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The Bachelorette South Africa

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 19h30
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality Competition

The Bachelorette South Africa

A group of men court bachelorette Qiniso Van Damme and are eliminated each week by her until only one remains.

One woman gets the opportunity to find the man of her dreams - and hopefully her groom-to-be - in this primetime reality competition series.

The Bachelorette embarks on a romantic journey meeting 24 men. After getting to know each one, she continues to narrow the field until ultimately one man is left, to whom she proposes marriage in the season finale.

The show also takes an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of each participant involved in this unique courtship.

The bachelorette travels to exciting romantic locations with the men, introduces them to her closest friends and family and visits their hometowns to meet their parents.

At the end of the journey, she will have had an unforgettable experience and, quite possibly, found true love.

But the big mystery is: If she pops the question, will he accept?

Each new Bachelor episode contains a rose ceremony during which one or more contestants is eliminated. Eliminations are based upon date performance (i.e., how the men relate to the bachelorette on the dates.)

The bachelorette must follow a process of elimination where her pool of bachelors is narrowed down week by week by presenting a rose to each of the men she wishes to keep.

At any point during the process, if a man decides he is no longer interested in the bachelorette, although she may still be interested in him, he may leave.

In the end, the bachelorette selects one man and gives him the final rose. She may or may not propose to him at this final rose ceremony.

Hosted by Jason Greer, The Bachelor South Africa is produced by Rapid Blue.

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The Production Line 2

Channel: Discovery Family (DStv 136 / StarSat 222)
TX Time: 19h20
Genre: Documentary Series

The Production Line 2

Around the world there are factories making all kinds of items, from bikes to biscuits to boots.

With huge machines mass-producing and highly skilled workers hand-crafting, they are the products we use every day.

Whether it's mass-produced or hand-crafted, this series gives a behind the scenes look at how some of the world's most iconic brands are made.

There's a look inside the firework factory whose spectacular displays have entertained millions around the world; an introduction to the craftsmen behind the hand-built, fully customised fishing rods made from space-age carbon fibre; and an inside look at how the world's finest single malt whisky is made.

Every manufactured item tells a story, and this series reveals the secrets - and the people - behind the production line.

Love Fraud

Channel: 1Magic (DStv 103)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series

Love Fraud

This four-part docu-series follows the search for one man, Richard Scott Smith, who over the past 20 years used the internet and his dubious charms to prey upon unsuspecting women looking for love — conning them out of their money and dignity.

The story unravels in real time as Smith's victims band together to seek sweet revenge by turning to a bounty hunter when they feel the justice system has failed them.

The series takes you on a bizarre, engrossing ride through the twisted mind of a criminal and the chaos he leaves in his wake.

In the series premiere, "You Just Gotta Trust Me": Tracy and Mickey's courtship is a dizzying ride that ends with a beautiful engagement ring.

But Tracy's daughters think it's all moving too fast and break into Mickey's truck to find out the truth.

Dance Moms

Channel: eReality (Openview 108)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow... all under the discerning eye of Miller.

The series immerses itself in the highs and lows surrounding competition season to deliver a dramatic look at the cast's frantic pursuit of the ultimate National Dance title.

Centered on Miller, who runs her school with an iron tap shoe as she instructs her young, talented students while also dealing with over-the-top mothers who go to great lengths to help their children's dreams come true, Dance Moms will pose the tough questions many ask about what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the fast-growing and controversial sport of competitive dance.

Is Miller's in-your-face approach good for her students; or is it too much?

At what point does she cross the line and who has the guts to stand up to her if she does?

Are these Dance Moms living vicariously by pushing their kids too far?

How happy are the students in this unusually competitive sport?

What happens when they and their moms become competitive with each other?

And, ultimately, who has what it takes?

Constantly on edge from Miller's strict discipline and at times harsh 'my way or the highway' style of teaching, her students and their mothers are pushed to the limit emotionally, physically, socially and, in some cases, financially as they tirelessly rehearse every day for weekly dance competitions throughout the US.

Some students and mothers in Miller's universe buy into her methods, while others crack under the pressure.

Either way, Dance Moms captures this outrageous and dynamic interplay among teacher, student and parent as Miller commits herself to bring out the best in those students - and mothers - willing to dedicate themselves to be part of one of the best dance team in the nation.

The World's Deadliest Weather 4

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Reality, Nature

The World's Deadliest Weather 4

From earth-shattering quakes to violently erupting volcanoes, witness disasters first-hand using people's self-shot footage.

The weather... a destructive force, unleashing panic and peril on our planet.

The World's Deadliest Weather is back for a fourth frightening season, taking you inside some of the most destructive weather events and natural disasters on record, from terrifying tornados to record-smashing hurricanes.

Using jaw-dropping, self-shot footage from the public and first responders, we get closer than ever to the brutal and awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature.

We hear stories of survival and see what it's like to endure raging wildfires, biblical floods and deadly avalanches.

Sometimes these death-defying escapes are down to luck but often its people fighting back against the force of nature – helped by fearless first responders and heroic good Samaritans, who swoop in just in time.

Experience the most extreme elements on Earth...

Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 20h55
Genre: Reality

Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch

For years the Raney family has helped novice homesteaders around the US save their homesteads from brink of failure and helped to bring their dreams of living off the grid to life.

Now, inspired by years' worth of rescues, Marty Raney will attempt his greatest recue of all - his very own 40-acre homestead.

In this series the Raneys take on the most ambitious project the family has ever attempted, to build a multi-generational homestead.

After countless rescues taking them around the country much of the year, the Raneys find themselves overdue for a little saving themselves.

Marty has decided to build their dream log cabin on a previously inaccessible part of the land where it will sit 300-feet up on a cliff.

The new location will give him access to previously unattainable resources and become the hub to a multi-generational paradise equipped with green house, garden, workshop and cabins for his kids.

In the series premiere, "Living on the Edge": Marty must get creative to get thousands of pounds of vital gear and materials across a raging river to his property to begin the epic project.

He decides to attempt the risky crossing in his work truck which proves much more dangerous than he expected.

With only six weeks to complete the project before getting back on the road to rescue others, Marty must put decades of homesteading expertise to the test, as the Raneys must fight the clock, the elements and the 'cliffs of insanity' to complete the new and improved Raney Ranch.

Will this be the ultimate master class in homesteading, or has Marty finally met his match?

Shipwrecks: When History Resurfaces

Channel: HISTORY (DStv 186)
TX Time: 20h15
Genre: Documentary Series, History

Shipwrecks: When History Resurfaces

From the Indian Ocean's clear blue atolls to the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River, we embark on an epic expedition to capture the remains of six of the world's most spectacular underwater disasters.

With the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, amid danger and uncertainty at times, we take a deep dive to explore — up close and in 4K — these mysterious wrecks, coming up for air only to hear the testimonies of crew members and passengers who survived to tell the tale.

Air Crash Investigation: Special Report 4

Channel: National Geographic Channel (DStv 181 / StarSat 220)
TX Time: 20h10
Genre: Documentary Series, Technology, Docu-Drama

Air Crash Investigation: Special Report 4

In this special season of Air Crash Investigation, every episode examines multiple aviation disasters that prove to have similarities including; engines that separated from their aircrafts mid-flight, mismatched pilot pairings that led to deadly crashes, and improvised landings with tragic consequences.

In the Season 4 premiere, "Dead of Night": Confused, flying blind and lost in the dark, three crews lose site of the horizon and fall into the same deadly trap.

Mysteries at the Museum 21

Channel: Travel Channel (DStv 179)
TX Time: 21h10
Genre: Reality

Mysteries at the Museum 21

History enthusiast Don Wildman is on a quest to solve the world's greatest mysteries.

From historical institutions to unexplored archives, he sets out to unearth extraordinary relics and sinister artefacts that reveal incredible secrets from the past.

From the story behind an iconic September 11th photo to a NASA experiment that turned deadly, Don is on a mission for the truth.

Through interviews, rare archival footage and dramatic reconstructions, the series illuminates the hidden treasures at the heart of history's most incredible triumphs, sensational crimes and bizarre encounters.

In the Season 21 premiere, "Skyscraper Snafu and More": Don investigates a famous explorer's encounter with a fabled sea creature, a death-defying mission atop the nation's tallest building and the abduction of a jazz musician by a notorious gangster.


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