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Malika the Lion Queen

Channel: Nat Geo Wild (DStv 182 / StarSat 221)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Wildlife, Nature, Documentary

Malika the Lion Queen

The exhilarating and harrowing life of Malika, a lioness in South Africa's Kruger National Park.

Narrated by actress Angela Bassett and produced by the producers of Planet Earth II, Blue Planet and Hostile Planet, we journey with Malika as she deals with the hardships of moving from childhood to adulthood.

The lioness must learn to hunt and help protect the pride from deadly intruders.

The story of Malika is one of hardship, loneliness, and determination.

She must battle her uncles to establish a territory of her own where she can start a family.

Secret Nazi Expeditions

Channel: HISTORY (DStv 186)
TX Time: 20h15
Genre: Documentary Series, History

Secret Nazi Expeditions

WWII. Entire continents are at total war.

But, in the shadows, the Nazis create an elite team of scientists to scour the globe and mount expeditions to extreme and harsh locations.

Their mission: rewrite history and collect ancient artifacts in the name of the thousand-year Reich.

During their rise to power and throughout World War II, Adolf Hitler and SS leader Heinrich Himmler led a secret team of elite scholars and archaeologists known as the Ahnenerbe, whose covert mission was to rewrite history and establish the superiority of the Aryan race, a belief that dominated Nazi ideology.

Abandoning science and embracing the occult, the Ahnenerbe conducted dangerous expeditions to the furthest reaches of the planet — all on a hunt for ancient knowledge and artifacts that could deliver Germany a supernatural edge on the battlefield and everlasting world domination for the Third Reich.

Revealing the extraordinary true story behind these epic and twisted quests, Secret Nazi Expeditions draws on new evidence, original research, and expert testimony to expose these little-known, yet extraordinary claims and discoveries designed to feed Hitler's propaganda machine.

This series draws on new evidence, original research and expert testimony to reveal the extraordinary stories behind these epic and twisted quests, led by the SS and their fanatical leader, Hitler loyalist Heinrich Himmler.

Through the series, we will learn how an expedition to the Himalayas fueled Nazi racial doctrine and how the discovery of Bronze Age runes in northern Italy convinced the SS that they had found evidence that Germanic peoples were behind great ancient empires.

Secret Nazi Expeditions also explores the Nazi obsession with the Holy Grail and the search to find it.

Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory

Channel: Comedy Central (DStv 122)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Comedy, Special

Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory

Popularly known as the voice of Gene Belcher on the animated comedy Bob's Burgers, Eugene was named America's #1 Noticer by Stand-up Magazine four years in a row (not true - he made up that magazine).

In his first one-hour Comedy Central special, Mirman tells stories, holds up pieces of paper and gets people in the audience to pee on each other with a simple glance (this is the second and last lie).

He doesn't care what it says here and is wiggle wiggle poddle wee wee lollipop.

"Your Mind-G-Spot Will Love Eugene's Hour Special!" - Ronald Reagan, right before he died.

Baby Chimp Rescue

Channel: S3
TX Time: 17h00
Genre: Wildlife, Documentary Series

Baby Chimp Rescue

How do you cope when you suddenly become surrogate parents to 21 orphaned chimps?

Jim and Jenny Desmond have chimps overrunning their home and even their bed.

In the series premiere, "Miracles Can Happen": At a home for rescued baby chimps in Liberia, orphans from the illegal pet trade receive round-the-clock care.

Couple Jim and Jenny Desmond never planned to become surrogate parents to 21 chimpanzees, but now their home is bursting at the seams.

Their dream is to build them all a new sanctuary in the forest.

With help from friend and chimp specialist Ben Garrod, they teach the orphans the skills they would have learnt from their mothers in the wild.

Just when they can't cope with any more chimps, they go out and rescue a new orphan called Miracle from her life on a chain.

Superstore 6

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Comedy

Superstore 6

Final season!

After 113 episodes, Superstore will be concluding at the end of its sixth season.

Through its own comedic lens, the series has consistently examined many of the USA's most topical issues, including health care, immigration, unionisation, the plight of the retail worker and many more.

In the Season 6 premiere, "Essential": After the coronavirus hits, Amy and Jonah try to bring some order to the chaos in Cloud 9 while being pulled in multiple directions.

The employees learn what it means to be considered "heroes" while Amy and Jonah's impending move to California looms large.The employees learn what it means to be considered "heroes" while Amy and Jonah's impending move to California looms large.

Queen Sugar 6

Channel: Me (DStv 115)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama

Queen Sugar 6

The contemporary drama features the Bordelon family who are fighting to save their family farm to preserve their father's legacy while navigating their own personal journeys.

Queen Sugar returns as newlyweds Ralph Angel and Darla prepare to welcome a new baby while struggling to make financial ends meet.

Nova reaches her breaking point while continuing to expose police and political corruption, and finds unlikely support from a new neighbour, Dominic.

Charley explores political opportunities on a national scale as she navigates reconnecting with ex-husband Davis West, while her son Micah grapples with college life amid the lasting effects of PTSD and growing confusion over a relationship with his new fraternity brother.

The cast also includes the family's matriarch Aunt Violet (Tina Lifford), who finds herself keeping a secret from her family as her husband Hollywood Desonier (Omar J. Dorsey) opens a space for black men to come together and talk about more than just surface level topics.

Meanwhile, longtime family friend and local farmer Prosper Denton (Henry G. Sanders) has an altercation with cops that lands him in the hospital, spurring his daughter Billie (Tammy Townsend) to return home for the first time in 20 years, creating explosive tension among the Bordelon family as long-held resentments are brought to light.

In the Season 6 premiere, "If You Could Enter Their Dreaming": Nova publishes an article on defunding the police, Ralph Angel has financial problems, and Violet delivers a pie to a mysterious person.

Plus, Nova's planned vaccination drive for St. Jo residents erupts in chaos, leaving someone injured.

In the second episode of the weekly double bill, "And Dream With Them Deeply": The Bordelons and Prosper's daughter have a tense exchange.

Plus, Ralph Angel and Darla make baby preparations, and Micah relives past trauma.

Additionally, Nova faces some harsh truths, and Violet offers a helping hand.



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