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Channel: Universal TV (DStv 117)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Miniseries


A six-part limited series that follows the investigation into the shocking disappearance of Flight 716, a passenger plane that vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean.

Brilliant investigator Kendra Malley is brought in by her mentor Howard Lawson to lead the team looking into the crash.

Still devastated by the recent death of her husband and struggling to parent her troubled stepson, Kendra isn't sure she's up to the task.

With the whole world watching, Kendra and her team must race to find the missing aircraft and rescue possible survivors.

Each new discovery only deepens the mystery surrounding the disaster, revealing a host of suspects and motives: pilot suicide, terrorism, systems failure, politically motivated murder.

Battling forces conspiring to undermine the investigation, Kendra must find the truth of what really happened to Flight 716... and stop it from happening again.

Departure stars Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife), Christopher Plummer (The Thorn Birds) and Kris Holden-Ried (Vikings).

Chicago Med 3

TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Police Procedural, Drama

Chicago Med 3

In the first episode of Season 3, "Speak Your Truth": The doctors of Chicago Med take their opinions to the extreme as they try to bring justice to the perpetrator in the shooting of Dr. Charles.

Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning work on a heart-wrenching case that forces them to examine their own matters of the heart.

Though Robin's brain tumor was removed and she is discharged from the rehabilitation centre, Dr. Rhodes remains on edge that her problems are not quite resolved.

Meanwhile, Rhodes gets blindsided by his colleague Dr. Bekker, Maggie sticks up for a patient and Dr. Choi and April try to navigate their new working relationship.

TVSA Show Page: Chicago Med 3

The Middle 9

Channel: Comedy Central (DStv 122)
TX Time: 17h30
Genre: Comedy

The Middle 9

On the season premiere episode, "Vive La Hecks": Axl returns home from his summer trip to Europe, sporting a man-bun and embracing a new, chill European outlook on life.

Mike just wants him to clean up and look for a job, but Frankie thinks Axl will do this on his own and asks Mike to give him a little breathing room.

Meanwhile, because Sue worked the entire summer at Spudsy's and missed out on having any fun, she decides to cram in a whole summer of fun in two days before going back to college.

Frankie desperately tries to come up with an item for a time capsule that's being buried under the Orson cow that will make the town remember the Hecks when it's opened in 100 years.

TVSA Show Page: The Middle 9

Location, Location, Location 21

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176)
TX Time: 09h00
Genre: Reality

Location, Location, Location 21

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer return and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever.

Britain's choosiest home hunters are looking for just the right spot, and expert realtors Kirstie and Phil are up for the challenge.

They will help these house hunters secure the right home in their desired location.

Searching all over the UK, they'll take on the unpredictable housing market – from the rural countryside of Cheshire to the super speedy London market.

No matter how small the budget or how big the expectations, Kirstie and Phil are on hand to match these hopeful house hunters with their dream homes.

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet 2

Channel: Real Time (DStv 155)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Docu-Reality, Wildlife

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet 2

From treating reindeers and moose to California King snakes and the family pet, caring for animals across the last frontier is a full-time job for Dr. Dee Thornell.

Dr. Dee is so dedicated to the welfare of creatures both domesticated and wild that she often flies her plane across the state to reach the most remote patient.

This season, Dr. Dee and her husband, Ken, spend much of their time traveling to remote villages - where sometimes there are almost as many dogs as humans - to hold low cost spay and neuter clinics, as well as provide medical care to the local animals.

In true Alaskan spirit, Dr. Dee and Ken have started rescuing unwanted and stray dogs by flying them back to Fairbanks to find forever homes, inspiring them to start their own rescue.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Dee and her team continue to service the animals including a pot belly pig that's ornery when amorous, a stallion who has developed a tumor and 17-year-old Stubbs the Cat, who is the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, and suffering from a kidney disorder.

Plus, Dr. Dee finds orphaned baby owls that need a safe place to grow up before being released back into the wild.

Between traveling across glaciers and mountains to enduring sub-zero temperatures and endless days without daylight, there is no more challenging place to be a veterinarian than Alaska.

Despite myriad challenges and risks, Dr. Dee Thornell has made it her life's mission to care for all animals of the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Mom 5

Channel: Comedy Central (DStv 122)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Comedy

Mom 5

Mom stars Anna Faris as a newly sober single mom raising two children in a world full of temptations and pitfalls, and multiple Emmy Award winner Allison Janney as her critical, estranged mother.

In the Season 5 premiere, "Twinkle Lights and Grandma Shoes": Bonnie gets cold feet when considering her future with Adam, and Christy risks failing an important test in order to help a fellow alcoholic.

Missi Pyle returns as Natasha, the birth mother of Jill's foster daughter.

TVSA Show Page: Mom 5


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