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Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Reality, Adventure

Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof

Can they face their fears?

Celebrities take on epic adventures and freezing temperatures with Iceman Wim Hof. He'll push their minds to the limit - will he change their lives?

Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof features eight celebrities embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime epic adventure, under the training of extreme athlete Wim Hof, aka 'The Iceman.'

The six-part series will follow the group as they undertake a series of challenges that will test them to their limits, both physically and mentally.

The celebrities taking part include musical theatre legend Alfie Boe OBE, who has had three UK number one albums and was catapulted to fame for playing Jean Valjean in Les Misérables on Broadway; and singer/songwriter, TV presenter and footballer, Chelcee Grimes, whose grounding in professional football sees her ready for the gruelling journey.

Joining them is Strictly professional dancer, Dianne Buswell, who is also an Australian Open Champion as well as a four-time Amateur Australian Open finalist; and sports TV presenter and former international rhythmic gymnast Gabby Logan MBE, most famously known for her BBC coverage of football and the Olympic games.

There is also Welsh weatherman Owain Wyn Evans, who shot to fame with his viral drumming in 2021, completing a record-breaking 24-hour drumathon for Children in Need; and Patrice Evra is certainly not afraid of a challenge.

The former captain of France's national team is most known for winning the Premier League five times with Manchester United.

They are joined by rapper and mental health advocate Professor Green and actress Tamzin Outhwaite, known for roles in Ridley Road, EastEnders and New Tricks.

The group will be living together in a tented village in sub-zero temperatures, surrounded by spectacular, icy scenes of Northern Italy.

Each week will see them take on various challenges, which gradually become more daring as the series progresses.

JFK: One Day in America

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary Series, History

JFK: One Day in America

This three-part series produces a comprehensive account of that tragic moment in American history and the ripples that followed.

The series is made in official collaboration with The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

With exclusive permission to colorise the museum's news footage archives for the first time, the docuseries weaves archival footage with key testimony from some of the last surviving witnesses to create an immersive, minute-by-minute examination of that pivotal day that forever changed American history.

JFK: One Day in America features testimony from those on the ground in Dallas that day, some of whom are sharing their stories for the first time in a documentary.

The footage includes that of Lee Harvey Oswald when he is in police custody and when he is shot while being transferred to the county jail.

Contributors sharing their emotional testimony for the first time in a documentary include Peggy Simpson, the only female Associated Press reporter working in Texas in 1963 and an eyewitness to Oswald's shooting; Rusty Robbins, a Dallas police officer who knew Jack Ruby, the man who murdered Oswald; and Bill Mercer, a local reporter for KRLD who was the first to inform suspect Oswald that he had been charged with the president's murder.

The series also interviewed Clint Hill, a United States Secret Service agent assigned to Jackie Kennedy, who famously jumped onto the moving car and tried to help the First Lady after shots were fired.

There's also Secret Service agent Paul Landis, who was on his first-ever presidential motorcade during the incident.

Also interviewed are White House correspondent Sid Davis, who was in the room at Lyndon B. Johnson's swearing-in on-board Air Force One shortly after the assassination; Buell Frazier, who drove Oswald to work that morning at the Texas School Book Depository; and Dallas shoe store worker John Brewer, who helped law enforcement find Lee Harvey Oswald.

Finally there's Ruth Paine, a friend of Oswald's wife, Marina, who lived with her at the time of the assassination; and the closest living civilian witnesses to the shooting, Gayle and Bill Newman.

Throughout the three episodes, you will also hear police radio recordings from on the ground on 22 November, 1963, as law enforcement searched for the shooter.

This includes dispatch recordings from the moment Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit was shot to the search around the Texas Theater when Oswald was soon arrested.

Additionally, live news broadcasts are featured over the course of each episode, echoing the fear, confusion and sadness that quickly swept the country in the wake of former President Kennedy and Officer Tippit's deaths.

The series chronicles in real-time not only the day JFK was assassinated but also the days surrounding it, including 22 November, when he arrived in Dallas; 24 November, when Oswald was shot; and JFK's funeral on 25 November.

The three episodes include:


President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, travelled to Texas with an eye on the 1964 elections, along with a team of secret service agents.

During a motorcade in downtown Dallas, JFK is brutally shot in broad daylight and later tragically pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital with his grieving wife in the next room.

America changes forever.


The race is on to track down JFK's killer, but before he is arrested, the assassin kills again.

Meanwhile, Jackie Kennedy boards Air Force One to return JFK's body to Washington. Still wearing her bloodstained dress, she witnesses LBJ sworn in as president.

As the net closes around suspected killer Lee Harvey Oswald, his co-workers and family face interrogation.


President Kennedy's body arrives back in Washington, and a grieving Jackie Kennedy leads the funeral march to honour him.

In Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald is charged with JFK's murder, but the world is shocked again when Oswald himself is shot dead while still in police custody by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

With Oswald dead, there is no reckoning, and America will never be the same.

Michigan Hell House

Channel: Travel Channel (DStv 179)
TX Time: 21h10
Genre: Documentary, Supernatural, Paranormal, Docu-Drama

Michigan Hell House

It's the most terrifying story you've never heard: In 1974, the Pomeraning family was tortured by "humanly impossible" poltergeist activity.

Using newly uncovered recordings, paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and "psychic medium" Cindy Kaza attempt to identify the evil that rocked a small Michigan town.

ID Special Report: The Long Island Serial Killer

Channel: Investigation Discovery (DStv 171 / StarSat 223)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: True Crime, Documentary, Special

ID Special Report: The Long Island Serial Killer

The astonishing arrest of NYC architect and suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann sends shockwaves across the US.

Now experts break down the latest in the case - who are the victims, who is Rex Heuermann, and how did he hide in plain sight?


Actors in this post: Tamzin Outhwaite


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