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Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 21 Feb 2011
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First to go: Khanyi Mbau, and 21-year old Durbanite Shandir Krishna
The third season of Tropika Island of Treasure premiered on last night (20 February at 18h30) and within moments Khanyi Mbau was history.

Surprising because: she had the most to say and smacked people a lot.

Unsurprising because: if she'd stayed she would have won.

Seems beauty queens can't cope with her "assets". It was former Miss South Africa Tatum Keshwar who whacked her. One moment they were celeb gal pals "hanging out" in Thailand and oh-so-close and the next Tatum was dishing her verdict that Khanyi had to go.


The season started with an introduction to the celebrity players and pleb/fans competing with them. Last season the fans competed alongside a celeb to share R1 million. This season everyone's competing solo against one another so there's no sharing of the cash.

In between the introductions, they did their first task which involved beating each other up using Muay Thai. Host DJ Fresh wore tattoos for pants, Khanyi went berserk, JR sunk his teeth into a fans' butt and Tatum won.

As winner she had to choose who stayed and who left: not a good strategic position to be in at the start - which, in true beauty queen style, she only realised after she'd won.

Everyone then had to tell her why she had to keep them in the game, while she wore a weird immunity idol-type crown thing.

Khanyi said that she didn't want to plead to stay, punk Snotkop told Tatum that he wanted an alliance with her and Tatum told fan Thandi Steenkamp that she found her stand-offish:

Tatum: Do I intimidate you?
Thandi: Yes:

Tatum: Why?
Thandi: Because you're just always so composed.

Tatum: I know, but I tried to befriend you. You're a bit stand-offish.
Thandi: *nervous laugh* No I'm not.
Tatum: Okay, well, good luck for tonight.

This didn't jeopardise Thandi's position though because it was 21-year old Durbanite Shandir Krishna who got eliminated instead.

After hearing their testimonials Tatum was told that she had to get rid of two contenders instead of one: a celeb/pleb combo. She chose Shandir for no apparent reason, and then Khanyi because of you know why already.

Which leaves 12 competitors. One will be a millionaire. Will the moolah change them? Will the schlebs reveal sides of themselves we haven't seen? We know what Khanyi will do for big boobs bucks. What will everyone else do?

Here's more about each of them:

Bonang Matheba

Age: 23
From: Johannesburg
Occupation: TV presenter and DJ
Known for: Bonang is best known for co-hosting the Friday night music show LIVE, on SABC1. She is also a DJ on YFM and has her own handbag range called Baby Star.

TVSA Profile: Bonang Matheba

Dionne Song

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Singer and actress
Known for: Dionne is best known for her role as Beyoncé Mbuli on the M-Net sitcom The Coconuts, in 2008. She received a SAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for the role. In 2008 she joined the deep soul group Jenerik Soulz.

TVSA Profile: Dionne Song
Carmel Fisher


Age: Unknown
Occupation: Rapper and hip artist
Known for: JR is best known for his track Show Dem (Make The Circle Bigger). He garnered over 100,000 views of his latest music video in 4 weeks. He is also known by the stage name Motswako Sexy - JR.

TVSA Profile: JR
Hykie Berg

Khanyisile Mbau (Eliminated)

Age: 25
Occupation: Actress and socialite
Known for: Khanyi is best known for her roles as the second Doobsie in the SABC2 soapie Muvhango (2004-2005); and as Mbali in the SABC1 soapie Mzansi.She was fired from both roles. She is also well-known for her relationships with older, rich men.

TVSA Profile: Khanyisile Mbau

Loyiso Gola

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Comedian
Known for: Loysio is best known for his roles on the television comedy talk shows Phat Joe Live, Pure Monate Show and Dinner with the President. Most recently is well known for hosting the satirical news show Late Nite News, on

TVSA Profile: Loyiso Gola


Age: Unknown
Occupation: Pop-rock punk artist
Known for: Snotkop was nominated for a 2009 SAMA in the category Best Afrikaans DVD. He is also known for his "Prince" tendencies, referring to himself as "the artist formerly known Lekgoa."

TVSA Profile:
Philicity Reeken

Tatum Keshwar

Age: 28
Occupation: Model and TV presenter
Known for: Tatum is best known for winning the Miss South Africa 2008 pageant when she was crowned on 15 December, 2008. She is also known for presenting on the magazine show Top Billing.

TVSA Profile: Tatum Keshwar
Tatum Keshwar

Allan Whitaker

Age: 31
From: East London
Occupation: Rhinoceros (according to Khanyi Mbau)
What you need to know: Allan Whitaker has lived in the leafy suburb of Greenfields, East London, for most of his life. His favourite things about East London are the laid back attitude of the locals, beaches and beautiful ladies. In his spare time he is an avid poker player.

TVSA Profile: Allan Whitaker
Alison de Chazal

Andile Mkhwanazi

Age: 26
From: Johannesburg
Occupation: Social Buyer
What you need to know:
Andile has lived in Randburg for the past two years. He loves bike riding and reading. If he had to invent one word to describe his personality it would be "Mr-anything-goes". If he had a superpower he would love to mind-read.

TVSA Profile: Andile Mkhwanazi
Harry Wiggins

Cheralee Dearlove

Age: 20
From: Johannesburg
Occupation: Biokineticist
What you need to know:
Cheralee has lived in Springs her whole life and loves the nightlife and the rush of the everyday life of the big city. She also loves painting, designing, reading and dancing. She uses the term "Crazilicious" to describe herself.

TVSA Profile: Cheralee Dearlove
Letshego Moshoeu

Clayton Morar

Age: 26
From: Cape Town
Occupation: Entertainment journalist.
What you need to know:
Clayton has been living in Cape Town for over four years. Originally from Port Elizabeth, he moved to Cape Town in October 2006 to pursue a job at a magazine. He also has his own website:

TVSA Profile: Clayton Morar
Lukhanyo Nontshinga

Latoya Ragebult

Age: 20
From: Johannesburg
Occupation: Freelance photographer
What you need to know: Latoya Ragebult has been living in Johannesburg for almost a year in the vibey Braamfontein area. Her favourite pastimes are watching movies and spending time with her friends. If Latoya had to invent a word to describe her personality, it would be "Fabutelligent".

TVSA Profile: Latoya Ragebult
Malusi Mbambo

Shandir Krishna (Eliminated)

Age: 21
From: Durban
Occupation: Assistant at a muscle and fitness gym.
What you need to know:
Shandir has lived in Durban his whole life. Now residing in Montford, Chatsworth, Shandir loves the atmosphere and people. In his spare time he enjoys playing games, hanging out with friends and going places. If Shandir had a superpower it would be the ability to control people's minds.

TVSA Profile: Shandir Krishna
Sean September

Thandi Steenkamp

Age: 23
From: Kimberley
Occupation: Bar Lady
What you need to know: Thandi has been living in Cape Town since 2008, however she loves going back to Kimberly for holidays. Her favourite pastime depends on her mood, the weather and who she is with.Thandi uses the term "Chapampa" to describe herself.

TVSA Profile: Thandi Steenkamp
Simon Coetzer

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21 Feb 2011 07:44

Ofcourse in another country, we would only exepct that the celebrities must play for charity but mo mzanzi mo its understandable that they play for themselves shem. 
Speaking of which i cant wait for celebrity apperentice 3, its gonna be hott!

I didnt get to watch the previous seasons, will try to follow this one. ........ when im not watching smallville.

Savanah Dry
21 Feb 2011 08:25

now how entertaining will this be if they vote off the queen of bling?

Thts what i thought too Not so sure about the entertainment value now... I only watched coz i wanted to see her in action... I lolled when she said these are fake ( Boobs )my nails are too long sooo....

21 Feb 2011 08:31

I am not gonna watch it again . Hw can they oust Mbau ? She bought entertainment to the boring show

21 Feb 2011 08:33

Tatum is a tv presenter? Which show does she present?

21 Feb 2011 09:29

top billing TL?

21 Feb 2011 12:16

willl watch the show so haappy that khanyi is out, she will never be an  entertaiment in my eyes, she disgust me to the core, now it's time to watch real entertainers fighting for the cash.

heheh she had a decency to say..i dont beg heheheh who the f.... does this brat think she is?

21 Feb 2011 12:21

Thanx Cande. Iyaqoqa iTop Billing.

21 Feb 2011 12:43

willl watch the show so haappy that khanyi is out, she will never be an entertaiment in my eyes, she disgust me to the core, now it's time to watch real entertainers fighting for the cash.
I was so happy to see Khanyi go lol....that was funny :-)  

Makisto you are right the show is too rushed and that made it even harder for me to understand their tasks .  Great show though !!!!

Host DJ Fresh wore tattoo's for pants, 
hahahaha same thing my mother said !

21 Feb 2011 12:49

NX i missed...

22 Feb 2011 09:24


Sbu says they are playing the episodes of last season that were cut off because of the World Cup.

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