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Written by AmandaHoosen from the blog Amandas Take On ... on 20 Mar 2014
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Another Survivor Champions episode, another food reward. Instead of yelling at the TV this time, I actually stared, blankly at the screen.

I am so perplexed by the nature of some of the conversations these contestants have. In this episode, one tribe was having breakfast (grilled fish skewers) and speculating how awesome dinner was going to be because the upcoming food reward was probably going to be a braai. Breakfast? Dinner? The season 5 picnic continues.

Not only are these contestants winning food, they’re also winning showers and parties now!! Episode 9’s reward was a fresh water shower, a pool party and a typical “South African Braai”. I’ve never (*claps twice*). Maybe next week they can win a sauna and get their laundry done while they sip cocktails, get massages and eat a 4-course tasting menu served by Wolfgang Puck. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked.

When I became a contestant on Survivor, I was given a list of clothing that I was “allowed to take to the island” or at least that’s what I was told (sneaky production!). So I packed a normal suitcase with items for before and after the island, but all the clothing items on the list for the island went into a black dustbin bag.

The list included items such as a pair of pants, one pair of socks, one top, one swimsuit etc …We were not allowed any toiletries but if one needed any kind of medication or “girly” products for the ladies, then that was allowed but in a ziplock bag.

So when we arrived on the island, we were all under the impression that we would get to take our black dustbin bag of clothing with us when the game commenced. WRONG!! That was a trick!! Linda, listen to me!! We LITERALLY, had the clothes on our back from the first challenge.

So speaking of laundry, it is once again confusing to me that these contestants each have a sprawling wardrobe. I think Zan had at least 3 pairs of shorts right? These guys seriously have it gooooooood!

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I loved the challenges in this episode. The reward challenge was similar to a challenge that we had in season 2 and Utara did a great job communicating with the visiting sports correspondent. Selatan’s disappointment was palpable but quite frankly, with all the food that they have had in these first 16 days, my sympathies have worn thin.

Subsequently, the tricky immunity challenge had Utara once again marching off to tribal council. Unfortunately, my suspicion that Stephen’s paranoia would eventually become a liability to his game was confirmed.

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I actually really enjoyed Stephen as a player however, Marian did a great job of convincing Shane that from a long-term strategic perspective, voting Stephen off was the most sensible option.

In my view, there are 3 positions to be voted off at that are the most gut-wrenching. Being the first voted out, being voted out just before the merge, and where I was voted out - on the last day, coming 3rd as the last member of the jury. IT SUCKS.

The only thing worse than that is being voted out in any one of these positions and being blindsided during it all. Poor Stephen, he did not see that short left coming. Shem.

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Let’s talk more about Best Actress. Marian is playing the most incredible game of Survivor! Yes she is sneaky and does play with a moral barometer that is cutthroat and questionable, but that’s the nature of the game.

She embraces that aspect while Stephen on the other hand wanted to benefit from it but shy away from his involvement with it. Marian did not take too kindly to that approach.

Looking at this from a social perspective, Stephen was clearly the dude who was involved with the crime but wanted someone else to take the fall in order to make himself look and probably feel better. If you don’t own your actions and take responsibility for your participation, your community will ultimately brand you as a coward. That will get you voted out quickly!

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I was not planning on handing out a Best Actor award this blog however, can we all have a moment of silence for David?? Well done dude! I called him unpredictable from day one and boy was I right. You just never know which trick this guy is going to pull out of the hat next! It’s remarkable that David has made it this far and in a way I am proud of him :) I know………….cheesy.

In fact, the entire tribe not only blindsided Stephen properly, they were lying their asses off to Nico in the process! I love how they all kept a straight face and just played along. It was quite brilliant actually.

Day 18 was one of my favorite days – the merge! It cements one of the mini-goals that contestants set for themselves from day one and it also keeps your motivation up. It’s a comforting reminder that ANYBODY can win this thing!

Now that it’s an individual game, Zavion and Solly should be extremely worried. The first day of the merge is typically the day that everyone looks around and wonders who is too strong for me to beat in the next group of challenges?

This is where all those beautiful performances in the reward and immunity challenges leading up to the merge come back to haunt you. Obviously a strong alliance could be the saving grace. I have a feeling that Solly has a stronger alliance than Zavion does but that’s just a hunch.

Sivu still continues to straddle no-man’s land while Vel, Moyra and Buhle have really been non-factors up to this point. Absolutely nothing wrong with flying under the radar and riding that jet all the way to the merge. Keep flying guys ...

I know how hard this crazy game is so I acknowledge all of you brave souls who have made it this far. Getting to the merge really is such a huge accomplishment and it is NOT easy. Congrats you guys and GOOD LUCK!! May the best Survivor outwit, outlast and outplay them all :).

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20 Mar 2014 18:57

As ruthless as she is; I cannot help but love Marian! She's the Parvati of Survivor SA and is playing a very good strategic game. I just hope all her scheming won't come back to haunt her (although she has only screwed over people that aren't in the jury, so far).

22 Mar 2014 14:54

Shem poor Stephen. He didn't even say goodbye. Just walked off. How com Zavion's hair looks like he's got a hairstylist? It's always lo surely it should be longer and unmanageable by now?!

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