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Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00
Genre: Documentary, Docu-Drama, True Crime

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

Reenactments drive this documentary investigating the mastermind behind a scam to get the kids of rich and famous families into top US universities.

An examination that goes beyond the celebrity-driven headlines and dives into the methods used by Rick Singer, the man at the centre of the shocking 2019 college admissions scandal, to persuade his wealthy clients to cheat an educational system already designed to benefit the privileged.

Using an innovative combination of interviews and narrative recreations of the FBI's wiretapped conversations between Singer and his clients, Operation Varsity Blues offers a rare glimpse into the enigmatic figure behind a scheme that exposed the lengths wealthy families would go to for admission into elite colleges, and angered a nation already grappling with the effects of widespread inequality.

Street Food in Africa

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)
TX Time: 19h55
Genre: Food, Travel

Street Food in Africa

Chef Nti travels around Africa, immersing herself in the local cultures and trying out the wide variety of street food she encounters.

The chef believes the best way to learn about a new culture is to sample real food made by local people.

Siyaya - Wildest Cape

Channel: Da Vinci (DStv 318)
TX Time: 13h30
Genre: Wildlife, Kids

Siyaya - Wildest Cape

The latest extravaganza in the franchise of an eccentric scientist rambling around the globe in search of adventure with teams of young explorers.

Siyaya ("Let's go!") unravels the mysteries of the natural world and imparts a sense of wonder and respect for Nature in young people, leaving them fully convinced of the need to preserve our last wild places for future generations.

The series is hosted by a zany and mischievous scientist called Oompie, who drives a trendy zebra-striped minibus.

In each episode they take on unimaginable challenges, making simply unforgettable stories.

The Western Cape hosts some of the most exciting natural systems in the world.

The beautiful and relatively lesser known landscape of the Western Cape is also one of the most important cradles of the evolution of modern humans, with mysterious caves that provide us with a series of windows into the past.

These teams of explorers take on breathtaking challenges to get where they have to be, jumping into cauldrons of white-water, scaling cliffs and hanging on ropes between heaven and earth.

In the series premiere, "Cederberg - The Secret Library": Four youngsters embark on a search for a secret library that is hidden in a remote mountain range, where an ancient civilisation existed for thousands of years.

Along the way, they encounter some of the forces of nature – wind, water and fire.

Using an old map they find the library in a cave and in the process learn about themselves and unlock the secret to their country's survival.

Crocodile Kingdom

Channel: Curiosity Channel (DStv 185)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary

Crocodile Kingdom

The crocodile is the king of the wetland; a tone of cold blooded monster with the most terrifying bite force on Earth.

The product of a 100-million year ancestry, the 25 species around today are testament to the crocodile's supreme intelligence and adaptability.

Sister Wives 10

Channel: TLC Entertainment (DStv 135)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

Sister Wives 10

The Brown family returns with the sound of wedding bells for Aspyn and Mitch, but not all is bliss for the four wives.

Last season, Meri and Kody struggled to keep the heat in their marriage, and things are about to cool down even more.

All mayhem breaks loose when Kody reveals the family doesn't have the money to support Meri's bed and breakfast venture.

Plus, old wounds are reopened when Meri revisits her catfish experience by inviting new friend Kristie, who was a victim of the same catfish, to meet the family and better understand what they've all been through.

Meanwhile, wedding fever is in full swing when Mitch pops the question and Aspyn says yes.

Maddie and Caleb, who recently welcomed baby boy Axel into the world, decide it's time to move into a place of their own and Janelle has a hard time letting go.

Christine is confronted with the daunting reality that her daughter Ysabel may need surgery for her scoliosis.

Further adding to the chaos, Kody drops a bomb when he announces he wants to move the family out of Nevada and to a new state.

Kindred Spirits 3

Channel: Travel Channel (DStv 179)
TX Time: 22h05
Genre: Paranormal, Docu-Reality

Kindred Spirits 3

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry believe that those who have passed might return, and that is when the true danger begins.

In Kindred Spirits, Bruni and Berry enter America's darkest locations demanding answers to the most chilling, haunted mysteries.

Discovering and confronting paranormal activity is just the first step. In each one-hour episode, their ultimate goal is to determine who or what haunts the space and whether it's safe for the living to remain.

Their multi-layered investigations dig into the past in order to identify the dead and analyse the threat.

With an arsenal of paranormal tools and their hands-on investigation style, the duo brings peace to those tormented by restless spirits by giving a voice to the dead.

Throughout the 10-episode run, Bruni and Berry's mission to uncover the truth behind America's most intense paranormal activity takes them to evil and historic locations, including properties that were used as orphanages and asylums, as well as personal homes inhabited by aggressive entities.

Special guests also assist the paranormal duo including psychic medium Chip Coffey and paranormal researcher John Tenney.

In the Season 3 premiere, "No Salvation": Amy and Adam are called to Liberty, Missouri, to investigate the Odd Fellows Home, a massive compound that once cared for orphans and the elderly.

More than 10,000 people died on the property. Now their pain has fostered a malevolent entity.

Mom 7

Channel: Vuzu (DStv 116)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Comedy

Mom 7

Mom stars Anna Faris as a newly sober single mom raising two children in a world full of temptations and pitfalls, and multiple Emmy Award winner Allison Janney as her critical, estranged mother.

Christy (Faris) is a waitress at a posh Napa Valley establishment who is four months clean and doing her best to be a good mom and overcome a history of questionable choices.

Her sobriety is tested when Bonnie (Janney), her recovering alcoholic mom, reappears chock-full of passive-aggressive insights into Christy's many mistakes.

In the Season 7 premiere, "Audrey Hepburn and a Jalapeño Pepper": During her honeymoon at a cabin by the lake with Adam, Bonnie finds herself sabotaging her own happiness without the support that AA meetings provide.

Meanwhile, Adam leaves Christy in charge of the bar, much to Tammy's chagrin.

However, when an optimistic Christy tries to implement cost-saving and efficiency measures, the employees refuse to come to work.

Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series

Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case

This docuseries follows the high-profile case of Belgian politician Bernard Wesphael, who was accused of murdering his wife in 2013.


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