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Bonang Matheba


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Birth Date: Thursday, June 25, 1987
Gender: Female

Actor Biography

Bonang Matheba is a South African television presenter and radio DJ best known for co-hosting the SABC1 Friday night music show Live, from 2007-2012.

She was the co-host (with Tbo Touch) of the 9th Annual Metro FM Awards, in November 2008.

Bonang was a Digital Host for the 16th Annual South African Music Awards (SAMAs), which were held in Sun City on Saturday 17 April, 2010.

In 2011 she was a contestant on the e.tv reality competition Tropika Island of Treasure 3, and the co-host (with Phat Joe) of the 17th Annual South African Music Awards.

In August 2012 she left Live and hosted her final episode on Friday, 31 August 2012.

She was due to return to television in November 2012 as host of the SABC1 lifestyle show The Link but was replaced at the last minute by Lerato Kganyago after accepting a contract to host the reality competition Clash of the Choirs on rival broadcaster Mzansi Magic.

In 2014 she was the Red Carpet Host at the 8th Annual South African Film and Television Awards.

Q&A with Bonang Matheba

Bonz; Boni; Bo

A bit of background on your TV career
Started presenting at the tender age of 15 on a show called Manhattan’s Fantasy Challenge which was then preceded by the Reggies Rush and School TV and lately the Illovo Sweet Surprise. All my shows have been on SABC 2 and I have catered mainly to the “tweenies”. I’ve appeared on a coupla adverts and a Discovery Channel Documentary called Scout’s Safari. Currently doing plenty of voice-overs (Lilizela Mlillizeli).

Pet Hate
I hate people who don’t think… I’m also very, very impatient.

Favourite food
Bogobe ba Mabele.

Favourite form of relaxation
At home… with a whole lotta junk food watching repeats of Jika Majika, Generations and Jam Alley.

Favourite Tourism destination
The best place I’ve ever been to is the Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. I’d love to go to Dubai and Hong Kong (to do some serious shopping).

Favourite hangout
Definitely Sandton City…I’m there almost 4 times a week!!!

Favourite Movie
Oceans 11, 12 and 13.

Favourite TV programme
City Ses’La.

Favourite actress - Local
Love Thuli Thabethe on City Ses’la.

Favourite actor - International
George Clooney.

Favourite music
Afro-Jazz, R&B, hip hop.

Favourite person
My mother!!!

Best advice you received
Never apologise for doing what you love!!

Your source of inspiration
My mother and my boyfriend.

How do you keep in shape?
I go to parties and dance off the junk food!!!

Favourite drink
Grapetizer / Passion fruit and lemonade.

How did you get into presenting?
It’s been my passion since I was really young. I decided to do something about it when I was 15 and I attended a TV presenting course and I guess the rest is history.

The best thing about being a presenter?
Meeting wonderful people and travelling!!!!

Favourite item of clothing
Right now… it’s skinny jeans!!!

Three words to describe yourself
Loud, social and generous.

What qualities do you admire most in a person?

You'd never forgive a friend who...
...betrays me.

The person you SMS the most is...
...my boyfriend.

The one thing that your life would be meaningless without
My parents.

What's the most extravagant thing that you've bought?
Very expensive handbag from Guess… bought for Christmas 2005… let’s just say, it’s the GDP of a small country!!!

On what do you enjoy spending your money?
Clothes and entertainment.

Do you cook well?
Eggs… rice… no, I can’t cook to save my life!!! I can take you to Chicken Licken though??

Who had the most influence on you as a child?
My mother… I’ve spent most of my life with her.

What was the hardest lesson you've learnt?
When my parents divorced, I had to learn, at a very young age that they’d never be together ever again.

Your hobbies
Shopping, partying, travelling and entertaining.

Most memorable experience
Stepping into the Walt Disney World for the very first time… It was my first time in the USA… I was so overcome with emotion.

Most embarrassing experience
Lucky enough to not have had one yet… it’s probably still to come!!

Message to the youth of South Africa
The only time you should be looking down at someone is when you’re helping them up.

Your dream future for South Africa
Lower unemployment rate and lower HIV/AIDS infections.

Your personal dream for your own future
To be the best entertainer this country has ever seen without losing myself.
Character Show
Commentator - Herself 10 Over 10 - Season 1
Host - Herself Clash of the Choirs South Africa - Season 1
Host - Herself Clash of the Choirs South Africa - Season 2
Herself Glambition - Season 1
Seipati Intersexions - Season 2
Host - Herself Live - Season 7
Host - Herself Live - Season 8
Host - Herself Live - Season 9
Host - Herself Live - Season 10
Host - Herself Live - Season 11
Host - Herself Live - Season 12
Host - Herself Live - Season 13
Judge - Herself Miss South Africa - Season 57
Host - Herself The Channel O Music Video Awards - Season 9
Herself The Close Up - Season 3
Host - Herself The Metro FM Music Awards - Season 9
Red Carpet Host - Herself The South African Film and Television Awards - Season 8
Digital Host - Herself The South African Music Awards - Season 16
Host - Herself The South African Music Awards - Season 17
Herself Tropika Island of Treasure - Season 3
Herself Zaziwa - Season 1
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