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A Gathering Storm

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary Series

A Gathering Storm

A major global series forming a unique view on the planet's fiercest storms, through the experience of people who work at sea inside the major hurricane zones of the world.

Through extensive access agreements, hundreds of cameras are embedded on boats, ships and oil platforms.

So, as the storm approaches and the clock ticks down we are with the people who witness weather at its wildest, from all angles.

All face different challenges, with different cargoes, deadlines and routes. At stake is the job, their cargo, their equipment... and their lives.

This series tells their greatest stories; the triumphs of engineering, ingenuity and sheer bravery that go along with working in storms at sea.

Through their eyes we witness the rise of the storm. And we experience what it takes to get their job done in the face of nature's wildest weather.

To explain what lies behind the unpredictability and danger unfolding on the ocean's surface, these first-hand stories combine with scientific insight, analysis and satellite mapping.

In the series premiere, "Hurricane Humberto": Warm seas in the Atlantic and Caribbean threaten a monster hurricane, and they deliver.

A tropical cyclone forms near the Bahamas, aiming for Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. But it turns as it builds, putting the East Coast on alert.

And as Hurricane Humberto forms, and grows to Category 3 status, its tight arc sends it directly towards the island of Bermuda.

This is what the 1,000 cameras captured.

Ryk Bruid, Arm Bruid

Channel: VIA (DStv 147)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Reality, Afrikaans

Ryk Bruid, Arm Bruid

No matter what the size, every bride has a budget.

Whether a princess or a pauper, each episode of Ryk Bruid, Arm Bruid (Rich Bride, Poor Bride) looks at how a bride, no matter what size her budget is, struggles through the planning of her wedding.

The story begins with a wedding planner meeting where our couples reveal a laundry list of expectations.

Once the wedding planner has an idea of the type of wedding desired he/she receives an envelope containing the total budget amount.

Watch the highs and lows of what happens when costs collide with expectations.

The budget isn't revealed until the end of each episode—through laughter, tears and tantrums, it will have all been worth it to see two loving people tie the knot... and hopefully not around each other's necks.

From flowers to decor, bridal gowns to food, can a small budget bride make her day glamorous? And will a high budget bride ever be happy?

Celebrity Ghost Stories

Channel: Lifetime (DStv 131)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Paranormal, Reality

Celebrity Ghost Stories

Each episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories follows "psychic medium" Kim Russo as she brings some of the biggest names in entertainment back to the sites of their previous paranormal experiences for a reunion with the ghosts of their past.

Celebrities share their "real-life" personal encounters with the paranormal and their stories are told through first person narrative by the actors, musical artists and athletes who claim to have experienced these phenomena themselves.

From encounters with ghosts and angry spirits to haunted homes, unexplainable spells and magic, these first person POV's deliver a new way of experiencing the addictive world of the paranormal.

In the premiere episode, Kim meets with rapper and actor Ice-T and his wife Coco as they explore a New Jersey factory and experience unexplainable events linked to the factory's deadly past.

While Ice-T considers himself a skeptic, the spirits they encounter might make him a believer.

Other stars Kim works with this season include Paula Abdul, Terry Bradshaw, Taye Diggs, NeNe Leakes and Kelly Osbourne.

Skin Decision: Before and After

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Reality Makeover, Lifestyle

Skin Decision: Before and After

Skin and beauty expert Nurse Jamie and plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian use the latest procedures to bring out their clients' best selves.

World's Biggest Tiger Shark?

Channel: Nat Geo Wild (DStv 182 / StarSat 221)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary

World's Biggest Tiger Shark?

Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Andy Casagrande and marine biologist Kori Garza journey to a remote lagoon in French Polynesia to dive with the "tigers of Tahiti" in search of the world's largest living tiger shark, Kamakai.

Kamakai is a huge female Tiger shark first seen by Kori six months ago on a research dive.

While there, they capture cooperative hunting tactics between two juvenile tiger sharks for the first time ever on film.

A Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny 2

Channel: MTV (DStv 130)
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality

A Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny 2

MTV brings back reality TV's favourite bromance, Paul "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio and Vinny Guadagnino as Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny returns for its second season.

The second season reunites the dynamic duo with some of their exes - Brittani "B-lashes" Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Maria Elizondo, Marissa Lucchese, Nikki Hall and Susan "Suzi" Baidya - to live and work with them in Sin City.

Without the pressure of a competition, the duo thinks it will be easy, but DJ Pauly D and Vinny quickly realise that wherever this group of girls goes, the drama will follow... and love and hook-ups may not be far behind.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Vegas Ex-Scape": Pauly and Vinny invite their exes to come live and work with them in Las Vegas, but their reunion takes an unexpected turn when Derynn invites three male friends along.

Expedition Everest

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 19h20
Genre: Documentary, Adventure, Nature

Expedition Everest

Follows a team of international scientists, climbers and storytellers to the top of the world's highest peak to conduct the most comprehensive, single scientific expedition in Mount Everest history.

The one-hour special, narrated by actor Tate Donovan (Damages) captures trailblazing climate research that is critical to understanding changes facing the mountain and its glaciers.

It also shines a light on the threats these changes pose to the communities that live downstream.

The mission captures the drama the dedicated, elite expedition team faced and reveals the high stakes and motivations of those who risk their lives to discover the secrets of Everest.



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