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The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Comedy

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

When Ashley Garcia — the world's only 15-and-a-half-year-old robotics genius engineer and rocket scientist — gets the chance to work for a prestigious company, she moves across the country to live with her fun-loving Uncle Victor.

Victor is a pro football player turned high school coach who's never met a responsibility he can't shirk.

The Amazing Race 31

Channel: Vuzu (DStv 116)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Reality Competition

The Amazing Race 31

The Amazing Race sends 11 teams on a trek around the world. Each Team is comprised of two people who have a pre-existing relationship with one another.

At every destination, each Team competes in a series of challenges - some mental and some physical - and when the tasks have been completed, they learn their next destination.

Teams who are farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning at least $1-million.

This season is the first reality showdown among some of the most memorable and competitive players from The Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother.

Racers, Castaways and Houseguests will not only compete for the cash prize but for bragging rights for their respective shows.

Will the former Racers' travel experience be the most helpful?

Will the former Survivors' outwit, outplay and outlast the competition?

Or, will the Big Brother players' abilities to adapt and expect the unexpected make the difference?

The Walking Dead 10 resumes

Channel: FOX (DStv 125)
TX Time: 03h00 (live) and 20h45
Genre: Horror, Drama

The Walking Dead 10

The Walking Dead returns with Episode 9 to find the group of survivors are trapped.

Some in the confines of a cave filled with walkers, while others are caught in a spiral of suspicion and grief.

All orchestrated at the hand of Alpha, who continues to prove the Whisperers are always watching, and one step ahead of the communities.

Which includes the new and potentially deadly threat of having added Negan to their ranks.

Through this conflict and all they've lost, a few still hold onto hope, especially Eugene, who believes the mysterious voice he spoke with on the radio may lead to their world getting bigger once again.

But with the Whisperer War upon them, the collective communities must come together and possibly sacrifice all they have to find a way to silence the Whispers once and for all.

Otherwise Alpha will ensure they face a certain doom.

Death in Paradise 9

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Mystery

Death in Paradise 9

The murder mystery series returns for a ninth season, featuring more captivating mysteries and fiendishly clever murders against the backdrop of the exotic and picturesque Caribbean island of Saint Marie - with a brand-new detective at the helm.

The new fish-out-of-water is Detective Inspector Neville Parker (Ralf Little), who is reluctantly dispatched to Saint Marie to investigate the suspicious death of a woman from his hometown of Manchester.

Blending colourful Caribbean vibes and British humour, this season's murders will keep you guessing "whodunit" at every twist and turn...

In the Season 9 premiere: New Year's Eve celebrations are cut short when a masked man stabs a woman in her own home.

Jack and the team must uncover the identity of the mystery murderer before they strike again.

Forged in Fire 7

Channel: HISTORY (DStv 186)
TX Time: 20h15
Genre: Reality Competition

Forged in Fire 7

Swords may not be the weapon of choice for many people nowadays, with more advanced weaponry readily available, but that doesn't stop some from continuing to work as bladesmiths.

Forged in Fire tests some of the best in the field as they attempt to re-create some of history's most iconic edged weapons.

Former Army Ranger Wil Willis hosts the competition series that sees four master bladesmiths challenged in each episode to forge the swords, which are then tested by a panel of judges consisting of J. Neilson, who has been making knives for more than 20 years; hand-to-hand combat specialist Doug Marcaida; and David Baker, an authority on replicating period-accurate weaponry.

The contestant who survives the elimination rounds and wins the episode's contest earns a cash prize and the title of Forged in Fire champion.

In this new season, bladesmiths are sent on an Odyssey worthy of the Greek Gods, forging blades from Greek armour and artefacts using the Go-Mai, or the five-layer technique.

The smiths wrestle with steels of varying hardness to try to create a blade that would make the weapons 'God Hephaestus' proud.

Two smiths get through the brutal testing and head home to re-create the mythical Sword of Perseus.

Which smith will return to the forge with a weapon formidable enough to take down the mighty Medusa, and be crowned Forged in Fire Champion, earning $10,000?

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine 2

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Reality

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine 2

Veteran miner, Dave Turin, is an expert gold hunter. He has spent years working alongside Todd Hoffman, earning the nickname 'Dozer Dave' after relentlessly bulldozing for gold.

Now, after two years out of the game, he's using his expertise and the backing of financiers to help families who want to resurrect their failing mines and turn a profit.

In this series he crosses the USA, from north to south, on a mission to prospect multiple lost and abandoned sites, hoping to find the one that will make a fortune.

From the Yukon to the Nevada Desert, Dave meets people with the most incredible stories, and they all have one thing in common: no matter how tough the conditions or how big the gamble, they won't give up on their quest for gold.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Rocky Mountain Gold": Dave and his crew set out to find a new lost mine in Montana.

But disaster strikes on their journey, threatening to end their season.

The Lake Erie Murders 2

Channel: IDx (DStv 171 / StarSat 223)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: True Crime, Docu-Drama

The Lake Erie Murders 2

Along the idyllic lakeside twins of the most ominously named Great Lake, numerous chilling murder mysteries have unfolded by the shores of Lake Erie.

This series documents some of North America's darkest murder cases, featuring interviews with the victims' family and friends, with insight from detectives working on the frontline of these shocking investigations.

Each true crime story represents a looming darkness that stands in stark contrast to the tranquil towns and beautiful beaches of Lake Erie's shores, and harkens back to the Native Americans' warning about the danger in the water.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Devil at the Crossroads": 11-year-old Shauna Howe disappears as she returns home from a Girl Scouts Halloween party.

When Shauna's body shows up in a local creek, her murder ignites an investigation whose conclusion will send shockwaves through her community.


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