Single Guyz

Genres: Comedy
Broadcast on: SABC1, SABC2



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SEASON 1 | 2

Episode 1

The first episode of this sitcom which follows three best friends looking for love in the Age of Facebook. This week, Khaya's dream of opening an African-themed DVD store is realised. But when your employees are also your best friends the dream can become a nightmare...

Episode 2

The Laws of the Universe seem to be broken when a super-hot girl seems interested in the nerdy Khaya. Taps and Zanele add their haplesss support but get distracted when their own girls give them attention.

Episode 3

The guys are trying to boost sales at the DVD store. Taps and Zan make an ad for the store but clash over whether to maintain their "artistic integrity"... or use the opportunity to get girls. Meanwhile, Khaya holds a cinema quiz evening where only one person shows up: the most boring man in the world.

Episode 4

Kwezi is furious with Taps for being a bad boyfriend – even though they've been broken up for three years! Zan is forced to take Khaya on a double date, instead of Taps...

Episode 5

Kwezi tries to prove that Khaya and Taps are sick but Kwezi is determined to prove it's just "man flu". Meanwhile, Zan desperately tries to have a normal day in charge of the DVD store.

Episode 6

Khaya rehearses for an audition with Lerato but doesn't pick up on the romantic subtext instead he flashes back to his notorious meltdown when he was a child star. Meanwhile, the arrogant Taps must make himself look bad in front of a girl to get her to like Zan instead.

Episode 7

Khaya prepares a quiet home-cooked romantic dinner for Lerato but has to rely on Taps and Zan's non-existent domestic skills. The night quickly deteriorates into disaster.

Episode 8

Kwezi comes to stay for a few nights and the guys are turned to jelly by the idea of a girl in their house at night in pajamas. They form a pact not to make any moves on her – but secretly start breaking it...

Episode 9

Khaya's shady dad comes back from jail and messes up Khaya's well-ordered life. Khaya has to stand up to his dad or have his store ruined by his dad's shenanigans.

Episode 10

Taps tries to prove his manhood after he's turned down as a sperm donor. Lerato and Khaya's "Love Bubble" pops and Zan tries to help re-inflate it.

Episode 11

Zan has to break up with his Facebook girlfriend via SMS but gets writer's block. Khaya finds himself jealous of Kwezi's new girlfriend and goes out of his way to see them together.

Episode 12

Khaya is followed by the new local bully and tries to stand up to him. Zanele is stalked by a woman that has travelled across the country to be with him.

Episode 13

A game of Crazy 8's on Zanele's birthday threatens to tear apart the gang when things get more than just a little heated.


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