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  • SABC's HOT New Talk Show "Tongue in Cheek"!
    16 Sep 2014 12:14 (0 replies)

    Combine some of SA’s most well-known personalities for a no-hold’s bar conversation and you get Tongue in Cheek – SABC 3’s new talk show. Nothing is off limits!

  • Janez hits the small screen with new show The Man Cave!
    13 Aug 2014 13:09 (2 replies)

    Janez with co-host Lunga Shabalala, have given SA a new show about all things men love. They say women should tune in too though to see what makes men tick!

  • Siv Ngesi, Boity Thulo talk Strictly Come Dancing
    29 Jul 2014 14:50 (2 replies)

    Siv Ngesi talks about the gruelling Strictly Come Dancing schedule and what does Boity think about falling on the dancefloor? I caught up with them both.

  • Lalla, DJ Fresh, Khanyi, Refilwe and more all turn up for etv's Winter Reveal!
    16 Jul 2014 16:10 (1 replies)

    I caught up with some of the stars from etv's winter show line-up to chat about their gigs. Plus, I reveal what happened with DJ Fresh and Survivor SA!!

  • Celebs turn out for AugustineGOLD's bold statement!
    2 Jul 2014 15:08 (2 replies)

    Augustine and Gold Street Society wow with their new fashion collaboration. I ran into a few celebs at the launch and CEO of 4ElementsMedia Lorinda Voges. I also chatted to Zuraida...

  • Mzansi Love 3 premieres tonight!!!
    24 Jun 2014 14:50 (1 replies)

    I got a first look at the new season of Mzansi Love at an luncheon recently and discovered that Khanyi Mbau was supposed to be on Season 3 of Survivor.

  • The YOU Spectacular 2014
    10 Jun 2014 14:04 (2 replies)

    Amanda takes on The YOU Spectacular - I chat to Jeannie D, Shashi Naidoo, Nico Panagio, Tamara Dey, Anne Hirsch and Melinda Bam!!

  • Survivor SA: Graham, you biscuit!!!
    26 May 2014 15:14 (4 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen wraps the fifth season of Survivor SA with goss and pics of what happened during (and after!) Graham's win on Sunday (18th).

  • Survivor SA: And then there were 3 ...
    13 May 2014 00:00 (3 replies)

    Who should win Survivor SA? Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives her take on who should take the title in the build-up to the finale, coming up Sunday (18 May).

  • Convo with Survivor SA's blindsided Zavion
    13 May 2014 00:00 (1 replies)

    Wedding planner Zavion Kotze was on the receiving end of the biggest blindside of the season on Survivor SA. We catch-up with him. He reveals his feelings.

  • Survivor SA: Was that the million rand move?
    12 May 2014 00:00 (2 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen puts the spotlight on Sivu's master move in Survivor SA, Episode 16. Also, a close-up on the Top 3 and why they deserve to be there.

  • 'I played a clever game,' - Survivor SA's Shane
    6 May 2014 00:00 (0 replies)

    We chat to Survivor SA's Shane Hattingh who proclaims himself to be one of the best players of Season 5. Despite not playing two idols, he seems to genuinely believe it.

  • Survivor SA: It's all about family
    6 May 2014 00:00 (3 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives us an evocative account of what it feels like to get a family visit on Survivor. Includes Amanda's take on the snuffing of Altaaf.

  • Survivor SA: Shame, poor Shane. NOT.
    22 Apr 2014 00:00 (4 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen writes to us from Bali. She gives her take on the past two episodes of Survivor SA - which culminated in the snuffing of diabolical Shane.

  • An interview with Survivor SA's biggest villain
    10 Apr 2014 00:00 (1 replies)

    Survivor SA's Marian De Vos has been Survivor SA's biggest villain. She chats to former Survivor Amanda Hoosen about her title and her love for Russell Hantz.

  • Survivor SA: Homeboy's GOOD at the game!
    9 Apr 2014 00:00 (2 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives Shane a shoutout for his strategy. Also, Graham scores a nod for his new dark side while Altaaf gets a "Huh!?" The latest on Survivor ...

  • Survivor SA: The wrap you need to read
    2 Apr 2014 00:00 (7 replies)

    "WHO gets hammers, machetes, malles and..wait for it..a WHEELBARROW on Survivor?!!" Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives her take on the past two episodes of Survivor SA.

  • Interview: to steal or not to steal on Survivor?
    1 Apr 2014 00:00 (0 replies)

    Is it okay to steal on Survivor? Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen interviews eliminated Survivor SA contestant Gena Alkana about thieving and lying on the show.

  • Amanda's Take on ... Survivor SA - Episode 9
    20 Mar 2014 00:00 (2 replies)

    Stephen's paranoia bites him in the butt, contestants wear too many outfits and David gets the Oscar for Best Actor. Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen reviews the latest on Surviv...

  • Survivor SA: Sit back, relax and get voted out!
    12 Mar 2014 00:00 (5 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen reviews this week's Survivor SA and awards Marian the Oscar for Best Actress. Also, Sivu causes concern and Sonnette sparks fury.

  • Welcome to Survivor Bru!
    6 Mar 2014 00:00 (3 replies)

    A shoutout for David, new tribes and a stolen idol. Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives her take on this week's Survivor SA. (Includes more juicy Amanda insights.)

  • Survivor: No sugarcane is sweet at both ends!
    25 Feb 2014 00:00 (3 replies)

    "In all the seasons of Survivor South Africa, I have NEVER seen castaways eat so much!!" Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen rants about the latest episode (and perves Jonty).

  • Survivor: Winners don't quit, quitters don't win
    19 Feb 2014 00:00 (7 replies)

    Arrogant Zan gets a boo and Marian gets a standing ovation. Survivor alumnus Amanda Hoosen gives her take on this week's Survivor SA. (Includes the scoop on the show's au...

  • Amanda's take on Survivor SA ... Episode 4
    11 Feb 2014 00:00 (2 replies)

    Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives Selatan a "whoop!" for winning immunity and gives us juicy insights into what life is like for the Survivors at this moment on the sho...

  • Survivor SA: How NOT to play the game
    6 Feb 2014 00:00 (3 replies)

    Zavion breaks another sacred Survivor rule, Zan and Sivu need a smack and Marsha gets torched. Former Survivor Amanda Hoosen gives her take on Survivor SA.

  • NEW! Former Survivor blogs Season 5
    27 Jan 2014 00:00 (5 replies)

    How does a former Survivor feel about the new season of Survivor SA: Champions? Survivor Malaysia's Amanda Hoosen gives her take in her new TVSA blog.

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Amanda Hoosen was in
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