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Planet Earth III

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Wildlife, Nature, Documentary Series

Planet Earth III

The series, presented by Sir David Attenborough, takes you on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Africa, showcasing the continent's diverse ecosystems and wildlife, including parts filmed in South Africa.

Journeying to the far reaches of our planet, this eight part series follows some of the world’s most amazing species, telling extraordinary stories that are dramatic, thrilling, funny and sometimes heartbreaking, but always full of hope.

Filmed over the course of nearly five years, the new season uses pioneering filmmaking technology to reveal the greatest wonders of life on Earth.

Lightweight drones, high-speed cameras and remotely operated deep sea submersibles transport you to spectacular unseen landscapes, from the most remote jungles to the deepest oceans, and from the darkest caves to the hottest deserts.

Nearly two decades since the original series, Planet Earth III highlights the unique wildlife adaptations and survival strategies in the Kalahari Desert, the wildebeest migration in the Kruger National Park across vast grasslands, the unique flora and fauna found at the Drakensberg Mountains' high altitudes, and the aquatic life of the Okavango Delta.

Delving into the heart of South Africa's wild heart, the first episode, Coasts, reveals the struggle for survival on South Africa's Robberg Peninsula, where thousands of Cape fur seals face off against the world's most notorious predator, the great white shark.

This narrative showcases the raw beauty of Africa's marine life and underscores the intricate balance of the continent's ecosystems.

Planet Earth III unveils the resilience and adaptability of wildlife, as seen when the crew captured footage of the first lions to return to Namibia's Coast in 40 years, a remarkable event filmed at night using cutting-edge thermal imaging technology.

The series also features two orphan lion sisters whose lives have consisted of scavenging for food.

The coast provides a veritable feast for the tiny pride in the form of roosting seabirds, allowing the sisters to specialise in hunting these flocks, perhaps saving them from starvation.

Using a military-grade thermal camera to film the sequence enabled the crew to capture footage of lions hunting cormorants at night, a behaviour these sisters had to teach themselves as they lost their mother when they were young.

Planet Earth allows you to immerse yourself in Africa's wildlife ecosystem and experience the beauty of nature and the diverse species that inhabit it, including:

The Kalahari Desert's Survival Strategies

Witness the unique wildlife adaptations and survival strategies in the harsh environment of South Africa's Kalahari Desert.

Kruger National Park's Wildebeest Migration

Experience the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration in the vast grasslands of South Africa's Kruger National Park.

Drakensberg Mountains' Flora and Fauna

Explore the unique flora and fauna of the Drakensberg Mountains, showcasing the biodiversity found at high altitudes in South Africa.

Okavango Delta's Aquatic Life

Dive into the aquatic life of the Okavango Delta, highlighting the rich and diverse ecosystems of Southern Africa's freshwater habitats.

Robberg Peninsula's Marine Drama

On South Africa's Robberg Peninsula, observe the tense struggle for survival as Cape fur seals navigate the dangerous great white sharks.

Namibia's 'Desert Lions'

Follow the story of Namibia's 'desert lions' as they return to the coast after 40 years, showcasing new behaviours and the use of new technology in wildlife filmmaking.

Ostrich Family in the Namib Desert

In the heart of the Namib Desert, watch an ostrich family's poignant journey as they raise their chicks in one of the world's most extreme environments.

Desert Baboons' Quest for Water

Join a troop of desert baboons in their relentless search for water, highlighting the challenges wildlife in arid landscapes face.

Leopards' Aerial Hunting Tactics

Observe Southern African leopards demonstrating unique hunting tactics by leaping from treetops, showcasing their impressive adaptability.

Zakouma National Park's Elephant Herds

Witness one of the world's most spectacular wildlife gatherings at Zakouma National Park in Chad, a beacon of hope for conservation in central Africa.

The local scenes are a testament to the rich natural heritage of South Africa and the broader African continent.

They serve as a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts to protect these unique environments for future generations.

By featuring these local stories, Planet Earth III aims to inspire viewers to take a closer interest in the natural world, its conservation challenges, and what can happen if we help protect these precious ecosystems.

Based on a True Story

Channel: Me (DStv 115)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Comedy-Drama, Thriller

Based on a True Story

Over the last decade, a true crime phenomenon has swept over America.

Podcasts, documentaries, fictional shows based on true stories - they dominate the culture.

Murderers have become celebrities and celebrities have become murderers, which was the inspiration about this show.

A dark comedic thriller, Based on a True Story is about a realtor, a former tennis star and a plumber who seize a unique opportunity to capitalise on America's obsession with true crime.

Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant) stars as Ava Bartlett alongside Chris Messina (Damages) as Nathan and Tom Bateman (Da Vinci's Demons) as Matt.

In the series premiere, "The Great American Artform": A married realtor and a former tennis star struggle to stay afloat as an infamous serial killer terrorises Los Angeles.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill, "BDE": After Nathan's botched proposal, Ava fights to keep him on target.

When detectives visit the club, a petrified Nathan worries he's a suspect.

Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176 / Openview 113)
TX Time: 12h00
Genre: Reality Makeover, Home Improvement, DIY, Reality

Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend

Drawing from their own extensive experience, restoring and maintaining their home, Château de la Motte-Husson, Dick and Angel Strawbridge help families across the UK tackle design and DIY dilemmas.

These include transforming a 1970s bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary and digging out an old handmade smoker for the art of cheese smoking.

They also design an eco-friendly bedroom for a teenager and create a safe sanctuary for an elderly mom.

Welcome to Plathville 5

Channel: TLC Entertainment (DStv 135)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

Welcome to Plathville 5

Life for the Plath family looks very different in this new season of Welcome to Plathville, as parents Kim and Barry are separated and on their way to a divorce.

Their five youngest kids split their time with Barry and Kim, who are now living separately, while the older children continue to explore their independence.

Moriah reignites her faith in God while at the same time staying in her role as the family rebel and getting more tattoos.

Moriah has also reached a breaking point with her former best friend and Ethan's wife, Olivia, and makes a controversial decision.

Micah is on his own in California, but he stays connected and plays a key role in improving the family's communication with one another.

He influences his dad, Barry, to bulk up in a new fitness journey and Kim embarks on her own journey as she steps into the dating world in search of a new love.

Meanwhile, the fundamental differences in family values between Ethan and Olivia come to a head.

In the Season 5 premiere, "Is This a Dagger Which I See?": Ethan and Olivia's European trip is spoiled by controversy back home.

Moriah makes a big decision without warning, then meets Micah in Cairo to discuss the fallout with their parents.

Kim and Barry navigate the challenges that come with divorce and co-parenting children.

Huisgenoot: Ware Lewensdramas 12

Channel: VIA (DStv 147)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Documentary Series, True Crime, Afrikaans, Advertiser-Funded

Huisgenoot: Ware Lewensdramas 12

Tales from the archives of gossip magazine Huisgenoot with the personalities, journalists and experts behind the story.

Each week focuses on the story behind the high-profile stories that shock South Africans and grabbed headlines – from brutal murders to nefarious scams.

Afrimaxx 3

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176 / Openview 113)
TX Time: 11h30
Genre: Lifestyle, Fashion

Afrimaxx 3

Hosted by Ayanda Thabethe, Afrimaxx is a show celebrating contemporary African lifestyle.

The show seeks out the continent's finest design and lifestyle innovation across the spectrum - from interiors and architecture to fashion, arts, food and travel.

It showcases the sleek, the sophisticated and the startling.

Design that makes a difference, buildings that make a statement, experiences that inspire.

Beyond the beauty, the show aims to get to the heart of the African creative philosophy.

From globally recognised names to the up-and-coming innovators, Afrimaxx explores how their modern take on traditional influences is putting Africa on the world map.


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