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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 20 Apr 2022
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Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove

Channel: Discovery Family (DStv 136 / StarSat 222)
TX Time: 17h45
Genre: Docu-Reality

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove

Newport, Oregon is one of the last remaining fishing towns along the edge of the notoriously violent 'Graveyard of the Pacific' stretching from Oregon to British Columbia.

Here, generations of Dungeness crab fishermen and their families sacrifice everything that they have to carve an existence from the sea.

Thousands of vessels and lives have been lost battling the seas in what's considered the deadliest commercial fishery in the world.

The Oregon coast bursts with sea life, but also a maze of sandbars and currents.

This series steps aboard the vessels navigating this stretch of sea that churns up massive waves and unpredictable conditions.

But what is it like for those left behind?

The series explores the lives of the families themselves – many of whom have called the village home for generations.

Every year fishermen are lost to the turbulent waters, but the families of Newport bear that burden as they fight to keep the legacy of their town alive.

In the series premiere, "Welcome to the Dungeon": Sig and the captains introduce the frightening new world of Dungeness crab fishing off the Oregon Coast.

While fishermen brave the treacherous waters and deadly bar crossing, their families wait onshore, praying for a safe return.

What Are We Feeding Our Kids?

Channel: S3
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary, Food

What Are We Feeding Our Kids?

Is ultra-processed food causing obesity in children, and could it even be addictive?

Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates as he undergoes a gruelling self-experiment that even shocks the scientists.

Across the world, childhood obesity rates have risen tenfold in 50 years.

In the UK, 21% of children are living with obesity when they leave primary school – that is the highest it has ever been.

Despite decades of trying, why do we seem unable to tackle this problem?

In the last 40 years, our shopping trolleys have been taken over by ultra-processed food, and it now accounts for the majority of our calories - for children it is 64% and teens eat 67%.

It is cheap, convenient and, alarmingly, scientists know very little about exactly how it affects children's bodies.

Increasing numbers of public health experts think we are eating far too much and are worried because when eaten in high proportion, it is linked with obesity.

France and Canada have become so concerned, they recommend people limiting their ultra-processed food consumption.

Ultra-processed food is now so embedded in UK diets, it is hard to see the impact of it clearly.

But can we learn from places where it has been introduced much more recently?

Dr Chris travels to the Amazon Basin and discovers that in rural Brazil when consumption of ultra-processed food doubled, obesity rates tripled.

The arrival of this food in these remote regions did not happen by accident.

A floating supermarket that delivered packaged convenience food could have contributed to the dramatic change in diets.

Dr Chris asks why this food can be so irresistible. Could it even be addictive?

There are no clinical studies showing the effect on children's bodies, so he experiments on himself.

For one month he eats the same diet eaten by one in five of us - 80% ultra-processed food.

The results are utterly shocking and surprise even the scientists he is working with.

Dr Chris is concerned the effects on children whose brains and bodies are more vulnerable could be even greater.

He concludes by asking if ultra-processed food could be a major reason why more and more children are living with obesity.

Russian Doll 2

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Comedy-Drama, Sci-Fi

Russian Doll 2

In the first season, Nadia kept dying and reliving her 36th birthday party.

She was trapped in a surreal time loop - and staring down the barrel of her own mortality.

In Season 2: After enduring the wildest night of their lives — over and over — Nadia and Alan stumble into another bewildering existential adventure.

Set four years after Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) escaped mortality's time loop together, Season 2 continues to explore existential thematics through an often humorous and sci-fi lens.

Discovering a fate even worse than endless death, this season finds Nadia and Alan delving deeper into their pasts through an unexpected time portal located in one of Manhattan's most notorious locations.

At first they experience this as an ever-expanding, era-spanning, intergenerational adventure but they soon discover this extraordinary event might be more than they bargained for and, together, must search for a way out.


Actors in this post: Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett

Channels in this post: SABC3, Netflix South Africa


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