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Channel: Disney+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Drama, Period Drama, Miniseries


Based on James Clavell's novel, Shogun is set in Japan in the year 1600 at the dawn of a century-defining civil war, and is a fictionalised version of real events and history.

Hiroyuki Sanada stars as Lord Yoshii Toranaga, who is fighting for his life as his enemies on the Council of Regents unite against him.

When a mysterious European ship is found marooned in a nearby fishing village, its English pilot, John Blackthorne, comes bearing secrets that could help Toranaga tip the scales of power and devastate the formidable influence of Blackthorne's own enemies - the Jesuit priests and Portuguese merchants.

Toranaga's and Blackthorne's fates become inextricably tied to their translator, Toda Mariko, a mysterious Christian noblewoman and the last of a disgraced line.

While serving her lord amidst this fraught political landscape, Mariko must reconcile her newfound companionship with Blackthorne, her commitment to the faith that saved her and her duty to her late father.

Characters include Kashigi Yabushige, a notorious backstabber and close ally of Toranaga; and Kashigi Omi, the young leader of the fishing village where Blackthorne's ship was found.

There's also Ishido Kazunari, a powerful bureaucrat who is Toranaga's chief rival; and Usami Fuji, a widow who must find new purpose amidst her lord's fight.

Toda Hiromatsu is Toranaga's trusted general and closest friend; Buntaro is Mariko's jealous husband; and Yoshii Nagakado is the brash son of Toranaga with a strong desire to prove himself.

Then there's Kiku, a courtesan renowned for her artistry throughout Japan; and Ochiba no Kata, the revered mother of the heir who will stop at nothing to put an end to Toranaga and his threat to her son's power.

Eva Braun

Channel: Curiosity Channel (DStv 185)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Documentary Series, History

Eva Braun

She was the "empty-headed" mistress of Adolph Hitler. Now, biographer Heike B. Görtemaker seeks to revise Eva Braun's image.

Eva Braun was Hitler's secret lover for more than 13 years. To this day, she is regarded as an apolitical and clueless appendage of the mass murderer.

But who was the "Bride of Evil" really? Officially, Eva Braun is Hitler's private secretary at the Berghof.

In the years of their relationship, Eva Braun developed from a girl from a petty-bourgeois family into Hitler's uncompromising companion.

She remained loyal to the dictator until his death.

Who was the woman Hitler married shortly before his suicide?

The Great Penguin Rescue

Channel: eExtra (Openview 105 / StarSat 489 / DStv 195)
TX Time: 21h55
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary Series

The Great Penguin Rescue

Michaela Strachan has lived in her adopted home of Cape Town, South Africa, for 10 years, more than enough time for the penguins on the peninsula to have found a special place in her heart.

The Great Penguin Rescue follows the wildlife presenter and conservation enthusiast's efforts to help save the only endemic penguin species to South Africa.

She joins forces with the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, which annually rescues hundreds of penguin chicks whose parents have been unable to feed them because of adverse conditions.

For a frenetic six weeks, Michaela becomes a very hands-on mum to many of the demanding chicks, which must be cared for, taught survival skills and ultimately released back into the wild.

In the series premiere: Michaela volunteers to help rescue penguins that are found only in the waters around South Africa.

It is her first day at the sanctuary and she learns how to feed both the adult penguins and the vulnerable chicks.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill: Michaela meets some cormorants and albatrosses as she continues to help South African penguins.

The first chicks arrive, but they are more boisterous than expected.

sMothered 5

Channel: TLC Entertainment (DStv 135)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Reality

sMothered 5

sMothered is back with new duos that are closer than ever.

From synchronized hobby horsing and a mother and daughter who give each other "vagacials" these pairs do anything and everything together.

With four new duos, including sMothered'S very first mother-in-law and son-in-law, nothing is off limits and there's no such thing as personal space.

Meet the mother-daughter duos featured in the new season, all eager to celebrate their bonds and show just how like mother like daughter they truly are:

Catherine, 56, and Gabriella, 23 - Clinton, Connecticut

No one does "twinning" better than pageant queens, Catherine and Gabriella.

Always dressed in matching outfits, Catherine and Gabriella have their hearts set on Gabriella winning the Miss Connecticut USA title just like Catherine did in her early 20s.

With the pageant just weeks away, Catherine and Gabriella go into full prep-mode.

They drink healing celery juice multiple times daily, soak in celery baths together, design matching wardrobes, work out - including running the bleachers at the local high school 'Rocky-style' - and walk like flamingos at the zoo.

There's no room for anything else in Gabriella's life; Catherine wants Gabriella to focus solely on mommy and pageants, that's it.

Eva, 65, and Sunnie, 36 - Houston, Texas

It's all about the bizarre with this close-knit mother and daughter relationship.

Like mother, like daughter, both are boutique salon owners who specialise in aesthetics.

From shaving each other's armpits to giving each other facials down there, Eva and Sunnie are not afraid to get personal with their skincare.

Sunnie has been with her boyfriend, Scott, for almost a year and she wants to marry him.

The problem is, Eva is being too pushy about an engagement and Scott isn't ready to propose.

India, 59, and her son-in-law Trevor, 37 - Atlanta, Georgia

This relationship is a real head-scratcher. How on Earth did a mother-in-law/son-in-law get so close?

They wear matching outfits, eat from each other's mouths, clean each other's ears and India even plans to get dentures made from a mold of Trevor's mouth so they have the same smile.

Their closeness is especially disturbing to Trevor's wife and India's daughter, DeLeesa.

For two years, India has been living with Trevor and DeLeesa and her relationship with Trevor is driving a wedge in their marriage.

Now that DeLeesa is pregnant and needs the support of her husband more than ever, she gives Trevor an ultimatum.

Sky, 45, and Skylar, 19 - Atlanta, Georgia

Not only do they share the same name, but Skylar is also growing up to be an exact replica of her mother.

They are so connected at the hip; Sky claims to be her daughter's brain.

For as long as she can remember, Skylar has wanted to be just like her mom.

Sky is a choreographer, dancer and singer who always aspired to be the next Beyonce, but her dreams were dashed when she had her children at a young age.

When Skylar showed that she had the same talent, Sky dropped her own ambitions and poured everything into her daughter's career, but things can get tricky when you have a "momager" like Sky.

Kathy, 64, and Cristina, 38 (returning duo) - Norridge, Illinois

Larger-than-life Italian duo, Kathy and Cristina, are in each other's business every single day.

They live only four houses away from each other and Cristina calls the relationship with her mom more important than any other relationship in her life - including that with her husband and kids.

Kathy is turning 65 this year and fears her life is closer to the end than she would like to admit.

Kathy's mother and grandmother both died at 68, which is just around the corner for her.

So, to celebrate her birthday, Kathy wants to have a not-so-typical birthday party... at a funeral home.

But when Kathy reveals a recent diagnosis to Cristina, Cristina realises there's more to this birthday party than she may have thought.

Is Kathy's health truly in jeopardy?

Mary 59, and Brittani, 23 (returning duo) - Hobe Sound, Florida

Mary and Brittani sleep in the same bed every night, never miss a dinner together, share details about their sex lives and have taken up synchronized hobby horsing as exercising.

They are truly each other's best friends, especially since Mary's partner, Frank, passed away.

But there's a new man in town to shake things up - Brittani's boyfriend, TJ.

Mary is convinced TJ is not the guy for Brittani but is determined to tread carefully so as not to drive her daughter away, but little does she know that Brittani and TJ have a secret.


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