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Season 1

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
M-Net 21 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2021 Monday-Thursday, 19h00 208
Me 01 Nov 2021 27 Oct 2022 Monday-Thursday, 18h25 208

Season 1

Legacy is a South African telenovela which follows the wealthy Price household, a family at war with itself after the patriarch announces he is stepping down, creating a power vacuum.

An upmarket investment empire was established by Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz), the patriarch of the super-wealthy Price family, decades ago, when he was in his early twenties.

Now he is a silver fox approaching retirement and it is clear that a family member will soon have to take over the reins. But who will it be? And, at what cost?

Sebastian's bitter ex-wife and ruthless first-born daughter will do whatever it takes to ensure that Sebastian's second wife, Dineo, does not push her playboy son into the position of CEO.

The power struggle turns nasty. A witches' brew of betrayal, secrets, lies and revenge.

Stepping into the roles of the current Mrs Price - Dineo - is Kgomotso Christopher; while Sebastian's ex-wife Angelique, a former lawyer who is now a woman of leisure, is played by Michelle Botes.

Mary-anne Barlow plays Felicity, Sebastian's eldest daughter - the villain everybody loves to hate. Felicity has a firm eye on the CEO position in her dad's upmarket investment company.

But first, she has to deal with a complicated hurdle, the only male heir to the Legacy Investments throne: SJ (Anton David Jeftha), Elizabeth's problematic playboy half-brother.

Felicity and SJ are not the only Price siblings, however. Sebastian has three daughters from his first wife: Felicity, Elisabeth and Alexandra, better known as Lexi.

Middle sister Elisabeth is played by Reandi Grey, while Jay Anstey takes on the role of Lexi, the youngest Price sister.

Fun-loving, care-free Lexi is the complete opposite of her two older siblings. She was barely a toddler when her parents divorced, and, not surprisingly, she always finds herself compelled to take her mother's side in quibbles and disagreements.

Middle sister Elisabeth is the calmer and most organised one out of the sisters. When in doubt or crisis, the Price family always rely on Elisabeth to make things happen.

The counterpoint to the Price family is the down-to-Earth Potgieter family faced with the harsh realities of staying afloat against a tide drama and disappointments.

Patriarch Willem Potgieter (played by Dawid Minnaar) is a recovering alcoholic who bears the scars of the Border War, which drove him to the bottle.

His ego is bruised, his future looks bleak and, having lost his job as a technician at the energy company, he couldn't ensure optimum care for his wife after she was admitted to a public hospital with terminal breast cancer.

But the explosive drama that follows is sparked by Willem's son and daughter, Stefan (Sean-Marco Vorster) and Petra (Trix Vivier), whose lives become entwined with those of the Prices.

Sexy and dangerous Stefan left the police force under odd circumstances and is now working as Sebastian Price's limo driver.

Petra is beautiful, young, idealistic and, in the parlance of our times, "woke"... and jobless.

While following the life and times of the super-wealthy Price family and the down-to-Earth Potgieters, much of the drama and intrigue will play out at the Price's elite investment company.

Siyabonga Thwala plays Msizi Zulu, an ambitious board member who also is the head honcho at Legacy Media and L24 News.

Like Felicity – the company founder's opportunistic daughter - Msizi also has his eye on the coveted position of CEO. Felicity should take note, because nothing will stop him from landing his dream job.

In the role of Nirvana Perumal - Legacy's sharp, witty and tough Investment board chairperson – is Leeanda Reddy.

John, the longest serving employee at the company – in fact, the guy who was there when the doors opened – is brought to life by Don Mlangeni Nawa.

Legacy is an M-Net Original Production created, written and executive produced by Phathu Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon and produced by Tshedza Pictures.

Storyliners include Gillian Breslin, Daniel Buckland, Caroline Kganyago-Relefeta and Sue Nyathi. The directors are Johnny Barbuzano, Krijay Govender, Catharine Cooke and Gwydion Beynon.

The music and title theme is by Brendan Jury.

Main Characters

Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz)

The silver foxed patriarch of the family at war with itself, is gearing up to hand his empire over to its successor.

Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow)

The villain that everybody loves to hate, she is Sebastian's eldest daughter on the hunt for her crown as CEO of Legacy Investments.

Angelique Price (Michelle Botes)

The formidable ex-wife, who is still very much part of the family business and the family itself, unable to stomach the new wife or her son.

Dineo Price (Kgomotso Christopher)

Sebastian's current wife who is smart as a whip and heads up her own division in the company.

SJ Price (Anton David Jeftha)

The charming prodigal son of Dineo and Sebastian, returned home to celebrate his father's retirement only to be faced with a legacy battle and an unexpected romance.

Elisabeth Price (Reandi Grey)

The middle sister, is the rock to everyone in the family, the super organised one that the Price family relies on to make things happen.

Alexandra "Lexi" Price (Jay Anstey)

The fun-loving and care-free youngest sister, always willing to take her mother's side in any family disagreements and able to get away with almost anything.

Gordon Price (Neil McCarthy)

Sebastian's younger brother, Gordon. He has spent his entire life in his older brother's shadow and is reaping the benefits of Sebastian's accomplishments.

Being able to enjoy a lovely lifestyle he didn't earn himself, it's easy for Gordon to be the heart and glue of the Price family.

Petra Potgieter (Trix Vivier)

The beautiful and idealistic youngster who is "woke" and jobless, finds a job and a love interest at Legacy Investments due to her brother Stefan's personal ties to Felicity.

Stefan Potgieter (Sean-Marco Vorster)

The sexy but dangerous policeman turned limo driver, whose special skills and love for one of the Price sisters, places him in a nebulous position.

Willem Potgieter (Dawid Minnaar)

The patriarch of the Potgieter family, a recovering alcoholic with a bruised ego and bleak disposition. The father to the siblings entwined with the Prices.

Msizi Zulu (Siyabonga Thwala)

The ambitious board member, the head honcho at Legacy Media and L24 news, with an eye on the coveted CEO position.

Nirvana Perumal (Leeanda Reddy)

The sharp, witty and tough Legacy Investments board chairperson, she plays a tough game in the boardroom and pivotal in the CEO race.

John (Don Mlangeni Nawa)

The longest serving employee of the company, who was there when the doors first opened and knows some of the deepest and darkest secrets of the Price's and Legacy Investments.

Season 1 Cast

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Michelle Botes		...	Angelique Price
Dawid Minnaar		...	Willem Potgieter
Anton David Jeftha	...	SJ Price
Siyabonga Thwala	...	Msizi Zulu
Trix Vivier		...	Petra Potgieter
and Kgomotso Christopher...	Dineo Price
with Mary-anne Barlow	...	Felicity Price

Recurring / Guests

Jay Anstey		...	Alexandra "Lexi" Price
Reandi Grey		...	Elisabeth Price
Deon Lotz		...	Sebastian Price
Neil McCarthy		...	Gordon Price
Don Mlangeni Nawa	...	John
Leeanda Reddy		...	Nirvana Perumal
Sean-Marco Vorster	...	Stefan Potgieter
Elliot Makhubo		...	Sibusiso (as Elliot Makhubu)
Andrew Buckland		...	Detective Badenhorst
Neil Clinton Abel	...	Price Butler
Costa Carastavrakis	...	Manager
Mosadiwapula Marekwa	...	Price Housekeeper Maria
Makhosazane Mkhize	...	Receptionist
Thembekile Mrototo	...	News Anchor
Andre Weber		...	Sebastian's Body Double
Nhlanhla Masiya		...	Policeman 1
Matthew Ribnick		...	Policeman 2
Masasa Mbangeni		...	Kwanele Losi / Reporter
Phumeza Mdabe		...	L24 Reporter
Hamilton Dlamini	...	Lucky Ntshinga
Nicky Rebelo		...	Police Officer (as Nick Rebelo)
Robert Whitehead	...	Archibald Wright
Carla Wannenburg	...	Felicity's PA (as Carla Wanneburg)
Ayanda Nzimande		...	Mbali
Martin Fitchat		...	Police Officer 1
Anele Gwala		...	Lawyer 1
Nontsikelelo Malotana	...	Female Police Officer
Clementine Mosimane	...	Kedibone
Zenzo Ngqobe		...	Sefako
Derek Watts		...	Himself
Caddy Tsotetsi		...	Sanele
Michelle Craig		...	L24 Reporter
Johannes du Plessis	...	Friedman
Eesham September	...	Prosecutor
David Sherwood		...	Judge
Ilanit Shapiro		...	Rebecca Fibes (as Ilanat Shapiro)
Ntshimane Letswalo	...	Shebeen Owner
Maruwe Tekane		...	Thug
Kowie Erasmus		...	Investor 1
Tyrone Naidoo		...	Investor 2
Thokozile Mthethwa	...	John's Sister
Norman Mulaudzi		...	Beggar Chavani
Nelson Molapo		...	Old Village Man
Cathy Del Mei		...	Cellist
Khabonina Qubeka	...	Thenjiwe
Eusebius McKaiser	...	Eusebius
Altovise Lawrence	...	Toya
Maude Sandham		...	Yolandi
Thabo Setati		...	Kabelo
Alex Oosthuizen		...	Drunk Friend 1 (as Alex Arod Oosthuizen)
Gavin Matthys		...	Drunk Friend 2
Jan Duvenage		...	Boet
Sasha Stroebel		...	Liesl's Agent
Sonia Esgueira		...	Tatiana
Liesl Laurie		...	Liesl
Jerry Bortier		...	Scary Goon
Thobeka Mahlatini	...	Employee
Mariah Maosa		...	Receptionist
Brian Radebe		...	Goon 1
Mason Moyo		...	Goon 2
Thiart Li		...	Policeman 1
Alonso Grandio		...	Policeman 2
Mamokone Lebethe	...	Little Girl
Joseph Sana		...	Dead Body
Jonathan Pienaar	...	Andy (as Johnny Pienaar)
Deon Coetzee		...	Hans
Peter Moruakgomo	...	Detective Komape
Yolokazi Noruwana	...	Mrs Mandla
Conrad Rudolph		...	Mover
Simon Makama		...	Police Officer
Sans Moonsamy		...	Detective 2
Kaseran Pillay		...	Detective 1 (as Karesan Pillay)
Maureen Sesenyamotse	...	Msizi's Lawyer
Malcolm Terrey		...	FSB Investigator / Uncle Joe
Stephan Venter		...	Thief
Gia Jacobs		...	Passenger
Reabetsoe Seabela	...	P.A.
Graham Lucas		...	Investigator 1
Tirhani Mabasa		...	Investigator 2
Bolele Polisa		...	L24 Reporter
Rika Sennett		...	Magda
Craig Hawks		...	Anthony
Vanessa Cooke		...	Old Crone (as Vannesa Cooke)
Marius Geyser		...	Old Drunk (as Marius Geyzer)
Henry Motsepe		...	Homeless Man
Collin Heaney		...	White Beggar
Sthembiso Mlambo	...	Old Man 1
Bhekithemba Leta	...	Old Man 2
Dewald Reynecke		...	Bottle Store Owner
Zolile Ngwane		...	Msizi's Driver
Precious the Planner	...	Herself
Aidan-Jon Cullinan	...	Charlie
Nkosinathi Njeje	...	Senzo
Robert Hobbs		...	James
Mpumi Mpama		...	Bra Vusi
Sean O'Grady		...	Cigar Lounge Manager
Luan Jacobs		...	Jonathan
Estelle Kriek Venter	...	Landlord
Lunga Shabalala		...	Sims
Zantolo Zingitwa	...	Delivery Guy
Alethea Volanie		...	Head of Marketing
Kholeka Khoza		...	Photographer
Dwayne Vorster		...	Robber 1 / Kidnapper
Keaton Ditchfield	...	Robber 2
Thabo Mohlatlole	...	Director General
Naret Loots		...	Amy
Richard Gau		...	Jonno
Craig Urbani		...	Nick
Louw Breytenbach	...	Marco
Hugh Becker		...	Danie
Seneliso Dladla		...	Mpho
Gregg Pettigrew		...	Priest (as Gregg Petigrew)
Alwyn Swart		...	Lawyer 1
Kobus Harmse		...	Lawyer 2 (as Kobus Harmes)
Mona Monyane		...	Joy
Leo da Silva		...	Phil
Danny de Bruyne		...	Marais
Nicole van der Schyf	...	Friend 1 (as Nichole van der Schyf)
Shannon Esra		...	Sandra
Russel Savadier		...	Mike
Rashika Williams	...	Judge's Associate
Kika Smith		...	Suzie
Oscar Mhlongo		...	Drone Operator
Koketso Mojela		...	Facilitator
Odelle de Wet		...	Charmaine
Lerato Zah Moloi	...	Thandi (as Lerato ZAH)
Tasoulla Hadjigeorgiou	...	Lotto Star Representative
Keegan Barker		...	Devon
William Harding		...	Damon
Lila Botha		...	Elsabe
Jaco van Zyl		...	Police Officer / Fan
Sibusiso Dlamini	...	Paramedic 1
Eduard Horn		...	Barend
Marco du Plessis	...	Jonno's Friend
Nicholas Goliath	...	Security Guard
Phillip Molepo		...	NPA Investigator 2
Sam Medupe		...	NPA Investigator 1
Camilla Waldman		...	Dimitra
Maeke Davids		...	Gorgeous Auditor
Christian De Jäger	...	Butler
Thandi Mnisi		...	Maria
Mbali Ka Ngwenya	...	Dineo's PA
Judy Ditchfield		...	Socialite
Tebogo Sema		...	Security Guard 1
Sean van Noordwyk	...	Male Soap Actor
Pakamisa Zwedala	...	King
Neo Motaung		...	Publicist
Michelle Nolan		...	Makeup Artist
Thomas Tatham		...	IT Technician
Phoenix Baaitse		...	Repo Guy
Ferry Jele		...	Sanele's Mom
Mntwangenza Sokhela	...	Hijacker
John-Murray Hofmeyr	...	Bomb Technician (as John-Murray Hofmeyer)
Mpho Rodney Seerane	...	Kabelo's Partner
Alistair Prodgers	...	Priest

Season 1 Cast

Angelique Price

Willem Potgieter

SJ Price

Msizi Zulu

Petra Potgieter

Dineo Price

Felicity Price

Alexandra "Lexi" Price

Elisabeth Price

Sebastian Price

Gordon Price

Nirvana Perumal

Stefan Potgieter

Sibusiso (as Elliot Makhubu)

Kwanele Losi

L24 Reporter

Lucky Ntshinga

Police Officer (as Nick Rebelo)

Archibald Wright





Rebecca Fibes (as Ilanat Shapiro)




Andy (as Johnny Pienaar)


Detective 1 (as Karesan Pillay)



Bottle Store Owner


Bra Vusi








Thandi (as Lerato ZAH)

NPA Investigator 1


Dineo's New PA


Repo Guy

Sanele's Mom


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