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Die Byl 3

Channel: kykNET (DStv 144)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Police Procedural, Afrikaans

Die Byl 3

Die Byl is the story of Colonel Piet van der Bijl (Waldemar Schultz), a brilliant detective who specialises in catching serial killers.

His entire being is focused on life's details and the pieces of the puzzle which don't always seem to fit.

Though his personal relationships might suffer due to his obsession with his work, he would do anything for the people he holds dear.

The reign of terror conducted by Smiley (Deon Lotz), and especially Adriaan Klopper (Laudo Liebenberg), in the previous season, has left Byl and his team scarred and wounded.

They had to deal with the loss of their colleagues as well as the individual trauma each one of them suffered.

Capt. Lena Maree (Lika Berning) struggles with her responsibilities as mother and woman, which are dwarfed by what her job requires of her.

Sergeant Juan Stuurman's (Marvin-Lee Beukes) recovery from physical and psychological injuries tests his fledgling relationship with Dr Shani van Rooi (Trudy van Rooy).

Dr Fritz Barnard (Eric Nobbs) and Nicky van As (Milan Murray) are still the moral compass and anchor of the team, but even they are battling to keep it together.

Byl feels responsible. Without him, the team would never have been the target of so much hate.

In the third season of Die Byl, all these emotions and haunting memories are tangled up in chilling new murder cases.

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The Truth About Improving Your Mental Health

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Documentary, Factual

The Truth About Improving Your Mental Health

This show offers an evidence-based guide to staying mentally well in a global pandemic.

Staying calm when the world is in crisis is no easy task, but this show is here to help.

Taking a closer look at common mental health problems – from anxiety to insomnia – and sharing strategies for staying mentally well, it offers a science-backed guide to mental health.

Psychobiotics, cranial electrostimulation and concentrating while you exercise to maximise blood flow to the brain – find out what really could make a difference to how you feel.

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron teams up with former England footballer Alex Scott, who has suffered from depression, to discover how the latest science can help us gain greater control over our state of mind and improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Even in normal times, one in four of us will experience mental health difficulties, but living through a global pandemic has put our mental health under unprecedented strain.

Over the past year, a team from Imperial College London, in collaboration with the BBC, have surveyed the mental health of over 350,000 people across the UK.

This unique study provides a snapshot before and during the pandemic, revealing its shocking impact.

Australian Survivor 6

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Reality Competition, Adventure

Australian Survivor 6

For the second season running it's a case of David verse Goliath, in which 12 everyday contestants will be pitted against 12 players who are champions in their field, be it mental, physical or social.

Featuring people from all walks of life, Australian Survivor will see ordinary Aussies going up against high achievers in their respective fields.

For 50 days, these castaways will be forced to compete against each other aiming for the same goal: to outwit, outlast and outplay each other to be the ultimate Sole Survivor.

Running on little sleep, little food and possessing only the clothes on their back, just one castaway will survive to take out the ultimate prize of $500,000.

Taking place for the second time in the tropical paradise of Savusavu, the contestants will have to put their moral codes to the test as they negotiate the perils of social networking and changing alliances, while pushing their bodies and minds past breaking point.

Following an epic final battle and Tribal Council, the series culminates with a huge reunion special where all 24 contestants return to find out who will be crowned the winner.

Will a Contender have what it takes to beat a Champion? Or will one of the Champions rise to prove why they are considered a giant in Australian society?

Hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia, Australian Survivor is an unrelenting test of courage, endurance and strength that pushes people to their limits and beyond.

Supermarket Stakeout 3

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)
TX Time: 19h55
Genre: Reality Competition, Food

Supermarket Stakeout 3

Supermarket Stakeout, where the action begins when unsuspecting customers leave the store aisles and luck, negotiation and cooking skills are the ingredients to win, returns for a second season of fast-paced pop-up culinary battles.

Hosted by Iron Chef and Chopped judge Alex Guarnaschelli and shot on-location at supermarkets around the USA, each episode features four talented chefs who must ambush shoppers as they exit the store and blindly bid on their grocery bags without knowing what's inside.

Over three themed rounds with a budget of only $500 and pop-up kitchen setups, the chefs can only cook with the items they are able to negotiate out of the customer's carts with persuasion and a little cold hard cash.

A rotating panel of judges, which this season includes Scott Conant, Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and Molly Yeh, ultimately determine each week which competitor made the most successful menu and is awarded enough cash for a year's worth of groceries.

Set in pop-up kitchens outside local supermarkets, each episode begins with Alex giving the four chef contestants $500 apiece - their whole budget to buy ingredients for the three-round cooking competition.

In round one, the chefs can purchase ingredients only by blindly ambushing customers outside the store and negotiating for their grocery bags without knowing the contents.

In round two, competitors can only purchase groceries from a single shopper, but may look through the bags before negotiating the price.

In the final round, competitors may purchase five ingredients total, but can approach as many shoppers as it takes to get what they need.

After each themed cooking round, the least successful chef is eliminated, leaving two competitors going head-to-head in the final round, vying for a cash prize.

In the Season 3 premiere, "Viva La Stakeout": The stakes are sky-high as Alex challenges the chefs to find a cart with enough in it to create a stacked dish.

Then, the competitors channel their inner Julia Child to cook up some fine French food, but they may be headed for a meltdown when the final challenge is to make something cheesy.


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