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Three Little Birds

Channel: BritBox
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Drama, Period Drama

Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds is a celebration of immigration, community and the strength of Black womanhood inspired by the life-affirming stories of comedian Lenny Henry's mother and all those who have travelled to make Britain their home.

Set in 1957, post-Windrush, and amidst the booming decade set alight by promise, the rhythm of rock and roll, swing, Hollywood starlets and fabulous fashion, Three Little Birds will introduce Dudley and the rest of the world to gregarious sisters Leah and Chantrelle and their virtuous, bible-loving acquaintance, Hosanna, as they board a cruise ship from Jamaica bound for a new life in Blighty.

Lured to the UK in search of new beginnings and by their older brother Aston, who asks Leah and Chantrelle if they'll bring him a potential wife from back home, they convince Hosanna to give up her job as a trainee nurse and embark upon the journey to the mother country.

An effervescent mix of strong personalities they all have very different reasons for leaving their family and friends behind in Clarendon, Jamaica, though they soon discover it's not all it's cracked up to be, not least the dramatic change in weather.

While we learn shocking truths about the lives they left behind the voyage of discovery is not smooth sailing for our trio, but they are determined to succeed and overcome the many obstacles of integration and build a new life in Britain.

Leah tussles with her conscience about what she has left behind in Jamaica.

Running out on her abusive husband, Leah packs her three children off to live with her mother whilst she travels to Britain determined to make a new life for herself and to bring her children over once she has settled there.

Leah travels to England with her younger star stuck, glamourous sister Chantrelle.

The two chaperone their pious and Christian friend Hosanna, who they have chosen as the potential bride for their brother Aston.

Leah is a pioneer who wants to build a better future for her kids but every step of her journey is dogged by guilt, fear and fresh challenges in the hostile mother country.

Spurred on by her determination to be reunited with her children, it is her journey of building a new home for all of them that's truly transformative for Leah.

In her new community in the West Midlands, Leah finds friendship, love, joy and the woman she was always destined to become.

Chantrelle dreams of stardom, and her job as a live in nanny to a respectable British family living close to the famous film studios in Borehamwood, is just the ticket to fame that she craves.

As the scales fall from her eyes, Chantrelle discovers the devastating truth about this 'respectable' family and that the short-cut route to stardom is a million miles away from her reality.

Hosanna arrives in Britain full of high expectations for her potential husband but both of them are concealing secrets about their previous lives that threaten to derail any future they might have together.

As each of the three women start to find their feet they must navigate unexpected and sometimes shocking challenges.

Will they hit rock bottom with a resounding thud, or will they finally fly?

Connections with James Burke

Channel: Curiosity Channel (DStv 185)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Science, Documentary Series

Connections with James Burke

A mind-blowing romp through history builds a pathway to the present – and a breakthrough that stands to profoundly change our future.

James Burke goes on a journey of discovery through the interlocking threads of knowledge running through history, using state of the art CGI and virtual reality to unlock the power of his extraordinary imagination.

In the series premiere, "Seeing the Future": James connects the dots between Napoleon's toothpick and the Nielsen TV ratings to see how scientists have built the quantum computer, a data-processing machine so powerful that it can predict the future.

Ghost Adventures: House Calls

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 20h55
Genre: Paranormal, Reality, Supernatural

Ghost Adventures: House Calls

Disembodied voices, objects moving on their own, shadow figures and apparitions - all are often signs of paranormal activity.

When they occur inside your own home, it can bring an overwhelming sense of fear.

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, the team behind Ghost Adventures, have spent decades investigating ghostly activity to gain a better understanding of the afterlife.

Now, they're helping frightened families who believe they are under paranormal attack in the all-new eight-part series Ghost Adventures: House Calls.

In this first-ever spinoff, the team responds to urgent calls for help from desperate homeowners whose lives have been thrust into turmoil from unexplained activity inside their private residences.

After hearing each family's haunted account and reviewing bizarre evidence that was captured in their home, Bagans sends Goodwin, Tolley and Wasley on a personal house call to meet the family and get to the bottom of their paranormal emergency.

When the team arrives on site and explores further, they are able to get a clearer picture of the situation - and whether it's benign, or worse than they anticipated.

Armed with their equipment, the crew conducts a thorough investigation to see what evidence they can capture, while Bagans oversees the activity from his headquarters, providing insight and applying experimental tactics from his unique vantage point.

After the team analyzes their evidence, Bagans shares the findings in a one-on-one meeting with each homeowner, offering them much-needed advice and resolution.

In the series premiere, "Jacksonville Family Curse": Zak sends the team to Jacksonville, Florida, to help a mother and daughter who are desperate to break a suspected decades-long curse.

They fear something dark is targeting the maternal family bloodline, and they want answers before it's too late.

Too Hot to Be Single 2 resumes

Channel: SABC1
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality

Too Hot to Be Single 2 resumes

Season 2 of Too Hot to Be Single returns with 13 new episodes, the first 13 having aired on 2022.

This is a dating game show designed to find a match for people who rate themselves as hot property, using methods from dating apps and social media.

Set in a studio, Too Hot to Be Single features a hot single who is looking for an equally hot date.

Led by host Lawrence Maleka, six hopeful matches go through a series of trials to impress the single.

Segment by segment the single eliminates options until they are left with one match.

The singles' BFFs are free to dig into the matches' DMs to check if they are single or still "for the streets".

In the game #AreYouGame there are games such as - "Feel Me Up", "Wild Thoughts" and "I Dare You," that give singles and matches an opportunity to get up close and personal.

Coming up in Episode 14, "Khayakazi": Khayakazi, a qualified nurse and social media fundi, is looking for that special someone to mend and care for her heart.

Which of the six matches can raise this health practitioner's heart rate, and which match will raise her blood pressure?

If the saying "laughter is the best medicine" is anything to go by, Khayakazi has options.

Guy's Grocery Games 14

Channel: Real Time (DStv 155)
TX Time: 12h05
Genre: Reality Competition, Food

Guy's Grocery Games 14

Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high-stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition.

From students to grannies to celebrities, the competition is always fierce.

Each episode sees the chefs hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock," or having to create a masterpiece when they can only cook with "5 items or less" or on a $10 budget.

In the end, the food does the talking, as the last chef standing has the chance to make some serious cash.

In the Season 15 premiere: Four of America's hottest food bloggers go head-to-head in a culinary battle worth up to $20,000.

First, the bloggers have to make something "between two buns" using a list of top-searched ingredients on the web.

Next, they must make their best taco platter without any of the traditional taco ingredients.

Finally, the last two bloggers must turn out a "trending dinner" featuring hot and not-so-hot ingredients chosen by Guy's dreaded Food Wheel.

Girl Meets Farm 13

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)
TX Time: 17h00
Genre: Food

Girl Meets Farm 13

Cookbook author and food blogger Molly Yeh makes delicious dishes inspired by her Jewish and Chinese heritage in her farmhouse kitchen in the Midwest of America.

In this culinary series she aims to bring some fresh and tasty multicultural cuisines to an area unfamiliar with them.

Whether it's a unique take on brunch that combines shakshuka with feta, brussel sprouts and bacon hash, or Chinese-inspired scallion pancakes with maple carrot slaw, Molly is sure to have a new, tasty dish that will give fresh ideas to cooks everywhere.

In the Season 13 premiere, "Big Midwestern Tractor Lunch": Molly makes a big ole Midwestern tractor lunch for her favourite farmer, starting with her jazzy bacon and ranch grain bowls, super fun savory monkey bread with creamy veggie dip for dunking, crispy deep fried pickle chips and for something sweet - the most beautiful giant almond butter blossoms there ever were.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill, "Molly puts together the coolest kids' brunch in town for Bernie's preschool buddies, and everyone in the family can enjoy.

She serves up savoury breakfast sausage stuffed biscuits with runny, sunny-side-up eggs and maple syrup for dunking.

Then, she makes strawberry vanilla bean pastry pockets drizzled with cream cheese glaze and sprinkles, easy spinach egg bites and frozen peanut butter drinks the kiddos and parents will both love.

Ouma Sarie 2

TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Comedy, Afrikaans

Ouma Sarie 2

Straight talking no-nonsense Ouma Sarie, a stalwart of the Karoo community, is the grandmother everyone should have.

Even though her circumstances never changes, she always has something new to focus her energy and exuberant spirit on.

Not a day passes without drama, and in her unique way she does and says what she wants - and gets away with it.


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