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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 23 Aug 2023
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Star Wars: Ahsoka

Channel: Disney+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Miniseries

Star Wars: Ahsoka

Set after the fall of the Empire, Star Wars: Ahsoka follows the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

It is part of the Star Wars franchise and a spin-off from the series The Mandalorian, taking place in the same timeframe as that series and its other interconnected spin-offs after the events of Return of the Jedi, while also serving as a continuation to the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

Rosario Dawson stars as Ahsoka Tano, reprising her role from The Mandalorian.

Doctor Foster

Channel: S3
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Drama

Doctor Foster

Gemma appears to have it all - the job, the husband, the family.

But can you ever really know someone, including yourself?

In the series premiere: Brilliant, vivacious GP Gemma Foster has her life torn apart when she investigates whether her husband is harbouring a dark secret.

The truth will shock her to the core.

The Murder of Caroline Crouch: A Faking It Special

Channel: Investigation Discovery (DStv 171 / StarSat 223)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: True Crime, Documentary

The Murder of Caroline Crouch: A Faking It Special

The handsome Greek pilot swept young Brit Caroline Crouch off her feet, but after their first child is born, tragedy strikes.

Experts expose the truth behind this shocking murder.

Destined with You

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: K-Drama, Comedy-Drama

Destined with You

A lawyer bound by a centuries-old curse becomes entangled with a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom - igniting an unexpected romance.

Lee Hong-Jo is the lowest grade (level 9) civil servant. She always does her best at work, even though she suffers from many civil complaints.

In her personal life, she is used to being alone.

One day, she happens to become the owner of an old wooden chest and the key to lift a curse from Jang Shin-Yu.

Jang Shin-Yu is a competent lawyer who is smart and good-looking.

He is usually in the spotlight wherever he goes, but he suffers from an unexplained disease and his condition gets progressively worse.

He is desperate to lift the curse that has run through his family for generations and seeks help from Lee Hong-Jo, who owns the old wooden chest.


Channel: eExtra (Openview 105 / StarSat 489 / DStv 195)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Telenovela


Nalan is a young, beautiful and innocent girl who works as an architect in a big hotel.

Her mother Feride is a conservative and obsessive old woman; she controls Nalan's every move, what she wears and who she sees.

We find out the reason for Feride's bitter attitude: Nalan is actually her granddaughter - her mother Sema was a teenager who died while giving birth to Nalan, and Feride has never forgiven the baby for "killing" her own daughter.

Sedat, a young and good looking man, is the successful heir of the big Koroglu hotel.

He lives in the family mansion, where his father Rafet has an eye on all the family's spending with the assistance of Tako, a member of the household staff who spies on the family to learn if anyone breaks Rafet's rules.

Rafet wants Sedat to marry a nice girl and to forget about his undignified affair with Cana, a married mother of two.

Sedat's sister Selen steps in and tells her parents that she has met a nice girl, Nalan, and they might be a perfect match.

After meeting for a dinner date, Sedat brings Nalan to his own apartment, where she sees women's cosmetics in the bathroom, and a secret room, that suggests to her that this man is not who she thinks he is at all...


Chrysalis Teasers - August 2023

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 20h55
Genre: Reality Competition, Adventure

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing

Twelve of Naked and Afraid's toughest and most experienced all-stars take on South Africa's punishing Oribi Gorge in a completely new type of challenge.

For the first time ever, survivalists will compete head-to-head through a grueling, multiphase challenge and have their primitive skills tested for the chance to win $100,000.

The competition is fierce, as survivalists can use any means necessary - even sabotage - to take home the grand prize.

At the end of 45 days, only one can be crowned the Last One Standing.

During Phase One of the challenge, survivalists enter in pairs and must make it through 21 days together.

In a huge twist, if a competitor chooses to tap, their partner is also automatically eliminated.

Together, they must hunt for food, water, fire, shelter and - in a franchise first - earn the tools needed to survive.

In Phase Two, the remaining survivalists enter a group challenge to compete both with and against their teammates.

With the final phase comes an unprecedented, everyone-out-for-themselves fight to the finish with a grueling three-day journey to extraction.

The winner claims the $100,000 cash prize and earns Naked and Afraid's first ever perfect 10 Primitive Survival Rating.

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing includes some of the franchise's most skilled survivalists, including:

Matt Wright, a top marksman who has completed 215 days on Naked and Afraid, more than any other participant in this challenge;

Jeff Zausch, a cutthroat competitor with elite fishing skills and an unmatched self-determination to succeed at all costs;

Cheeny Plante, one of the newest survivalists in the Naked and Afraid family who has quickly made a name for herself using skills molded through years of military survival training and as a SERE specialist;

Dan Link, one of only two survivalists to leap from completing a 14-day fan challenge to finishing the 60-day legends challenge;

Waz Addy, a former pro-rugby player and military veteran who excels in spearfishing, scuba diving and open ocean swimming;

Amber Hargrove, a decorated army veteran who is the only woman competing to be Last One Standing who has completed a 60-day challenge;

Steven Lee Hall, Jr. who calls himself "King of the Forest," and has completed all six of his Naked and Afraid challenges;

and Sarah Bartell, an off-grid homesteader and taxidermist who has completed all three of her previous challenges.

In the series premiere, "Making Enemies Fast": Starting with no tools, they scramble to prep for a brutal storm and two competitors are at risk immediately.

A cutthroat survivalist puts the others on notice.

Invasion 2

Channel: Apple TV+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Sci-Fi

Invasion 2

The action-packed second season of Invasion picks up just months later with the aliens escalating their attacks in an all-out war against the humans.

In the new season, as aliens and destruction abound, answers are relentlessly pursued and the fight for the world's survival continues.

The aliens adapted. Humanity will too.

The Great Penguin Rescue

Channel: Curiosity Channel (DStv 185)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary Series

The Great Penguin Rescue

Michaela Strachan has lived in her adopted home of Cape Town, South Africa, for 10 years, more than enough time for the penguins on the peninsula to have found a special place in her heart.

The Great Penguin Rescue follows the wildlife presenter and conservation enthusiast's efforts to help save the only endemic penguin species to South Africa.

She joins forces with the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, which annually rescues hundreds of penguin chicks whose parents have been unable to feed them because of adverse conditions.

For a frenetic six weeks, Michaela becomes a very hands-on mum to many of the demanding chicks, which must be cared for, taught survival skills and ultimately released back into the wild.

In the series premiere: Michaela volunteers to help rescue penguins that are found only in the waters around South Africa.

It is her first day at the sanctuary and she learns how to feed both the adult penguins and the vulnerable chicks.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill: Michaela meets some cormorants and albatrosses as she continues to help South African penguins.

The first chicks arrive, but they are more boisterous than expected.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown

Channel: Disney+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Reality Competition, Food

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown

Uncharted gets personal as Gordon faces off against UK star chefs Paul Ainsworth and Matt Waldron, who got their starts in Ramsay kitchens before opening their own restaurants.

With Paul and Matt working on their home turf, Gordon has to dig deep in the final cooks to prevent his students from becoming the masters.

While in Costa Rica, Gordon faces his biggest challenge yet: going head-to-head with his daughter Tilly in an epic culinary showdown.

England's Jurassic Coast

Gordon explores England's rugged Jurassic Coast and discovers culinary secrets buried in his own back garden.

He leaps off cliffs for seaweed, milks a water buffalo in order to make mozzarella, and kayaks through choppy seas to pull massive lobsters from the water.

With his former protégé, Paul Ainsworth, serving as both guide and challenger, Gordon will have to dig deep in the final cook to prevent the student from becoming the master.

Wales Tales

Gordon explores the rugged, beautiful country of Wales, from the mountains of Snowdonia, to the storm-crashed cliffs of the west coast.

Along the way, he learns how Wales' working class roots have shaped the ingredients of the country today.

On this epic journey, Gordon flies through the countryside suspended from a helicopter, fishes from a teacup-sized boat, discovers local cheese aged in a mine and harvests seaweed directly from the ocean.

Ramsay vs. Ramsay

Gordon sends his daughter Tilly and three of her friends on a mission to unlock the secrets of Costa Rican cuisine.

The intrepid teens brave snakes and bullet ants while foraging in the jungle, head out into stormy seas for fresh seafood, and discover the secrets of sacred chocolate with the indigenous BriBri people.

At the end of the week, Tilly takes all she's learned and squares off against her dad in a tropical cook-off.

Chicago Med 5

Channel: Universal TV (DStv 117)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Police Procedural

Chicago Med 5

Follows the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors who hold it together.

They tackle unique new cases inspired by topical events, forging fiery relationships in the pulse-pounding pandemonium of the emergency room.

In the Season 5 premiere, "Never Going Back to Normal": Will and Natalie face the aftermath of a horrific car incident and are left to battle for their lives.

An investigation is launched following the suspicious death of the elder Cornelius Rhodes, Dr. Rhodes' father; and Maggie receives life changing news.

Meanwhile, Dr. Charles cuts his honeymoon short to tend to a young patient he suspects might have schizophrenia.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill, "We're Lost in the Dark": Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles have difficult decisions to make as a dying man tries to preserve his future life with a controversial scientific method.

Dr. Marcel and April clash over how to handle a mysterious patient and Will questions Natalie's capabilities.

Meanwhile, Sharon assigns a nurse to shadow Maggie, much to her dismay.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On 2

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Reality

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On 2

Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test - while shacking up with other potential matches.

Six different couples, on the verge of marriage. One partner is ready to get married, the other isn't quite as sure.

An ultimatum is issued - and in just over eight weeks, they must commit to marriage, or move on.

In the meantime, each will choose a new potential partner from one of the other couples, in a life-changing opportunity to get a glimpse of two different possible futures.


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