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Johnny Clegg: The White Zulu

Channel: HISTORY (DStv 186)
TX Time: 20h15
Genre: Documentary, Music

Johnny Clegg: The White Zulu

1988. In only few months, South African musician Johnny Clegg, an almost unknown artist, has sold millions of albums.

With his hit Asimbonanga, which paid tribute to Nelson Mandela, he was instantly propelled to the rank of worldwide star and became the symbol of the struggle against Apartheid.

This documentary relates his adventure.

This is the adventure of a committed musician, crazy for dance, who gave the world his vision of a South African culture that allows everyone, black and white, to express themselves and make it possible to get along.

Apartheid wanted to separate blacks from whites; Johnny Clegg brought them together by mixing English and Zulu, African rhythms and rock.

In the early 1970s, he invented a unique style unlike any other, and made it a political art.

His story and that of his music are in line with the history of South Africa and his long journey to freedom.

Jane the Virgin 2

Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Comedy-Drama

Jane the Virgin 2

Jane Villanueva has always lived by the rules.

She is studying to become a teacher, working her way through school by waitressing at a hot Miami hotel, and she has never forgotten the lesson her grandmother Alba taught her long ago about the importance of saving herself for marriage.

But when Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated (!) her life became as dramatic and outrageous as the telenovelas she grew up watching.

Adding to the drama, the donor is reformed playboy Rafael Solano, the owner of the hotel where Jane works, and her teenage crush.

Although Jane is engaged to her long-time love, Michael, a detective with the Miami Police Department, and Rafael is married to the scheming Petra, she and Rafael are drawn closer by the pregnancy and begin to fall for each other.

The tension proves too much for Jane and Michael, and they call off their engagement... and Jane and Rafael begin seeing each other.

But happily ever after is interrupted by murder and mayhem, by scheming exes and maniacal criminal masterminds.

Oh, and then there's the fact that Jane learns her long lost father is Rogelio De La Vega, her favourite telenovela star.

And now he's back in her life... with a vengeance.

But amidst all the crazy, there are the Villaneuva women - Jane, her mother Xiomara, and her grandmother, Alba, who band together to support each other always, no matter the twists and turns thrown their way.

And ultimately, Jane gives birth and a new Villanueva enters the world.

And believe it or not... the drama is just getting started.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Chapter Twenty-Three": After Jane discovers Mateo's abduction, chaos ensues, especially when they all learn Sin Rostro is involved and demanding a ransom.

Trying to help, Rogelio tweets about Mateo's kidnapping making the Villanueva family targets of the paparazzi.

Despite everything that has happened, Jane must also focus on motherhood and turns to Xo and Alba for help, leaving Rafael feeling left out.

Meanwhile, Petra is conflicted with what to do with Rafael's remaining sperm sample.

TVSA Show Page: Jane the Virgin 2

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00
Genre: Documentary, Clip Show

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats

Documentary filmmakers capture the daily lives, routines and adventures of a group of Dutch cats — from the cute, to the curious.

Famous feline Abatutu presents this charming celebration of cats, showcasing their finest and friskiest moments with a collection of home videos.

Abatutu provides the videos with commentary and gives insight into his life as a Famous Cat.

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg 2

Channel: Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg 2

Glamour is not a question, money is not an issue and drama is the name of the game as the Real Housewives of Johannesburg return for a second season.

Season 2 promises more over-the-top splendour and entertainment with more sparkle, lavish parties, expensive shoes and bigger handbags.

The only two housewives returning this season are Christall and Brinnette, joined by five new ones.

For a full rundown of all seven - with pics - visit the TVSA Show Page for Season 2:

TVSA Show Page: The Real Housewives of Johannesburg 2

The Murder Tapes 4

Channel: Investigation Discovery (DStv 171 / StarSat 223)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: True Crime, Reality

The Murder Tapes 4

This series uses body-cam footage from police departments across America to tell stories from the viewpoint of the detectives themselves as they are literally solving the case.

This intimate filming technique captures every thrilling moment of a whodunnit murder investigation, all from the eyes of the detectives tasked with catching the killer.

They experience every twist and turn, every false lead, and every breakthrough alongside the detectives, until the killer is captured and sentenced.

In the Season 4 premiere, "The Back of the Shed": A backyard shed in a Michigan trailer park holds the answers to a dark secret regarding a missing teenage couple.

Police interview their families, but one member is evasive, deepening the mystery and setting off a covert manhunt across the Midwest.

Doom Patrol 2

Channel: M-Net City (DStv 115)
TX Time: 21h50
Genre: Superhero, Drama

Doom Patrol 2

DC's strangest group of heroes - Cliff Steele aka Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Larry Trainor aka Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Rita Farr aka Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby), Jane aka Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Victor Stone aka Cyborg (Joivan Wade) - are back again to save the world.

That is, if they can find a way to grow up... both figuratively and literally.

Following the defeat of Mr. Nobody, the members of the Doom Patrol now find themselves mini-sized and stranded on Cliff's toy race car track.

Here they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal by Niles Caulder aka The Chief (Timothy Dalton), while confronting their own personal baggage.

And as each member faces the challenge of growing beyond their own past traumatic experiences, they must come together to embrace and protect the newest member of the family: Dorothy Spinner, Niles' daughter, whose powers remain a mysterious but real threat to bringing on the end of the world.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Fun Size Patrol": Niles, Jane, Cliff, Rita, Vic and Dorothy are still miniature-sized and Niles will have to sacrifice something precious to save the team.

Vikings 6a

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Period Drama

Vikings 6a

Final season!

For the past five seasons the Vikings have explored and conquered the known world, from early raids in England and the fierce battles of the Great Heathen Army to the heart-stopping death of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), now the epic saga sails to monumental lengths throughout 20 final episodes.

The 20-episode sixth season airs in two parts - these are the first 10 on Netflix.

Revenge, drama and chaos closed out the mid-Season 5 finale.

Ivar the Boneless, a self-proclaimed God ruling over Kattegat with alarming terror, charged his army into battle against his enemy and brother Bjorn Ironside.

Unleashing a fiery guerilla warfare, the two brothers refused to surrender - blood, pride and the crown weighed too heavily on both of their shoulders.

In the final moments, Ivar was forced to flee an imminent fate, disappearing into the darkness and securing Bjorn's victory.

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), reborn after experiencing severe delusions from the major love she's lost, emerged to crown Bjorn as the new rightful king.

Season 6 returns following the battle between brothers which has left Bjorn victorious and a hero to the people who have been under the tyrannical rule of Ivar for so long.

As the new leader of Kattegat, Bjorn struggles to fill his late father's shoes as king, while facing several dilemmas and wrestling with the idea that power overshadows morals.

Meanwhile, Ivar, searching for a new path to separate him from his past, is seen traveling along The Silk Road eventually leading him to Russia.

He meets his match in Prince Oleg, a ruthless and unpredictable Russian ruler, who shocks even Ivar with his merciless actions.

Meanwhile Lagertha has her own agenda - to live a quieter and less public life on her own farm, but new dangers lurk close to home.

This season, the Vikings continue to take over Scandinavia as Ubbe and Torvi travel to Iceland to uncover the mystery circling around Floki's disappearance.

Also, Hvitserk pursues his personal vendetta against Ivar.

Razor Custom Car Show 2

Channel: eReality (Openview 108)
TX Time: 18h30
Genre: Motoring, Reality

Razor Custom Car Show 2

Petrol-heads unite!

Razor Custom Car Show takes you on a wild ride across South Africa, visiting the major car racing and drifting events.

Get the inside scoop on the craziest custom builds and meet the people who have petrol in their veins.



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