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Mapungubwe: Echoes in the Valley 2

Channel: S3
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary Series, Factual, History

Mapungubwe: Echoes in the Valley 2

In its second season, Mapungubwe: Echoes in the Valley reconstructs the widespread human migrations that shaped the identity of Mapungubwe and other ancient African civilisations.

Each of the six documentary films in the series explores spirituality, land, trade and migration, culture and identity, archive and governance as aspects that rooted and spirited Africans from Iron Age until today.

In its exploration, the series journeys between the past and present, zooming in on untapped elements of Mapungubwe's history and its neighbours, adversaries and descendants.

It brings together stories from across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana and China in an effort to discover the expertise, knowledge and skills that forged a dynasty that was the melting pot of Iron Age Southern Africa.

The series is driven by host and director Mandlakayise Dube, who is himself on a quest to piece together his personal story through the lineage of Mapungubwe.

He is joined by archive expert and co-narrator Xolelwa Kashe-Katiya, who interrogates the role of the science of archaeology and archives in the existence of different versions of the story of the Mapungubwe era dynasties.

Together, they travel far and wide and connect with the young and old, seeking answers about who ancient Africans were and identifying the forces and moments that shaped who their descendants have become.

Season 2 offers a strong foundation of African identity through its exploration of oral sciences, music, art, language and other inherent elements of culture and tradition.

It also showcases the existence of cosmology, architecture and other sciences and technologies that were thought to have not existed in Africa, whilst also confronting issues about land, traditional leadership and religion.

9-1-1 4

Channel: Me (DStv 115)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Drama, Police Procedural

9-1-1 4

When the Hollywood Reservoir dam breaks, Bobby and the 118 race into action to save passengers on a city bus that has crashed into a building several stories in the air.

Maddie must first locate, and then rescue, a trapped cyclist, and Athena helps an agoraphobic woman evacuate her home.

Meanwhile, the team adjusts to life as first responders during the pandemic.

Bobby worries if Athena is ready for field duty since recovering from her physical and psychological injuries, and Chimney takes extreme precautions around a pregnant Maddie.

Meanwhile, May begins a surprising new job.

The Flight Attendant

Channel: Me (DStv 115)
TX Time: 22h30
Genre: Drama, Comedy-Drama, Thriller

The Flight Attendant

Sometimes, an entire life can change in one night.

This dark comedic thriller, based on the novel, stars Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden, a New York-based, globe-trotting flight attendant with a devil-may-care attitude and a history of binge drinking, who relishes flying off at a moment's notice to her next great adventure.

But Cassie's glamorous world is thrown into a tailspin when she wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man - and no idea what happened.

Haunted by the bleak future she faces if she doesn't clear her name, Cassie scrambles to put together the pieces of a night in Bangkok gone terribly wrong, leading her down a twisted path filled with unsettling discoveries and more than a few illegal escapades.

The Heir

Channel: eExtra (Openview 105 / DStv 195 / StarSat 489)
TX Time: 15h50
Genre: Telenovela

The Heir

Amba is a pregnant widow to the former chieftain, Charan - a benevolent leader.

He loses his life in a battle with an opposing clan and Jagan, his brother, takes over from him as the chief but their styles of leadership are very different.

Amba vows that she is pregnant with a son who will take over the chieftainship.

The family matriarch promises to kill the child if it turns out to be a girl.

Faced with two insurmountable threats, Amba, after giving birth to a girl, lies.

She announces that she has given birth to a boy.

Lying about a child's gender is one thing - the challenge of keeping this lie up on a daily basis is quite another.

She is faced with her mother-in-law's impatience, her brother-in-law's threats and her daughter's frustration at having to grow up as a boy.


The Heir: Where it's too dangerous and deadly to be a girl
The Heir on eExtra Teasers - November 2021

Europe from Above 3

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary Series

Europe from Above 3

Discover Europe like you have never seen it before in the second instalment of National Geographic's stunning documentary series Europe from Above.

Season 3 takes us to Croatia, Norway,Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and Iceland to showcase Europe's finest cultural and geographical landmarks as you've never seen them before.

Stunning aerial hyper-lapse photography allows us to visualise the changes of a season in seconds.

We discover how tradition, engineering and natural wonders have shaped this epic continent - a vibrant portrait of these regions and the people who keep their traditions alive.

In the Season 3 premiere, "Ireland": This spectacular aerial journey reveals Ireland as it's never been seen before.

lying cameras uncover the technology buried behind one of Europe's most high-tech sports pitches, soar above the dramatic spectacle of Dublin's Deer Rut, and follow a team saving Ireland's protected grey seals.

Alongside the rugged west coast and fractured islands, we'll uncover the engineering accomplishments that are updating Ireland's rural countryside.

9-1-1 2

TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Drama, Police Procedural

9-1-1 2

On one of the hottest days of the year, the first responders feel the pressure as harrowing incidents keep happening around the city.

These include a road rage accident involving a van full of tourists, an emergency at an auto-repair shop and a veteran with a live grenade embedded in his leg.

Meanwhile, Buck gets a surprise visit from his sister, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt). Also, Athena questions her relationship with Bobby.

Then, at the fire station, handsome new hire Eddie jeopardizes Buck's chances of being chosen for a fireman calendar.


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