Die Byl

Genres: Drama, Police Procedural
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Season 5

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
kykNET 16 Jan 2024 19 Mar 2024 Tuesdays, 20h00 - 21h00 10

Season 5

Die Byl is the story of Colonel Piet van der Bijl (Waldemar Schultz), a brilliant detective who specialises in catching serial killers.

His entire being is focused on life's details and the pieces of the puzzle which don't always seem to fit.

Though his personal relationships might suffer due to his obsession with his work, he would do anything for the people he holds dear.

As with previous seasons there are five double episodes, with each investigation stretching over two episodes.

In each double episode Byl and his team are on the trail of a serial killer.

However, there is an overarching storyline through the entire season: a psychopath with a wide circle of influential people caught in a stranglehold.

This season:

Four characters we have come to know over the years.

A character who returns in an attempt to make peace with her past.

Two new team members joining the unit.

Various serial killers pushing Byl and his team to the limit and one who keeps eluding them and increasingly defies them with macabre acts of violence.

Byl finally enjoys autonomy over the unit, but the new members in the team – and especially the psychologist appointed to monitor the team's psychological well-being – don't make it easy.

Byl's stalwarts – Juan (Marvin-Lee Beukes), Nicki (Milan Murray) and Lena (Lika Berning) – are still there, but the sniper Jo Verwey (Amalia Uys) now consults as a weapons expert, helping Byl and his team wherever she can.

Captain William Miller (Ty Keogh) is the new profiler appointed in Lena's place – a quiet and attractive guy, but indifferent to his appearance.

He is highly skilled and can turn on the charm, when necessary, but he is burdened by the weight of his past.

William comes from a wealthy family.

His father, a psychiatrist, had hoped he would follow in his footsteps, but he chose forensic profiling and studied further in Ireland.

There, he married an Irish woman, but after she lost her battle against depression, William returned to South Africa.

He approaches Byl, who immediately sees his potential and appoints him in Lena's place.

Dr Anton Fourie (Marcel van Heerden), a sought-after specialist in his field, is the new pathologist on the team.

He and Dr Fritz knew each other well but were in competition for years to prove who is the best.

Anton, previously married and father of two, is a seasoned chess player and a worthy opponent for Byl.

Other recurring actors include Ira Blanckenberg as the psychologist Dr Mia Labuschagne, Jacques Bessenger as the journalist Alex Kruger, and Anrich Herbst as Captain Buks Botha.

In the Season 5 premiere: Thanks to Byl and his team, Vermeer failed and the unit was restored to their former glory.

However, there are further challenges, particularly when someone targets prostitutes and the sea spits out corpses.

Die Byl is an M-Net Original Production, produced by kykNET and Marche Media.

Season 5 was written by Elmarie Botha, Berdene Burger, Lorraine Burger, Igna Botha and Tina Kruger.

Elmarie Botha was the story planner and producer.

Berdene Burger is the series director, with extra direction by Nina Swart and Liezl Spies.

Season 5 Cast

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Waldemar Schultz	...	Colonel Piet van der Bijl
Lika Berning		...	Captain Lena Maree
Marvin-Lee Beukes	...	Sergeant Juan Stuurman
Milan Murray		...	Advocate Nicki van As
Marcel van Heerden	...	Dr Anton Fourie
Amalia Uys		...	Jo Verwey
Ty Keogh	`	...	Captain William Miller

Recurring / Guests

Jacques Bessenger	...	Alex Kruger
Gershwin Mias		...	Kaliel Glakus
Anrich Herbst		...	Captain Buks Botha
Ira Blanckenberg	...	Dr Mia Labuschagne
Liebschen Saal		...	Mercia van Hooi
Bobby Stuurman		...	Denver le Grange
Akram Allie		...	Han Blekers
Pierre Nelson		...	Alan Wilson
Silas Peterson		...	Young Kaliel
Beata Bena		...	Maria
Summer-Leigh James	...	Young Maria
Primrose Beverley Adonis...	Baby Lida Stuurman
Tarryn Jamie-Lee Adams	...	Aileen Fortiun
Kiara Botha		...	Barista
Aubra Ursula Smith	...	Carmen Pieters
Jenna Alexander		...	Dead Prostitute
Rashaad van Niekerk	...	Extra at Fish Market
Jevonne Edward van Heiver..	Extra at Fish Market
Marlin Baker		...	Extra at Fish Market
Patricia Evelyn Schell	...	Extra at Fish Market
Malikah Stemmet		...	Extra at Fish Market
Christopher Kordom	...	Extra at Fish Market
Melanie Vivienne Dalton	...	Extra at Fish Market
Eugene Lawrence Vancore	...	Extra at Fish Market
Damian Sebastian Hendricks.	Extra at Fish Market
Mushe Roman		...	Extra at Fish Market
Nicola le Grange	...	Mother at Coffee Shop
Renier le Grange	...	Father at Coffee Shop
Cailyn le Grange	...	Child at Coffee Shop
Shannon le Cordeur	...	Forensic Assistant
Stian Weyers		...	Forensic Assistant
Marco Wesley		...	Big Bodyguard
Melville Norman		...	Big Bodyguard
Willem Pienaar		...	Constable
Gregory Sean du Plessis	...	Fish Market Inspector
Shimmaney Benjamin	...	Body
Aminah Batchelor	...	Forensic Assistant
Tamaryn Zunckel		...	Forensic Assistant
Charna-Leigh van der Vindt.	Kidnapped Woman
Farzaana Fredericks	...	Kidnapped Woman
Tamsyn Tarin Smith	...	Dead Victim
Aletta Lucas		...	Sanet (as Aletta Catherine Lucas)
Aden Eccles		...	Kaliel's Father
Maria Vos		...	Heidi Viljé
Valeria La Cock		...	Young Heidi
Andre du Preez		...	Young Koos
Marlon Swarts		...	André Paulse
Ruari McKee		...	Cassie de Wet
Mariana Keyser		...	Andrea Botha
Thanja van Deventer	...	Alice Jacobs
Sean Coltman		...	Donovan Kriel
Lauzanne Kruger		...	Receptionist
Fabian Joseph Gaud	...	Vincent Uys
Daniel Rudolph Williams	...	Man in Disguise
Lenke Nel		...	Person Walking in Street
Duan Xavier van Jaarsveld..	Person Walking in Street
Sarah-Faith Couves	...	Desiree Vlok
Hilnor Noeleen Hannibal	...	Burlesque Dancer
Danielle Barnard	...	Choir Member
Anna Lee Falla		...	Choir Member
Helena van Zyl		...	Choir Member
Jacques Willie Folscher	...	Barman at Burlesque Bar
Shakier Theron		...	Constable
Moses Poo		...	Constable
Shimmaney Benjamin	...	Bar Extra
Louis Erasmus		...	Bar Extra
Candice Manuel		...	Bar Extra
Ally Swathe		...	Barman
Michiel Gideon van Straaten	Homeless Man
Darryl Cotton		...	Werner Joubert
Ismaeel Kolbe		...	Owen Daniels
Violett Whittaker	...	Beauty Pageant Extra
Atarah Vecchione	...	Beauty Pageant Extra
Mira Rousseau		...	Beauty Pageant Extra (as Mira Rousseaw)
Charissa Rousseau	...	Pageant Mom (as Charissa Rousseaw)
Johan Esterhuizen	...	Prof Gouws
Jandré le Roux		...	Koos Viljé
Haitham Akl Abdeltawab Elshikh	Paramedic
Elmarie van Wyk		...	Paramedic
Elrene Coetzee		...	Forensic Team
Lance George Lucas	...	Forensic Team
Richard Villareal	...	Audience Member / Restaurant Patron
Joyce Antaran Solis	...	Audience Member
Esme Yolanda Zampelli	...	Audience Member
Lynton Liou		...	Audience Member
Sbusiso Jikinzqina	...	Audience Member
Susarie Ansie Coetzee	...	Mrs Ellen Knipe
Alani Potgieter		...	Little Girl Eating
Dries Botha		...	Human Carstens
Gordon van der Spuy	...	Nelius Ras
Estelle Grobler		...	Charmaine Carstens
Rizané Rossouw		...	Louise Carstens
Jane Rademeyer		...	Rina
Jana Visser		...	Jagna
Lila Gouws		...	Izolda (Polish Woman)
Christopher Bradley	...	Nikolas Stand In
JC van der Merwe	...	Constable
Kimara Govender		...	Pedestrian
Barry Vorster		...	Pedestrian
Luan Jacobs		...	Benji Weydeman
Wilson Dunster		...	Nikolas Fourie
Kate Normington		...	Laura James
Dunty La Trobe		...	Zophia
Channe Truter		...	Polish Model
Chené Sonnekus		...	Polish Model
Faith Giesler		...	Polish Model
Nika Taylor		...	Polish Model
JJ Meissenheimer	...	Man 2
Arthur Minnaar		...	Man 3
Talisha Pienaar		...	Riley O'Connor
Dirk Barnard		...	Restaurant Guest
Marli Botha		...	Restaurant Guest
Roelien Campher		...	Restaurant Guest
Bonheur Kabongo		...	Bodyguard (as Bonheur-Kabongo)
Thebogo Falatsa		...	Waiter
Wihan Voges		...	Barman
Jerome Conradie		...	Funeral-Goer
Tyron Conradie		...	Funeral-Goer (as Tyron Conraide)
Shane Conradie		...	Funeral-Goer
Raquel Conradie		...	Funeral-Goer
Christoffel Groenewald	...	Funeral-Goer
Cacily Jacobs		...	Funeral-Goer
Gustav Gideon Rossouw	...	Thrillseeker
Rohan van der Merwe	...	Thrillseeker
Wynand Cecil Nortje	...	Thrillseeker
Delia Pereira		...	Sonja de Villiers
Anja Taljaard		...	Liezl Kriel
Jakkie Groenewald	...	Fanie Steenkamp
Stephanie Hough		...	Belinda Burger
Ilse van Niekerk	...	Health Inspector
Calvin Roberts		...	Elliot Cloete
Donovan Koopman		...	Gallery Guest
Elizabeth Chantal Fouché...	Gallery Guest
Hughlene Gerner		...	Gallery Guest
Audrey Vickers		...	Gallery Guest
Chané Badenhorst	...	Gallery Guest / Restaurant Patron
Daniël Kruger		...	Gallery Guest
Wiaan van Wyk		...	Waiter
Grant Johnson		...	Waiter / Coffee Shop Client
Taylin Bosman		...	Bar Extra
Anthony Potgieter	...	Bar Extra
Will Jacksonr		...	Bar Extra
Odwa Kobus		...	Bar Extra
Marlin Baker		...	Bar Extra
Letitia Kinnear		...	Bar Extra
Hannes Muller		...	Gerhard de Villiers
Armand Aucamp		...	Victor Dreyer
Ruben Engel		...	Michael, Tattoo Artist
Milton Schorr		...	Roger Vermeulen
Erika Breytenbach-Marais...	Mariaan Vermeulen
Paul Strydom		...	Andrew
Daniël Vorster		...	Tiaan
Francois Odendaal	...	Gideon
Kaitlin Barnard		...	Coffee Shop Client
Cale Rice		...	Coffee Shop Client
Charyke Coetzee		...	Couple in Love
Dirk Coetzee		...	Couple in Love
Darrel Daines		...	Murder Scene Onlooker
Angeline Daines		...	Murder Scene Onlooker
Anzel Kellerman		...	Office Colleague
Clinton Hayward		...	Office Colleague
Camelin Florence	...	Office Colleague
Pierre van der Westhuizen..	Restaurant Patron
Marko Jooste		...	Restaurant Patron
Eurica Bredenkamp	...	Restaurant Patron
Joel Solomons		...	Restaurant Patron
Barry Alan Vivier	...	Bouncer
Jeffrey Burt		...	Clubgoer
Austen Brown		...	Clubgoer
Zethu Choto		...	Clubgoer
Brent Gerber		...	Clubgoer
Dirk Knoesen		...	Clubgoer
Sakhile Nelson Ngwendu	...	Pedestrian
Ally Swathe		...	Pedestrian
Stefan Weyers		...	Pedestrian
Lauren Daniels		...	Pedestrian
Hélène Truter		...	Shirley
Melissa Willering	...	Eliaan Slee
Frantz Birkholtz	...	Henk de Klerk
Johannes Pansegrouw	...	Harvey Picoult
Yolanda McCallum	...	Sonya Basson
Michael Christie	...	Jakes Malherbe
Robert Linder		...	Lance Cornwell
Richter Kriek		...	Office Colleague
Samantha Erasito	...	Office Colleague
Herschelle Rhodenburg	...	Uniform Officer

Season 5 Cast

Colonel Piet van der Bijl (as Waldi Schultz)

Sergeant Juan Stuurman

Captain Lena Maree

Advocate Nicky van As

Jo Verwey

Captain William Miller

Dr Anton Fourie

Captain Buks Botha

Alex Kruger

Kaliel Glakus

Prof Gouws

Benji Weydeman

Nikolas Fourie

Laura James

Gerhard de Villiers

Victor Dreyer

Michael, Tattoo Artist



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