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Written by AmandaHoosen from the blog Amandas Take On ... on 11 Feb 2014
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Selatan wins immunity!

After losing the last two immunity challenges to Utara, I must say that I found myself cheering Selatan on. They needed a boost!

The nice thing about competing in an immunity challenge as a tribe is that it is almost a “mini break” from playing the game. Nobody wants to go home so therefore in that moment, each tribe mate has the same goal - to win. It is amazing how having that unified objective as a group can bring such elation to the entire tribe no matter what is going on back at camp. I loved that about Survivor!

Survivor SA (at least for my season) has, for the most part, a 2 day cycle i.e. reward challenge today, immunity challenge & tribal council tomorrow. The challenges and tribal are exciting times on the island because it gives you something to do!

What is extremely difficult to capture on film for the audience is all the hours in-between: the boredom, the starvation, the headache inducing endless strategizing, the paranoia, missing loved ones who are not there to comfort you and the harsh weather conditions.

Going through that for basically one month as I did is practically impossible to try to aptly describe to someone who has not experienced it. Throw on top of all these conditions the agony of losing challenges and it can absolutely stir up emotions that you would normally not display in the real world.

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Enter Sivu - I could so relate to him when he was abnormally tearful after Mark reprimanded him as if he was a father disciplining a child. I found Mark’s approach to be condescending, uninspiring and belittling. It was also hypocritical.

When Sonette had a similar speech the previous week, Mark didn’t call her a spoilt brat for saying that she felt under-utilized. In fact I believe he apologized? Again, and I know I am starting to sound like a stuck record, but this coaching thing is not working for me. How can you play to win when Papa Fish calls all the shots? Cannot imagine how frustrated I would be in that situation!

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Moving along ... I cannot complete this week’s blog without discussing our favorite couple - Shona and David. Where do I begin? It is hard for me to focus on Shona’s threat to out the idol if David did not show it to her. Why? Because I have this absolutely horrific visual of the immunity idol swaddled in David’s underwear engraved in my head. Shona did not even flinch when she took the idol from him to examine its authenticity. She called it beautiful and then high-fived him. I can’t ....

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I have to say this and get it out the way. Zan - you’re even more annoying this week than you were last week. Also please note that you are not Trevor Noah. So quit stealing his Indian jokes because in this setting, SO NOT FUNNY.

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Now whilst I totally understand why Killarney was gunning to get rid of Zan, I also wanted to shake her at the same time because her reasons were emotional and not strategic. The moment you start playing this game with your heart and not your head, you are doomed.

Even if she had voted for Sonette, she lost Sivu’s support as he picked a side by voting her out. Unfortunately for Killarney, she scurried from person to person discussing her distaste for Zan, who she incidentally was in an alliance with, and that just makes you the girl who gossips. In a social setting, who trusts the girl that gossips? No BAW dee.

I did a little bit of research on the internet and learned from an interview that Killarney has only ever watched one or two episodes of Survivor ... like ever. To all the brave souls out there who want to be on this show, my advice (to use or lose) - WATCH THE SHOW!! Watch at least 5 seasons of the US version and at least 2 seasons of the SA version.

I am not saying that you cannot win if you haven’t watched a substantial number of seasons but going in clueless drastically reduces your chances ... for sure.

After watching this episode, I was trying to decide if I had any other early predictions that I was prepared to bet on. Besides declaring that I am confident that Zavion won’t win, I have nothing else. However, there is a friendship that has intrigued me because I feel as though it could potentially become important to how this game plays out. Solly and Buhle.

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I love how they communicate with each other and I got the feeling that they are two sensible players. Can’t wait to see if these two influence the game as much as I think they could!

I hope you guys are enjoying my blog because it is too much fun for me! Remember to tune in on Sunday for episode 5!!!


15 Feb 2014 10:08

Gosh Zan is shockingly arrogant! If I were in Killarney's shoes I probably would have reacted the same way. Hate the team captain thing, like what's the point?! I don't trust Shona I feel like he's taking david(is that his name) for a fool. I'm enjoying this season of survivor because the contestants are normal people and not celebrities. I'm also enjoying your blog Amanda. Please keep writing.

19 Feb 2014 10:40

Thanks Dimago!! I hope you enjoy this week's blog on episode 5 :-)

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