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  • Kelly's Secret Life As A Trump Bitch
    29 Jun 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    How much time did The Apprentice II winner Kelly actually spend working in his winning job at Trump Place? As far as I can see he didn't go near the place.
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  • Kelly Wimps The Apprentice II
    23 Jun 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    In the Season finale of The Apprentice II Kelly Perdew and Jennifer Massey each pulled off their their final event and Donald Trump unsurprisingly hired Kelly.
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  • Frak The Trump, Kev And Sandy
    19 Jun 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    Donald Trump threw his name away in the penultimate episode of The Apprentice II when he incredibly chose to keep Jenn for the Finale and fired Kevin and Sandy.
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  • Ivana Stripped Of The Final Four
    9 Jun 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    In a final team task before the Apprenti go solo in their fight to the end, Apex were pussy-whipped by a Sandy and Jenn sisterhood and Ivana got fired.
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  • The Apprentice II Mid-Season Awards
    2 Jun 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    Whats been the most rubbish moment of the show so far? Whos the biggest ass-kisser? Whos the worst dressed of them all? A mid-season award ceremony wrap-up.
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  • It's Way Past Andy's Bedtime
    26 May 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    After dumping Jenn on Mosaic, Apex raced Lamborghinis while Andy stuffed himself with Pepsi gas, lied about Sandy and led Mosaic to a humiliating defeat.
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  • Wes And Maria Cracked By Double Whammy
    20 May 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    Apex butt-kicked Mosaic into oblivion and Donald was forced to fire both Wes and Maria when Wes couldn't control Maria who turned into a stark raving loon.
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  • Are Diamonds A Girls Best Friend?
    12 May 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    Unable to get into the spirit of weddings, Apex got trampled, Chris very deservedly got fired and Mosaic won $50 000 worth of diamonds which Melania dished out.
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  • Raj Proves He Can't Do A Job
    5 May 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    After leading Apex to demolition in a real estate task he should have waxed, Raj propositioned one chick too many and got himself fired instead of Ivana.
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  • Planet Elizabeth Gets Nuked
    28 Apr 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    The NYPD made an appeal for new recruits while Elizabeth got blitzed outside the boardroom when she had no clue what was going on nor any desire to know.
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  • Stacy Y's Nasty Streak Bites Her Back
    21 Apr 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    Despite Wes leading Team Mosaic to the ultimate in loserdom, Stacy thankfully got fired instead - after being more horrible than ever. Which was impossible.
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  • John Chokes On Indecision
    14 Apr 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    In his first properly wise decision of the season so far The Don fired John for knowing zilch about fashion and for listening to everyone except himself.
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  • Terrified Trump Escapes Pamela
    7 Apr 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    After using Pamela to put the members of Apex in their place, Trump turned on both her and George, muttering she'd been wrong about everything as he fired her.
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  • Frigid Apex Spits Out Jenn C.
    30 Mar 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    The two old bats in the restaurant couldn't have been more right - every uptight woman in Apex needs to get shot off their broomsticks by a huge, well-hung man.
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  • Stacie J.'s Brutal Burning At The Stake
    27 Mar 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    The latest showdown in The Apprentice proved exactly why it's a very bad idea to go into battle with women only. The way Apex played The Don was unbelievable!
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