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Richard Hammond's Big

Channel: Discovery Channel (DStv 121)
TX Time: 19h10
Genre: Documentary Series, Technology

Richard Hammond's Big

In the world of engineering, size can be everything. And this series is going supersized as British motoring presenter and engineering enthusiast, Richard Hammond, embarks on a global adventure.

From the UK to Germany to the US, he's on a mission to explore the world's biggest structures and machines, going behind-the-scenes to understand the science of 'big' - how engineers go about building, maintaining and using these superstructures.

Each episode takes him to a new location and mega structure, where he meets the unsung heroes at the front line making them work and explores the science behind them with a series of experiments.

From the world's longest underground railway tunnel to a cargo ship the size of four football pitches, Richard immerses himself in some truly huge examples of engineering genius in action.

Young Sheldon 3

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 18h30
Genre: Comedy

Young Sheldon 3

For young Sheldon Cooper, it isn't easy growing up in East Texas.

Being a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science isn't always helpful in a land where church and football are king.

And while the vulnerable, gifted and somewhat naïve Sheldon deals with the world, his very normal family must find a way to deal with him.

In the Season 3 premiere, "Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes": After Dr. Sturgis experiences a nervous breakdown, Mary worries Sheldon is headed down a similar path.

Also, Georgie discovers he has a knack for sales.

The Twilight Zone

Channel: M-Net City (DStv 115)
TX Time: 20h50
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama

The Twilight Zone

Enter another dimension with this modern re-imagining of the 1959 classic series.

The Twilight Zone anthology series brings the original show's legacy of socially conscious storytelling to modern-day audiences, exploring the human condition and holding a lens up to the culture of our times.

In the series premiere, "The Comedian": A stand-up comic incorporates details about people he knows into his routines, unaware that every joke results in someone being erased from existence.

Frozen Islands

Channel: Nat Geo Wild (DStv 182)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Documentary Series, Wildlife, Nature

Frozen Islands

Sub-Antarctica, where the mightiest current on Earth flows uninterrupted around our planet and the winds blow incessantly eastward.

This vast and icy ocean is peppered by a scattering of tiny islands, inhospitable to man but crucial to the survival of millions of marine animals that are superbly adapted to life in the Southern Ocean and use these islands to breed: seals, penguins, albatross and Southern Right whales.

Life on these islands is not easy and sometimes it is deadly.

The world's greatest hunters, Killer Whales, hunt in the shallows of the islands.

American Housewife 4

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 17h00
Genre: Comedy

American Housewife 4

With the kids growing older, Katie and Greg decide to sell the old minivan, hoping to usher in a new era in their lives.

However, their excitement is short lived when Anna-Kat is released from her special education class, Taylor's lack of basic life skills causes an issue, and a torn ACL puts Oliver's dance career in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Daniel suffers a setback that forces him to rethink how to accomplish his goals.


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