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The Wife

Channel: Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Telenovela

The Wife

Telenovela inspired by characters and events from the Hlomu book series by Dudu Busani-Dube - Hlomu the Wife, Zandile the Resolute and Naledi His Love - which follow the lives of the eight Zulu brothers, a formidable crime family, through the eyes of the wives they marry.

The Wife follows the love story of a feisty young journalist, Hlomu (Mbalenhle Mavimbela), and the unpredictable taxi driver and taxi owner, Mqhele (Bonko Khoza).

However, their story is the anchor around which others live – as much as The Wife is a show about a young couple in love, it's also about loyalty, family and the lengths people go to in the name of both.

While on her way to work, Hlomu bumps her car into Qhawe's taxi.

When she comes out to apologise, the Zulu brother is immediately lovestruck, noticing how beautiful she is.

Hlomu hands him her business card and arranges to pay for the damage caused, but Qhawe tells her not to worry about it.

In the afternoon of the same day, she decides to take a taxi because her car is damaged after the collision with Qhawe.

Mqhele sees her coming and has a love-at-first-sight moment.

Overcome with emotion, Mqhele grabs the keys from Qhawe's hand and drives off with Hlomu in the car.

Qhawe is the one who first fell in love with her, but he failed to put a plan into action until his brother beat him to it.

Much to the passengers' disappointment, Mqhele stops the taxi and goes out of his way to steal Hlomu's heart by buying her an ice cream.

What follows after is daily taxi rides to and from work as the charming taxi driver continues to sweep Hlomu off her feet, while she is having relationship problems with her doctor boyfriend, Sandile (Kay Sibiya).

What Hlomu does not know is the type of business that Mqhele and his brothers are into, or the struggles she will have to face in future if she allows Mqhele to sweep her off her feet.

Will their love survive bitter feuds and the demons that surround them?

The rest of the Zulu brothers are played by Kwenzo Ngcobo (Qhawe), Sipho Ndlovu (Sambulo); Abdul Khoza (Nqoba); Mondli Makhoba (Nkosana); Thulane Shange (Mqoqi); Swelihle Luthuli (Ntsika) and Ishmauel Songo (Mpande).


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The Wife Teasers - September 2022

Five Guys a Week

Channel: S3
TX Time: 23h00
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality

Five Guys a Week

Five Guys a Week is a dating series that sees one lady looking for love inviting five men she has selected to move into her home.

As they all live together, the guys will also meet her family and friends who will weigh in along the way on who should be the last man standing.

The series transforms the first-date experience into the ultimate test of romance and compatibility, whilst putting the woman in control.

Fast-tracking the 'getting to know you' period, she will eliminate one of the men each day, whittling them down to the last man standing.

Who will turn out to be her perfect match?

I Love That For You

Channel: 1Magic (DStv 103)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Comedy

I Love That For You

Inspired by true events, this comedy follows childhood leukemia survivor Joanna Gold (Vanessa Bayer) as she chases her lifelong dream of becoming a home shopping channel host.

Shedding her "cancer girl" label, she moves away from her parents, starts a budding romance for the first time in her adult life and befriends her idol Jackie (Molly Shannon), the charismatic star of the network.

But when a little white lie to her boss (Jenifer Lewis) turns into a big snowy avalanche, Joanna finds that living the dream comes with a hefty price tag.

Lewis plays Patricia, the icy, enigmatic founder and CEO of the popular home shopping channel.

All of this is against the backdrop of a highly competitive workplace where people play dirty to succeed.

In the series premiere, "Gottahaveit": No longer wanting to be defined by her childhood illness, Joanna gets her dream job as a host on the home shopping channel SVN.

But when her first broadcast doesn't go as planned, Joanna makes a bold choice to save her fate at the network.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill, "Faux Florals": Joanna tries to take back her lie but is tested by the attention she gets from being sick.

Meanwhile, SVN celebrates Jackie's 30th anniversary at the network and Patricia doesn't want Jackie to tell the truth about her personal life on air.

Interior Design Masters 2

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176)
TX Time: 12h00
Genre: Reality Competition, Home Improvement, Reality Makeover

Interior Design Masters 2

This series takes 10 up-and-coming designers all looking for their next big break and throws them into the fast-paced world of commercial interior design, where they compete to win a contract for one of London's top hotels.

The second season is hosted by TV presenter and comedian Alan Carr, who will be joined by former Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration magazine, Michelle Ogundehin.

Michelle reprises her role as Head Judge and will enlist the help of design gurus and industry experts as specialist guest judges each week.

The eight-part second season will see 10 talented, up and coming designers tackle a range of design challenges and compete to win a life-changing design contract with a prestigious commercial client.

In the Season 2 premiere: Arriving at a design studio in London, they meet each other for the first time, before being welcomed by host Alan Carr.

Michelle Ogundehin awaits them - Michelle is hard to impress and someone all the designers look up to.

They are competing to win a prize of a commercial contract with one of the UK's top boutique hotels in the Lake District.

It's a life-changing opportunity for one of these 10 designers.

Every week Michelle sets the designers a different commercial design challenge and will then scrutinize their designs alongside some big-name industry specialists.

Episode one will see Michelle joined by renowned interior designer and guest judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Lover of impactful design and bold concepts, Laurence is not backwards in coming forward on what he thinks makes great design.

Some weeks working in teams and some weeks as individuals, every week Michelle will ultimately decide what constitutes a winning design, but also pass judgement on the weakest approaches.

Alongside the guest judge she will decide which designer is eliminated, ending their dreams of making a name for themselves in the ferociously competitive design world.

Week one and for their first big commercial challenge, the designers must redesign show homes worth a million pounds in Oxford.

Working in pairs, the designers are each given either a living room or a bedroom to transform within their show home, but they must work together to deliver a cohesive result that impresses the judges and is accessible to prospective buyers.

With just two days, £1,500 and two tradesmen, the designers get going on the first challenge to transform these bland spaces.

Alan will be on location to question their decisions, see the makeovers in action and find out how the designers are faring.

Judging the show homes, Michelle and Laurence give an honest and tough critique, as they have to decide which team has answered the brief and delivered a stunning show home, and which team has gone too far off-piste.

Challenge over, the teams return to Michelle's design studio to hear the initial verdict from Alan.

Relief and celebrations for one team, but for the losers, three designers have to face the judges and justify their design decisions.

The first elimination takes place and just nine designers remain to face the next tough design challenge in Episode 2.

sMothered 4

Channel: TLC Entertainment (DStv 135)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Reality

sMothered 4

sMothered follows four outrageous, mother/daughter duos who take their bonds to the extreme.

These women are a constant presence in each other's lives, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

They do everything together - from dressing in matching outfits, to getting plastic surgery and injections, to sharing the same bath water and even sleeping in the same bed.

Every mother/daughter pair prioritises their unique relationship above all else, often causing rifts between their siblings and significant others.

But, the ladies' lives begin to change as they experience various life events, like boyfriends, pregnancy and moving out on their own, and maintaining the same level of closeness may prove impossible.

Faced with the reality that their tighter-than-tight relationships could be pulled apart at the seams, these women are determined to find a way to remain attached at the hip.

sMothered offers a chance to relish in third-wheel envy as they get to know these vivacious twosomes, and explore their uncanny, but undeniable, bonds.

This season welcomes back four fan-favourite mother-daughter duos and introduces three new pairings.

From bathwater to bedrooms to boyfriends, these twosomes have shared everything and with beautiful babies being welcomed into the mix, a new legacy ensues - grand-smothering.

In the Season 4 premiere, "We Are One": Mother Francia and daughter Paula love to cook naked together.

Angie teaches her newly transitioned daughter, Shay, to shave her legs.

Cristina is hiding something from her mom, Kathy and Sunhe grills Angelica about her future with Jason.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Period Drama, Police Procedural, Drama, Mystery

Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2

Eliza Scarlet and William 'The Duke' Wellington are back on the case in an action-packed, all-new season.

Season 1 is set in London at the start of the Sherlock Holmes era, circa 1880.

Eliza's father, Henry, is a widowed retired police officer, currently a private detective running up bills and drinking through his occasional earnings.

Nonetheless, he's a talented investigator, and has taught his only child, Eliza, the trade since she was a girl. She is now determined to break into this male-only profession.

Fortunately, Eliza's childhood friend happens to be a detective inspector at Scotland Yard: William "The Duke" Wellington.

He gets his nickname from the most famous Englishman of the 19th century: the Duke of Wellington, victor over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

Like that other Wellington, the Duke is cool and decisive in a scrape.

And he's also a ladies' man, which leads to interesting complications with Eliza.

Sometimes working together - but often at odds - Eliza and the Duke tackle a series of fascinating cases.

On launching her business, Eliza's initial challenge is not criminals or clients so much as getting society to take a female detective seriously, even one who has mastered wounds, poisons, motives, and red herrings.

Season 2 opens a few months after the conclusion of Season 1.

Eliza has solved a very personal case that vexed her throughout Season 1.

Her relationship with William continues to slowly simmer and she continues to face the challenges of being a female private detective in male-dominated Victorian London.

Head High

Channel: S3
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Drama

Head High

This drama series is about the hopes, dreams and expectations of high school rugby in New Zealand, told through the eyes of rugby mum Renee, her rugby coach husband Vince and their whanau.

Mana and Tai Roberts are star players of Southdown High School's First IX, which under the guidance of their stepfather and coach Vince O'Kane, has just made it into Auckland's premiere tournament, the 1A.

Stakes are high – the struggling, low-decile school desperately needs a win.

But the team takes a blow when Christian Deering – Southdown High First IX captain and Mana's best friend – is poached by their bitter rivals, wealthy neighbouring private school Saint Isaac's College.

This sets in motion an all-out war between the two schools.

In the series premiere: When struggling Southdown High School make it into the elite Auckland 1A rugby tournament, their rivals, wealthy Saint Isaac's College, start to play dirty.

Alaska: The Next Generation 4

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

Alaska: The Next Generation 4

Features all-new tough Alaskans who have tried contemporary life and rejected it in favour of a life of freedom in the brutal Alaskan wilderness.

They speak to the growing dissatisfaction the current generation has with technology, which is ubiquitous in modern life.

The brave crew follows these less experienced individuals as they transition from modern-day society to forge a new life for themselves in the vastness of Alaska's wild frontier.

This next generation of Alaskans are playing by their own rules, rebelling against societal norms and learning how to survive in the harsh Arctic climate.

In the Season 4 premiere, "Clean Shot": The next generation of Alaskans must take what nature gives them to ensure their survival.

Spring arrives and Alaska comes alive.

Deep in the Kenai Fjords, Johnny Rolfe hunts for any opportunity that comes in his cross hairs.

Rotten trees threaten to destroy Chris and Jessi Morse's cabin during high winds.

The whitefish run has the Roach family fishing for this resource before time runs out and the Rowlands head upstream to keep their water supply safe from animal contamination.


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