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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 18 Aug 2021
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The Defeated

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Period Drama, Thriller, Drama

The Defeated

In 1946 Berlin, an American cop searches for his missing brother while helping a novice German policewoman fight the violent crimes engulfing the city.

This is the wild west of purgatory, set in divided Berlin.

American cop Max McLaughlin arrives in Berlin in the summer of 1946 to help create a police force in the chaotic aftermath of the war.

Max's goal is to take down "Engelmacher" Gladow, the Capone of this divided and broken city.

Secretly Max undertakes a personal crusade to find his missing brother, who is killing ex-Nazis in hiding.

Unbeknownst to Max, he is being used as a pawn in what will become the Cold War.

The series stars Taylor Kitsch, Michael C. Hall, Logan Marshall-Green and Tuppence Middleton.

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Game Show

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel

Michael McIntyre hosts this game show packed with stars, laughs and a colossal spinning wheel.

The game couldn't be any simpler: Three contestants hope to answer their way to a fortune, and are helped by the seven celebrities around them.

Can the famous faces help one of them to win big? That all depends on the spin of The Wheel.

Seven celebrities are strapped to the circumference of the giant wheel. Each has brought one area of expertise to the show – and it is on these areas that the contestants must answer questions.

The contestants themselves are underneath The Wheel, on another smaller wheel.

This Contestant Wheel is spun, and whichever contestant is randomly selected, rises up on their chair, to take their place at the centre of The Wheel to begin the game.

The contestant at the centre of The Wheel is in control – if they can stay there until the end of the show then they could win a life-changing sum of money.

However, one wrong answer or spin of The Wheel and they'll be back down to the Contestant Wheel, and they might never return...

The contestant at the centre of The Wheel chooses a category they want to take on, and with the help of one of the celebrities, they'll answer a question on it.

However, the contestants don't get to choose who their celebrity helper is - The Wheel does, in a dizzying, high-energy spin.

Before each spin, The Wheel is set with risk and reward: The celebrity with the expert knowledge is lit gold, while the contestant must choose one celebrity to shut down in red.

Whilst each question is usually worth £3,000, landing on the gold expert means it is worth a whopping £10,000.

Landing on the red shutdown celebrity means they are off The Wheel immediately.

At the end of the spin, the contestant gets the help of whichever celebrity lands in front them.

This could be a celebrity with a surprising amount of knowledge on the area or it could be a completely clueless celebrity, where The Wheel stops is always completely random.

If the contestant gets the question right, they add money to the prize pot, complete the category and stay in the centre of The Wheel.

If the contestant gets a question wrong then they are sent straight back down beneath The Wheel and we may never see them again.

One of the three contestants on the Contestant Wheel is then randomly selected to rise up and continue the game where the last one left off.

Once all seven categories have been completed, whichever contestant is in control of The Wheel faces one final question to try and take home a huge sum of money.

They've got just 30 seconds to discuss the question with their chosen celebrity expert, before they must lock in their answer.

If they get it right, they take home the cash. Get it wrong however, and they're off The Wheel, opening the door to one of the other players.

With only three attempts to win the cash allowed, the contestants must take their chances when they arrive...

The State Against Mandela and the Others

Channel: S3
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary

The State Against Mandela and the Others

In the historic trial of 1963 and 1964, Nelson Mandela took centre stage.

Yet there were eight others who, like him, faced the death sentence for daring to challenge South Africa's apartheid regime.

Unreleased and newly recovered audio is brought to life with hand animation and interviews with surviving co-defendants and family members.

Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmed Kathrada and Winnie Mandela all respond to hearing the audio nearly 50 years later.

The film captures their passion, commitment and sacrifices over decades to fight and defeat an immoral, oppressive system.

The Block Australia 13

Channel: Vuzu (DStv 116)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Reality Makeover, Reality, Home Improvement, DIY

The Block Australia 13

The Block returns and it's back to houses as contestants will be tasked with a renovation of colossal proportions.

Five couples have to transform a dilapidated property into five top-end homes, delivering a room each week to be scored by the judges.

But the star of this year's series is no ordinary building. Built more than 150 years ago on the back of the Victorian gold rush, the Oslo was one of Australia's premier addresses.

Home to society families, the newly rich and the nation's elite, it was the jewel in bayside St Kilda's crown.

However, through the years the building changed hands until it was converted into a low-rent backpacker hostel.

And with decades of neglect the houses became one sprawling mess of a building, making it ripe and ready for a Block makeover.

Joining Scott again this year will be Block veteran Shelley Craft.

Site foremen Keith and Dan will oversee the renovations with the weekly room reveals judged by Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer.

Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00
Genre: Documentary, True Crime

Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes

Serial killer Dennis Nilsen narrates his life and horrific crimes via a series of chilling audiotapes recorded from his jail cell.

Britain's most notorious serial killer, Dennis Nilsen, confessed to killing 15 people in 1983.

Over a five-year period, he picked up vulnerable young men, lured them back to his home and strangled them, before disposing of their bodies under the floorboards.

The truth about how and why he killed has been the subject of much speculation in books and documentaries over the decades since.

Now, with unique access to a wealth of personal archive left in his cell after his death, including over 250 hours of never-before-published cassette tapes of his private recordings, this film will take us into Nilsen's world.

It documents the journey of a young boy growing up in a quiet Scottish fishing village who goes on to become a cold-blooded murderer prowling the streets of London.

The documentary is set against the backdrop of 1980s Britain, when mass unemployment drew young men to London in search of their fortunes, only to find themselves destitute and easy prey.

It weaves together interviews from police, journalists, survivors, bereaved families, and - for the first time - the killer's own voice.

The feature length documentary explores how Nilsen was able to get away with multiple murders and attacks, unchallenged, for five years.


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