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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 19 Oct 2021
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My Berge met Bouwer

Channel: VIA (DStv 147)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Travel, Docu-Reality, Afrikaans

My Berge met Bouwer

You know him as a singer and actor, but in this series we see another side of Bouwer Bosch.

Join him on his motorcycle for a road trip through South Africa's most beautiful mountain passes.

Hee also tackles metaphorical mountains in his personal life, accompanied by celebrity friends.

Nurses 2

Channel: Universal TV (DStv 117)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Medical Drama

Nurses 2

Set in Toronto and stationed in every tendril of a busy downtown trauma centre, Nurses sees five recent graduates beginning their careers in a high-stakes hospital with pressure cooker training.

Forming an inextricable bond, the nurses struggle to find a work-life balance that matches and counters the intensity of their new job.

Their interaction with patients, relatives and staff quickly leads them to the discovery that nursing isn't just about biology, chemistry and anatomy - it's also about psychology, compassion and romantic complications.

The nurses include Grace Knight, a young nurse looking for a fresh start, until someone from her past turns up who could jeopardise her career; and Ashley Collins, a wild and unapologetic adrenaline junky who lives for the fast pace of the hospital.

Then there's Keon Colby, a former college football star who's trying to prove he's more than he was on the field; and Nazneen Khan, a whip-smart daughter of a wealthy family in India who moved to Canada to reinvent herself and is now starting her first job ever.

Rounding out the nurses is Wolf Burke, soft hearted and playful, but with a secret that may find him in over his head.

Along with the young team of nurses, there is Sinead O'Rourke, the head nurse and den mother of the new graduates; and Dr. Evan Wallace, the charming and attractive head of the ER who gets all the nurses' attention – especially Grace's.

There's also Nicola Correia-Damude as Dr. Vanessa Banks, the magnetic OBGYN with a cutting wit who never lets Keon forget a mistake.

In the Season 2 premiere, "A Thousand Battles": A hospital is a battlefield as five nurses attack another season with a new general in town: nurse manager Kate Faulkner, who will give them all a run for their money.

Wedding Planners

Channel: Star Life (DStv 167 / Openview 110)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Telenovela

Wedding Planners

A widow and an ex-film star, both in their 40s, partner up to start a wedding planning firm in this series originally titled Shaadi Mubarak.

Thus begins a unique tale of self-respect, friendship and love.

In the series premiere: Preeti enthusiastically prepares for her son Tarun's wedding.

During the ceremony, she breaks her 20-year oath of silence. Why?

In the second episode of the daily double bill: KT, a charismatic film actor, graces the wedding and lifts Preeti's spirits.

While the guests are in awe of him, Juhi is irked by Rati's selfish move.


New! Wedding Planners Teasers - October 2021

Doodgewone Jo 3

Channel: VIA (DStv 147)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Talk Show, Afrikaans, Advertiser-Funded

Doodgewone Jo 3

The bearded butcher with the kind heart and the golden voice, Jo Black, needs no introduction to the South African public.

In this talk show, Jo meets up with famous friends to discuss interesting topics and activities ranging from sports to hunting, cross-fit, quad-biking, classic cars and technology while reflecting his personal values to try and redefine what it means to be a man in a modern context.

The Production Line

Channel: Discovery Family (DStv 136 / StarSat 222)
TX Time: 20h10
Genre: Documentary Series, Science, Technology

The Production Line

From the mass produced to the hand-crafted, The Production Line takes you behind the scenes for an intriguing look at how some of the world's most iconic brands are made.

The series features beautiful, famous and surprising products we use every day and introduce us to both the people and processes responsible.

Go backstage at a firework factory, founded by the Reverend Ron Lancaster 50 years ago, responsible for spectacular displays have entertained millions around the world.

Learn how to bake the perfect pork pie in Melton Mowbray, an English town where the pies are protected by law.

Meet the craftsmen behind the hand-built, fully customised fishing rods... made from space-age carbon fibre.

And see how barley, yeast and spring water are artfully combined to produce some of the finest single malt whisky in the world.

Ice Road Rescue 6

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Reality

Ice Road Rescue 6

Ice Road Rescue portrays a group of tow truck rescue workers.

When winter hits Norway the transport roads turn into treacherous bobsleigh tracks and every day the rescuers fight to keep this routes open by rescuing heavy trailers stuck in the mountain terrain.

Winter storms, avalanches and lack of daylight through the winter season are just some of the challenges they have to face, working close to the polar circle.

Extreme winter conditions that often make them risk their lives.

This season, Arctic storms bring in the coldest winter for a decade - but undeterred by temperatures reaching minus 30 degrees Celsius, the ice road heroes put their lives on the line to rescue drivers in danger.

In the south, bosses Thord and Bjoern face down unforeseen threats and rival companies to protect their territories.

In Overhalla, Jo Roger returns from injury - ready to prove that he is still the undisputed King of the North.

In the Season 6 premiere, "Mega Trouble": When blizzards bring chaos to Norway's roads, Thord and his A-Team battle to save a jack-knifed truck.

Bjoern is in trouble when a driver with no snow-skills causes gridlock - and can't pay up.

In the far north, Jo Roger returns from injury to face a 57-tonne mega-truck that threatens to tip over.

Die Beste van Konings van Kitskos

Channel: VIA (DStv 147)
TX Time: 17h00
Genre: Food, Afrikaans

Die Beste van Konings van Kitskos

Best friends Alvin Bruinders and Gerhard Steyn love to eat.

In this lively, fun-filled series they hit the road to visit the best fast-food joints in South Africa and to taste the most indulgent dishes on the menus.

This is a compilation of some of their greatest hits.


Actors in this post: Alvin Bruinders, Gerhard Steyn


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