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Tydelik Terminaal

Channel: kykNET (DStv 144)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Afrikaans

Tydelik Terminaal

Tydelik Terminaal (Temporarily Terminal) is a drama series which follows 22-year-old honours student Kittie Claasen, who must redefine her life after she is diagnosed with cancer.

The series offers a fresh look at the unusual experiences of a 22-year-old girl on the threshold of her 'grown-up' life.

With a fresh outlook on studentism and awkward identity questions, Tydelik Terminaal guides you through Kittie's chemotherapy journey to physical healing as well as emotional liberation.

It's "the best cancer to get," Doctor Pillay assures her. In short, it's six months of hell, before life returns to normal.

The problem is that this is her honours year, and a twist in her academic cable means she has to postpone her future dreams of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism as a result of Hodgkin and his untimely illness.

The series takes place over the six months during which she undergoes chemotherapy, gets in touch with the ancestors, tries to complete her studies, and gains unexpected life experience and wisdom.

Kittie and her two best friends, Mandy and Fanie, find themselves in that confusing, in-between phase of life before entering the so-called adult world.

It's a time of childhood, but still having fun; gloomily planning for a future, but being uncertain about what that future will look like.

In this crush of adulthood, each of these characters is confronted with their own humanity and faces the question of who they really are.

Carla Smith stars as Kittie in her first starring role in television. Eve Rasimeni and Hendrik Nieuwoudt play her best friends, Mandy and Fanie.

Other cast members include Anna-Mart van der Merwe and Frank Opperman as Julie and Uncle Len. Uncle Len has prostate cancer and Julie, his busybody wife, helps him (and later for Kittie) in the fight against cancer.

Almar Müller plays the role of Joubert, an old love who returns to be there as a mainstay for Kittie; Arno Greeff is Drikus, the attractive young LLB student who continually challenges Mandy; and Ruan Blum is Louis, Fanie's boyfriend from the Cape.

There are also appearances by Anel Alexander, Zane Meas, Stiaan Smith, Francois Jacobs, Tiffany Barbuzano, Jack Devnarain, Reginah Dube, David Rees and Henriëtta Gryffenberg.

TVSA Show Page: Tydelik Terminaal

Huis Lelieveld

Channel: kykNET (DStv 144)
TX Time: 20h30
Genre: Comedy, Afrikaans

Huis Lelieveld

Sitcom created by Willie Esterhuizen as a spin-off from Ouboet en Wors in which the character of Molly is no longer a dental assistant, but the matron of a retirement village called Huis Lelieveld.

In the last episode of Ouboet en Wors, Molly (Lizz Meiring) was informed that Dr Proctor was emigrating, and her services were no longer needed.

She didn't let this setback get her down in the dumps, so she she ended up at Huis Lelieveld.

Molly's husband, Wors (Willie Esterhuizen), comes to visit his wife regularly to find out which of the personnel or residents are giving her grief.

Gielie (Wynand van Vollenstee), the handyman and driver from Ouboet en Wors, also got a job at the retirement village – after all, he has a very soft heart, especially for the elderly.

Hélène Truter also returns as Tannie Poppie, one of the residents of Huis Lelieveld. Poppie knows everything. And she shares it directly with the viewer. She likes spreading gossip, without feeling bad about it.

Huis Lelieveld's residents include Fleur Pot (Elma Potgieter); Gielie's mom, Martha Goosen (Karin van der Laag), Blaartjie Louw (Yvonne Schoeman) and her husband Brand Louw, played by Cobus Visser.

Sadly Cobus died this past Monday (28 October 2019), of heart failure. He was 70. 

The series also includes a hip retired lady, a snob without money and someone who equally loves baking and moaning.

We also get to know the Huis Lelieveld personnel very well. There's pastor Dou Droel (Matt Stern), who has a weakness for women; Spanner Proes (Reginald Hufkie), the factotum with an interesting life away from the retirement village; and Koekie de Kok (Lara Lourens), Pastor Droel's assistant and a part time exotic dancer.

TVSA Show Page: Huis Lelieveld

War of the Worlds

Channel: FOX (DStv 125)
TX Time: 20h45
Genre: Sci-Fi

War of the Worlds

Set-in present-day Europe, War of the Worlds is a multi-faceted series, based on the timeless story by H.G. Wells.

When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

The world's population waits for further contact with baited breath. They do not have to wait long.

Within days, mankind is all but wiped out; just pockets of humanity are left in an eerily deserted world.

As alien ships appear in the sky, the survivors ask a burning question – who are these attackers and why are they hell-bent on our destruction?

This is a story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances – but they are more than just victims in a brutal war.

For, as we will come to realise, the aliens' savage attack on Earth is not arbitrary: its seeds are being sown before our very eyes.

When Demolitions Go Wrong

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: Documentary Series

When Demolitions Go Wrong

This documentary series combines extraordinary first-hand video footage, eyewitness testimony and expert analysis of buildings refusing to go quietly.

In the first episode, detonations at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan fail to do the job, and in Ohio a smokestack falls in the wrong direction onto power lines.

In Glasgow, Scotland, spectators are injured as tower blocks are demolished and problems soon arise when the German island of Heligoland is the location for blowing up unused WWII munitions.

Pose 2

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Drama, Period Drama

Pose 2

In 1987 New York, LGBTQ ball fixture Blanca starts her own house, soon becoming mother to a gifted dancer and a sex worker in love with a yuppie client.

Pose explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society: the underground ball culture, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and the downtown social and literary scene that came to define New York in the 1980s.

Season 2 flashes forward in time to 1990.

On the heels of the ballroom community establishing itself in pop culture and going mainstream, the House of Evangelista is forced to reevaluate their goals.

Meanwhile, the AIDS crisis worsens and the reaction from a group of activists reaches a fever pitch.

In the Season 2 premiere, "Acting Up": Convinced Madonna's Vogue will lead to mainstream acceptance, Blanca encourages the House of Evangelista to follow their dreams despite putting her own on the backburner.

Meanwhile, Pray Tell joins an activist organisation fighting for the rights of HIV-positive people.

Megaboere 5

Channel: kykNET & kie (DStv 145)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary Series, Afrikaans

Megaboere 5

The new season features the first female presenter of the series: Kabous Meiring will take over the task of visiting the most successful farms in Southern Africa.

Big farmers are struggling to make a profit in neighbouring countries, with circumstances similar to South Africa.

Agriculture is a challenge in Africa, because it's not just about profit, turnover, maps and transport - food provision is about adaptability.

Kabous therefore does her best to portray struggling farmers' adaptability to climate change, droughts, social challenges and politics.

In the Season 5 premiere: The Loubsers from Fair Cape have transformed healthy dairy farming into a powerful business that delivers milk and milk products to a select market.

These five brothers are tackling challenges with dedication.


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30 Oct 2019 13:06

Tydelik Terminaal sounds interesting, I hope it has subtitles.

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