Die Byl

Genres: Drama, Police Procedural
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Season 3

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
kykNET 27 Apr 2021 27 Jul 2021 Tuesdays, 20h00 - 21h00 14

Season 3

Die Byl is the story of Colonel Piet van der Bijl (Waldemar Schultz), a brilliant detective who specialises in catching serial killers.

His entire being is focused on life's details and the pieces of the puzzle which don't always seem to fit.

Though his personal relationships might suffer due to his obsession with his work, he would do anything for the people he holds dear.

The reign of terror conducted by Smiley (Deon Lotz), and especially Adriaan Klopper (Laudo Liebenberg), in the previous season, has left Byl and his team scarred and wounded.

They had to deal with the loss of their colleagues as well as the individual trauma each one of them suffered.

Capt. Lena Maree (Lika Berning) struggles with her responsibilities as mother and woman, which are dwarfed by what her job requires of her.

Sergeant Juan Stuurman's (Marvin-Lee Beukes) recovery from physical and psychological injuries tests his fledgling relationship with Dr Shani van Rooi (Trudy van Rooy).

Dr Fritz Barnard (Eric Nobbs) and Nicky van As (Milan Murray) are still the moral compass and anchor of the team, but even they are battling to keep it together.

Byl feels responsible. Without him, the team would never have been the target of so much hate.

In the third season of Die Byl, all these emotions and haunting memories are tangled up in chilling new murder cases.

Die Byl is an M-Net Original Production, produced by kykNET and Marche Media.

The head writer this season was Leon Kruger. Jaco Smit was a director.

Season 3 Cast

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Waldemar Schultz	...	Colonel Piet van der Bijl
Lika Berning		...	Captain Lena Maree
Marvin-Lee Beukes	...	Sergeant Juan Stuurman
Milan Murray		...	Advocate Nicki van As
Eric Nobbs		...	Dr. Fritz Barnard
Trudy van Rooy		...	Dr. Shani van Rooi

Recurring / Guests

Clyde Berning		...	Frank Evans
Melt Sieberhagen	...	Etienne Fouche
Riana Alfreds		...	Lyne
Zane Meas		...	General Philander
Laudo Liebenberg	...	Adriaan Klopper
David Chevers		...	Dr Lategan
Siobhan Hodges		...	Helen Fouche
Xulé Engelbrecht	...	Mischa Fouche
Maureen Gordon		...	Police Officer
Grant Johnson		...	Police Officer
Jeff Cromhout		...	Police Officer
Faith Vercuiel		...	Office Worker
Michael Dobie		...	Office Worker
Abdul Colbie		...	Henchman
Dylan Bell		...	Henchman
Wilbert Hendricks	...	Henchman (as Willbert Hendricks)
Bianca Flanders		...	Amelda
Charlotte Huisamen	...	Suzi van der Nacht
Hannah Zhukovina	...	Lynette Badenhorst
Ilse van Niekerk	...	Woman
Jesse Berning		...	Lukas Evans
Johann Vermaak		...	Frankie Roberts
Kenley Swart		...	Mia
Milton Schorr		...	Jaco Malan
Rudy Visagie		...	Tjippie
Ashley Botha		...	Receptionist
Craig Lukes		...	Pedestrian
Damien Kurt Rule	...	Tjippie's Friend
Leslie Otto		...	Driver
Paul Jonathan Brown	...	Pedestrian
Samantha Rabie		...	Prostitute
Heinrich Franse		...	Constable
Nhlanhla Bushula	...	Orphanage Child
Connor Swart		...	Orphanage Child
Cassidy Bennett		...	Orphanage Child
Janet Geyer		...	Orphanage Child
Linda Nell		...	Orphanage Mother
Darrel Bock		...	Man
Lyden Brinders		...	Police Officer
Keelin Basson		...	Forensic Officer
Theresa May		...	Forensic Officer
Denise Camara		...	Forensic Officer
Xolisani Nokhona	...	Forensic Officer
Nicole Fortuin		...	Iris Small
Ruben Engel		...	Advocate Dewald Scholtz
Tim Theron		...	Colonel Bob Nortier
Ivan Zimmermann		...	Professor Jacobs (as Ivan Zimmerman)
Anrich Herbst		...	Captain Buks Botha
David Chevers		...	Dr Lategan
Taryn Markus		...	Chantel
Vinita Petrus		...	Ashley
Moegammad Karaan	...	Henchman 1
Calvin Malgas		...	Henchman 2
Nerina Louw		...	Research Station Extra
Ashwin Johnson		...	Research Station Extra
Keelin Basson		...	Research Station Extra
Jeremy Johnson		...	Extra
Eduan van Wyk		...	Orphanage Child
Liwalam Mtirara		...	Orphanage Child
Gustav Rossouw		...	Armed Man
Mandilakhe Ntubo	...	Armed Man
Jaydine Ross		...	Rubi
Marcel Davids		...	Forensic Officer
Kurt Wentzel		...	Police Officer
Dann-Jacques Mouton	...	George Samuels
Gareth Woods		...	Pastor Allen
Giuliano Cantaridis	...	Young Adriaan
Marion Holm		...	Tannie Jackie
Marius du Plooy		...	Theuns Olckers (as Marius de Plooy)
Helvetia Hoskins	...	Woman
Shaheed Jardine		...	Hawker
Walter Samuels		...	Police Officer
Helena van Zyl		...	Receptionist
Clint Wilkenson		...	Man with Envelope
Charles Tertiens	...	Shaun Little
Greta Pietersen		...	Lolita
Hendrik Nieuwoudt	...	Young Byl (as Hendrik Niewoudt)
Viljé Maritz		...	Bernard Vos (as Vilie Maritz)
Gershwin Mias		...	Sunshine
Johan Pretorius		...	Unknown Man in Wheelchair
Daneel van der Walt	...	Adriaan's Mother
Elna Tennant		...	Forensic Officer
Annice du Venage	...	Jo Verwey's Double
Lee-Ann Lubbe		...	Police Officer
Moegammad Daniels	...	Police Officer
Ismail Jappie		...	Police Officer
Malcolm Cali		...	Police Officer
Deneys Taljaard		...	Police Officer
Juan Barnard		...	Intelligence Officer
Heinrich Barnard	...	Intelligence Officer
Andrew Dennison		...	Adriaan Pleegouer
Frank Pereira		...	Albert
Nkosinathi Vundla	...	Armed Man
Lonwabo Tshizana	...	Armed Man
Denise Camara		...	Pedestrian
Petrus Hesse		...	Pedestrian
Maureen Champion	...	Pedestrian
Frank Champion		...	Pedestrian
Dylan Champion		...	Pedestrian
Morgan Vorster		...	Pedestrian
Bukho Lurayi		...	Pedestrian
Banele Jack		...	Pedestrian
Bomkazi Fanti		...	Pedestrian
Charl Louw		...	Pedestrian
Francois Coertze	...	Freek Mouton
Liezl de Kock		...	Josephine Kraut
Sandra Vaughn		...	Eloise Jansen
Frank Rautenbach	...	Trotskie
Sean Cameron Michael	...	Vermeer
Cherize Coetzee		...	Girl
Wolf Britz		...	Man
Alberto Meyer		...	Vermeer Bodyguard
Kabelo Sethibang	...	Vermeer Bodyguard

Season 3 Cast

Colonel Piet van der Bijl (as Waldi Schultz)

Sergeant Juan Stuurman

Captain Lena Maree

Doctor Fritz Barnard

Advocate Nicky van As

Dr. Shani van Rooi

Captain Buks Botha

Frank Evans

Etienne Fouche


General Philander

Iris Small

Advocate Dewald Scholtz

Colonel Bob Nortier

Professor Jacobs (as Ivan Zimmerman)

Shaun Little


Young Byl (as Hendrik Niewoudt)

Bernard Vos (as Vilie Maritz)

Freek Mouton

Josephine Kraut

Eloise Jansen



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