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South African channels

kykNET : 03 Oct 2022 - (ongoing)
kykNET & kie : 14 Nov 2023 - (ongoing)

About the Show

Diepe Waters (Deep Waters) is a South African, Afrikaans-language telenovela which takes place in and around a competitive swimming club, Die Swartmarlyne (the Black Marlins), owned by Gys Swarts.

The Swartmarlyne swimming club is a family business in which both Gys' sons, Rossouw and Jacques, are involved.

To increase the tension, Gys' grandchildren, Karla and Johan, also swim for the Swartmarlyne's swimming team.

Karla is a young teenager struggling with the daily pressure of being a champion.

It's not without merit either, since her mother, Sanet, believes she can win a scholarship overseas and never expects anything less than perfection from Karla.

Johan, on the other hand, yearns for his Grandpa Gys's approval, but is just never as good as Karla.

Rossouw and Sanet seem like a happy couple on the surface, but when their past walks through the door, their lives are unexpectedly turned upside down.

Jacques, who still lives on Gys's property, is the smouldering coach for whose attention all the swimming moms and aqua aerobics aunties fight.

But at heart he is a soft teddy bear who more than one person can relate to about their daily hurdles.

It is against the background of this swimming club that we get to know several families who will do everything in their power to keep their heads above water, whilst hoping that their secrets will sink into deep waters.

However... Zelda Joubert, the owner of the beauty salon Skinvestment, cannot stand Gys.

This longtime disapproval of the man gives Zelda a new bounce in her step when she realises that she should rather keep her enemies as close to her as possible.

The fact that the apple of Zelda's eye, Meghan, is not even her own blood makes it very difficult for Pam, her daughter, to rise above Zelda's high standards.

Liewe Lettie (Dear Lettie) runs her own successful café and it's here where the characters find solace for their souls, not only in Lettie's freshly baked goods, but also on her shoulder.

Henry takes on the role of the new caretaker at the club and his adopted son, Tshepo, is a major threat to Johan and his reputation.

When Nina de Wet and her parents, Wim and Rose, form part of the Swartmarlyne swimming club, Karla's heart feels lighter.

The two quickly become bosom buddies and both finally have someone with whom they can share their heart's secrets.

In this community it is easy to feel like a fish out of water and the characters quickly realise that their dirty laundry cannot be easily washed clean with water.

Everyone stands the chance of being exposed for who they really are.

The series stars Justin Strydom, Sandi Schultz, Nadia Valvekens, Altus Theart, Reandi Grey, Lea Vivier, Werner Coetser, Lizz Meiring, Neels van Jaarsveld, Eloise Cupido, Tracey-lee Oliver, Danielle Swanepoel, Liam Bosman, Reze-Tiana Wessels, Stiaan Bruwer, Johnny Potsanyane and Stephanie Baartman.

Diepe Waters is created and produced by Penguin Films, inspired by an idea of Neil McCarthy.

The executive producers are Nomsa Philiso, Waldimar Pelser, Nicola van Niekerk and Lucia Meyer-Marais.

The directors are Gert van Niekerk and André Velts.

The head writer is Hélène Truter and the assistant head writer is Sandra Vaughn, with a team of storyliners and writers including Lizé Vosloo, Tristram Atkins, Margaret Goldsmid and Meesha Aboo.

The theme music is by Elben Schutte..


Gys Swarts

Zelda Joubert

Sanet Swarts

Rossouw Swarts


Meghan Swarts

Jacques Swarts

Auntie Bybie Bekker

Wim de Wet

Rose de Wet

Henry Jacobus Puddu

Lettie Adonis


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