thrill at performing to an audience.

He falls in love with the vibrancy of America and its people and when it's time to go home, he refuses because he has nothing to go back for.

Meanwhile in 1962, Cary Grant, now the most famous film star in the world, is captivated by a beautiful young actress called Dyan Cannon, who he first sees on television.

Enlisting the help of his agent Stanley Fox to find her, he finally persuades Dyan to meet him at his bungalow on the Universal Studios lot.

Dyan provides the breath of fresh air he needs with her infectious laughter and beautiful smile.

While filming North by Northwest with Alfred Hitchcock, Cary confesses that he has fallen in love again.

Cary invites Dyan to his house in Benedict Canyon where they laugh and sing a duet - and she experiences his idiosyncratic dining habits.

But she is taken back when he announces he doesn't want children, he wouldn't want to bring them into his world.

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Food, Reality

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

A series of four specials featuring global megastar Selena Gomez.

Gomez is at the top of her game as a musical artist, actor, businesswoman and philanthropist, but she calls in the experts to help amp up her kitchen skills for the holidays.

This year she has invited all-star chefs Eric Adjepong, Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon and Claudette Zepeda to bring their favourite dishes and culinary wisdom to her home kitchen so they can cook up perfect holiday meals to share with friends and family.

Over the course of the four specials, the chefs will walk Selena and her best friend, Raquelle Stevens, through their culinary paces to make the season great.

In Selena + Alex, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Selena prepare roast beef and Chantilly mashed potatoes for a tree-trimming party.

In Selena + Michael, Michael Symon pops by for a Surf & Turf Christmas as he and Selena tackle steaks and lobster.

In Selena + Claudette, Chef Claudette Zepeda plans a Mexican feast with a traditional Latin Christmas dish of tamales and a unique twist on a historic salad.

Then, in Selena + Eric, it is time to ring in the New Year with Chef Eric Adjepong for a brunch that includes Shrimp & Banana Grits and Malva Pudding.

Special guest appearances by Gomez's Papa, Nana and sister Gracie make this a family affair.

The Family Chantel 5

Channel: TLC Entertainment (DStv 135)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

The Family Chantel 5

Final season!

The Family Chantel returns for its final, most explosive chapter.

Last season ended with Pedro hitting his breaking point and ultimately making the decision to file for divorce.

Chantel, desperate for support, had Winter and Karen move into her home she once shared with Pedro.

The division between the two families manifested to the extreme while jaw-dropping revelations and emotional moments played out between Pedro and Chantel.

Now, the final season of The Family Chantel brings us to the end of this couple's story.

Nine months later, and both are desperate to move on from one another.

As their divorce inches closer to the finish line, accusations and old resentments make any kind of agreement no easy feat.

Decisions such as selling the house, and who gets what possession, are almost impossible between the two.

While both believe they are on the right side of this divorce, each family is intensely feuding as they fight to defend their own.

As we bid farewell to the couple's journey together, all the twists and turns of this season mark an inevitable end to The Family Chantel.

From cultural clashes and language barriers to secrets revealed, this final chapter promises to deliver highly charged moments until the very last minute when the families meet face to face for one last time.

My Life with the Walter Boys

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Drama

My Life with the Walter Boys

A coming of age story that follows 15-year-old Manhattanite Jackie Howard after losing her family in a tragic accident.

Jackie leaves behind her privileged and proper life in New York and moves to rural Colorado to be with her guardian – her mother's best friend, Katherine, who is raising 10 kids with her husband, George.

While settling into her new, chaotic countryside home, Jackie is determined to stay focused on her dream of getting into Princeton... all while wrapping her head around her feelings for two very different Walter brothers: the reliable and bookish Alex, and the mysterious and troubled Cole.

As Jackie tries to navigate her new life, the feelings and tensions she tries to deny threaten to throw everything off course.

Will she be able to stay true to herself and still find romance?

A Million Little Things 5

Channel: Me (DStv 115)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Drama, Comedy-Drama

A Million Little Things 5

Season 4 saw the group face many challenges - some humorous, others heartbreaking, but all made easier by the love and support these friends show each other.

After his accident left him wondering if he'd ever be the person he was before, Eddie proved to himself and the people he loves that the answer was no; he'd be even better.

By allowing those who count on him to witness his true grit, Eddie has become an even more important role model than he could have possibly imagined.

This season, with Delilah and Charlie still in France, Eddie will face the challenge of being a long-distance co-parent, all while pursuing a new career path helping others who've gone through similar challenges.

Season 4 saw Katherine find the courage to confront her past and come to terms with her sexuality, finally coming out to her family and friends as she developed a romance with her high school crush, Greta.

This season, we'll see if Katherine can forge a lasting relationship with Greta while navigating a complicated co-parenting relationship with Eddie on a journey that ultimately reflects on true love and what it really means to be a family.

Last season, we saw Rome make the decision to face his past trauma and begin teaching at the school where he was discriminated against as a teenager.

In the process, Rome was able to be there for a student who was also ostracized, helping them reclaim their voice in a way Rome's own teachers did not.

This season, we'll see Rome tackle a different kind of challenge, one more personal and heartbreaking, as he deals with his father's health problems.

But using humour as a coping mechanism as he always does, Rome has the pleasant discovery that his relationship with his only living parent might just be stronger than he thought.

As for Regina, she finally put the heartbreak of her failed restaurant behind her and started a successful new food truck enterprise.

As this new mom to a foster child must suddenly cope with having an empty nest, Regina turns her attention to work, finding that being on a food truck puts her out in front of her community in a way that will change her life forever.

Sophie and Danny came into their own as young adults last season - Danny with his first true romantic relationship, and Sophie processing her sexual assault and beginning to heal.

Season 5 will find them both leaning on their surrogate parents when they need them the most and finding the strength to return that favour in some beautiful and unexpected ways.

Finally, back together and stronger than ever, Gary and Maggie set their sights on having a child last season, but just as they got good news amidst their difficult fertility journey, Gary learned his cancer was back.

This season will be a challenging one for Maggie, balancing her pregnancy, a demanding job as a successful radio host, and her worry over what the future holds for her and her growing family.

Gary, faced with his own mortality, must make some difficult choices about his future that force him to do the one thing that's always been the hardest for him - need someone.

As the fifth and final season unfolds, we'll watch through laughter and tears as we bring this incredible journey to its conclusion.

Along the way, we'll explore the depths of friendship, love and sorrow as we bid this special family of friends goodbye, once again proving that friendship really is a million little things.

In the Season 5 premiere, "The Last Dance": The family of friends gathers once again to celebrate the life of a loved one who dies unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, Katherine shows Maggie the secret to registering for baby gifts, and Rome supports his father through a difficult transition.

Farewell Doc Martin

Channel: BritBox
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Comedy, Special

Farewell Doc Martin

Celebrating 10 seasons across 18 years, this behind-the-scenes special shares the secrets of creating the beloved dramedy Doc Martin.

From the show's inception to its final days of filming, learn details about Doc and Louisa's love story, the inspirations for the medical cases, the real-life filming locations and more, through interviews with the cast and crew and on-set footage.

From scripting and pre-production of the final season to shooting and delivery, meet the cast behind the colourful characters that live and work in the picturesque Cornish town of Portwenn, the crew members behind the camera, the residents of Port Isaac, the show's real-life setting, and the visitors who come solely because Doc Martin filmed there.

In this documentary narrated by Caroline Catz, who plays Doc Martin's wife Louisa, we follow this show's successful journey and bid farewell to the cantankerous medic and the village locals one final time.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch 2

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 20h55
Genre: Reality

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch 2

Blind Frog Ranch - Duane Ollinger's sprawling 160-acre property in Utah's Uintah Basin - continues to reveal its perplexing secrets.

After discovering a large wooden box in a flooded cavern, Duane and his team are hellbent on extracting it from the cave, believing it contains the fabled treasure of the Aztecs.

After the winter freeze shut down their operation last year, Duane and his son Chad, head of ranch security Charlie Snider, world-renowned geologist Eric Drummond, and investigator Jamie Dube return to Blind Frog Ranch to continue their quest for Aztec gold.

When attempting to remove the box from the cave results in near-disaster, Eric discovers another incredible mystery: the large rocks that are inside the box have been bored, and contain cylinders of a strange metal that liquifies at room temperature.

Could this be part of the Aztec treasure, or is it a new mystery? Nobody is certain.

But Duane and his team are not alone in their pursuit of the sunken treasure.

After finding a remote-operated surveillance camera aiming directly at their worksite, the men suspect they are being watched.

Military helicopters buzzing over the property, gun-weilding intruders and a murder investigation push suspicions to the edge.

The men work tirelessly to get into the cavern to secure the box - and its mysterious contents - before someone else beats them to it.

Finally, after mapping the fault system of the ranch, Eric discovers a dry entrance to the cavern.

Wasting no time, Duane drills directly into the cavern and forges a new access point.

But when they detect radioactivity emitting from the newly drilled hole, the operation is once again jeopardised.

Will Duane decide to risk his life entering the cavern, or risk the possibility of losing the treasure to unknown intruders?


Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Drama, Thriller


Bloodline is a dramatic thriller that explores the demons lurking beneath the surface of a contemporary American family.

The Rayburns are hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community.

But when the black sheep son comes home for the 45th anniversary of his parents' hotel, he threatens to expose the Rayburns' dark secrets and shameful past, pushing his siblings to the limits of family loyalty.

In the series premiere, "Part 1": As Robert and Sally Rayburn prepare to be honoured on the 45th anniversary of their Florida Keys hotel, their family and friends gather at the Rayburn Family Inn to celebrate.

Trouble starts when oldest son Danny comes home for the anniversary celebration.

The Voice 23

Channel: Me (DStv 115)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Reality Competition, Music

The Voice 23

Multi-media entertainment mogul and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Reba McEntire will serve as Mega Mentor on Season 23 of The Voice.

Reba joins coaches Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton to mentor the remaining artists who have made it through the Battle Rounds as each team prepares for the Knockouts.

Having served as Battle Advisor to Team Blake during the show's inaugural season, Reba returns as Blake coaches his final group of artists and bids farewell to the competition.

The Voice introduces key changes this season, making for a fierce competition where the stakes have never been higher - the coaches pull out all the stops to advance their teams and the artists leave it all on the stage as they vie for the win.

This season's format includes:

The Battles

An all-new "Playoff Pass" allows both artists in a battle to advance, with the "Playoff Pass" winner gaining a major advantage when they skip the Knockout Rounds and automatically advance to Playoffs, taking them one step closer to the live shows.

Each coach has one "Playoff Pass" and one "Steal" during this round.

Seven artists per team advance (six competing in the Knockouts and one "Playoff Pass" artist).

The Knockouts

Artists are paired against each other, selecting their own songs to perform individually while their direct competitors watch and wait.

Coaches choose the winner and the artist not selected is available for a "steal."

The pressure is on as each coach only has one "steal" during this round.

Five artists per team advance (four Knockout winners and one "Playoff Pass" artist).

The Playoffs

The Playoffs are back, further bolstering the competition following the Knockouts.

The 20 remaining artists hold nothing back, and tough decisions are made when each coach can only advance two artists to the live semifinals.

My Family 5-11

Channel: BritBox
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Comedy

My Family 5-11

Meet the Harpers, a prefectly normal family. Or are they?

Father Ben is a dentist who'd like to see his children move out of the house as soon as possible because all he wants is peace and quiet.

His eldest son Nick - who later on in the series does move out - is a complete idiot and a no-good who can't hold on to any of the various jobs he has.

Daughter Janey is very shallow and not very picky when it comes to boys while son Michael is way too smart for Ben and doesn't feel the need to communicate much with his father.

His curious wife Susan clearly makes all the decisions in the household.

Later on in the series Ben gets an assistant at work, goofy and naive Roger, and when Janey finally moves out, no-brainer Abi moves in, while Janey keeps visiting, sometimes bringing along her little son, Kenzo.

So much for Ben's peace and quiet.

World War II: From the Frontlines

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Documentary Series, History

World War II: From the Frontlines

Through vividly enhanced archival footage and voices from all sides of the conflict, this docuseries brings WWII to life like never before.



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