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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 26 May 2019
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The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Documentary Series, Religion

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

At a time when the world appears to be fractured along religious lines, this series searches for common ground.

Your guide on this journey is Morgan Freeman, who speaks to people from all cultures and faiths with an easy intimacy, and his fascination with the subject of religion is palpable and genuine.

Each episode examines a different big theme: Why do we need Chosen Ones? What are Heaven and Hell? Can we find Proof of God?

To explore each of these topics, Freeman met with followers of every kind of religion, from a 9-year-old boy in Minnesota who claims to be a reincarnated Tibetan Lama, to a woman who "speaks in tongues" as part of her Pentecostal faith, to a man who claims to have felt God's presence when he survived the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Around the world these themes come alive in the Golden Temple of the Sikh faithful in India, the Christian celebration of Meskel in Ethiopia, and the piercing rituals of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Thailand.

Morgan's journey shows that these questions are universal human concerns, no matter which religion we adhere to.

Madeleine McCann: An ID Murder Mystery

Channel: IDx (DStv 171 / StarSat 223)
TX Time: 21h50
Genre: Documentary, True Crime

Madeleine McCann: An ID Murder Mystery

For Kate and Gerry McCann, the night of 3 May, 2007 was the day their dream Portugal vacation turned into a living nightmare.

This infamous night was when their 3-year-old daughter, Madeleine, vanished from their hotel room just yards from where the young parents were dining.

Convinced she was kidnapped from her bed, the McCanns desperately plead for Madeleine's safe return, sparking a worldwide manhunt.

But as international authorities ramped up their efforts, a veil of suspicion was cast on everyone by law enforcement and loved ones alike.

Ten years following her shocking disappearance, Investigation Discovery examines what really happened to Madeleine McCann that fateful night in this two-hour special event.

The latest installment from ID's "Murder Mystery" franchise, "Madeleine McCann" examines the case from top to bottom, dissecting the timeline leading up to Madeleine's disappearance and the subsequent actions taken by law enforcement and loved ones alike to find her.

The special features new and exclusive interviews with key players in the investigation, including members of law enforcement, the McCann's legal team and a flurry of criminal experts and journalists who followed the case from the very beginning.

Love Curse (Válgame Dios)

Channel: ST Novela E (StarSat 127)
TX Time: 19h50
Genre: Telenovela

Love Curse (Válgame Dios)

The women in the Lopez clan have suffered a terrible curse that has lasted for 100 years, which prevents them from finding true love.

They always suffer the misfortune of falling in love with two men: one is a wonderful man who is serious and responsible, while the other is an irresponsible scoundrel.

The problem is - they always end up choosing the bad one.

Yamilet Lopez, like all the Lopez women, is beautiful, smart, funny, hardworking and caring... and she also falls victim to the family curse.

On the day of a job interview, she meets two men. Ignacio Castillo is a taxi driver and fireman who is sweet, kind and responsible, whereas Jose Alberto Gamboa is a mischievous womanizer who has been married for 25 years to Mariela, a high school guidance counselor.

Oh, and he also has a mistress called Dinorah, who he has been seeing for 10 years.

Both men will try to conquer Yamilet's heart, but she will have to work out who is the good one - and who is the bad.

Little Big Shots UK 2

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Variety, Comedy, Reality

Little Big Shots UK 2

Based on the US series, Little Big Shots is a variety show featuring some of the smallest and most extraordinary talent in the UK.

This comedy series is hosted by comedienne Dawn French, whose comic interactions with the pint-sized prodigies are as much a part of the show as the kids themselves.

With a variety of talents on display — including dancers, singers, concert conductors, martial artists and more — these children will awe with their talents, slay with their cuteness and wow with their accomplishments.

In the Season 2 premiere, "We're Back": The sparkling lineup includes astonishing singing trio the TNT Boys. Also, dynamic doggy duo Will and Aston bring dog agility chaos to the studio.


Actors in this post: Morgan Freeman, Dawn French

Channels in this post: SABC2, BBC Brit, Investigation Discovery


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