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REALITY LOW Blowing It turns out profitable for former Kaizer Chiefs footballer Junior Khanye who's scored himself his own Mzansi Wethu show Fixing the Game after featuring on I Blew It. Follows him as he makes a "comeback" as an author, entrepreneur, owner of a football academy and football analyst. Premieres Thursday 11 July at 18h30.
Comments | 10 Apr 2024 16:32
REALITY LOW The Kar'trashians invade BBC Lifestyle on 12 June at 20h00 in House of Kardashian, a three part series focusing on Kris, Kim and Kylie. Described as "confounding expectations and what we think about the Kardashians." Yeah, it's gonna take a LOT to do that. Not possible actually.
Comments | 10 Apr 2024 14:49
REALITY LOW Big Brother Mzansi housemate and former Idols contestant Liyema "Liema" Phantsi leaves her fans in the lurch two weeks before Season 4 finale. She chose to be evicted on Monday 18 March when she was offered R250,000 to go after selecting the one-off red ball instead of the blues. Seven remain for the R2-million.
Comments | 20 Mar 2024 11:32
REALITY LOW "I'm With Your Ex" returns to Mzansi Magic on Sunday 5 May at 19h30 for more sordid confessionals. Eugene Khoza pokes his nose into other people's business by accompanying them as they tell their family member or friend "I'm With Your Ex". Nice.
Comments | 19 Mar 2024 15:06
REALITY LOW Is Relative Justice judge Rhonda Wills a judge in real life? We initially thought yes, but turns out NO. She's an attorney who has her own law firm in Houston so being a judge on the show is a reali-role. Premieres on CBS Reality, 18 March at 18h25.
Comments | 19 Feb 2024 11:02
REALITY LOW Katy Perry tells Jimmy Kimmel that upcoming season of American Idol will be her last as judge. Claims she's leaving because "I want to see the world". We'll believe it when we see it. American Idol = a Stephen King horror. Sometimes They Come Back.
Comments | 13 Feb 2024 13:01
REALITY LOW Naked yogi Sam Marais should have won kykNET's Die Bruuuuuug. He did a lot more than anyone else when it came to group spirit and was directly responsible for the final outcome.
Comments | 15 Jan 2024 11:31
REALITY LOW Couples to bare all in new Mzansi Magic "intimacy intervention" Vus’ Umlilo. Sexologist Dr Nomcebo Mthembu advises couples who've fallen off their passion wagons. Includes unspoken secrets, introducing fresh antics, bedroom toys and outfits, overcoming emotional disconnects. Age restriction: 18. Premieres Sunday 4 February 2024 at 21h00. >>
1 Comment | 26 Dec 2023 14:23
REALITY LOW Four dating misfits strive to be good dates in new Mzansi Magic date'athon Last Chance Love. Each one goes on four dates: with a crush, an ex, a setup by a loved one, and a blind date. They also do personal exercises in the hope of breaking their toxic dating patterns. There's a "relationship expert" too of course. Premieres Wednesday 10 January at 20h00. >>
1 Comment | 11 Dec 2023 16:33
REALITY LOW Big Brother Mzansi 4 to premiere on Mzansi Magic on 21 January 2024 at 18h00. Be afraid, be very afraid and join us in this plea to the producers: Please, PLEASE evict Lottostar and cast it with diverse, real world personalities instead of glorified sales people who are used to sell gambling and alcohol.
Comments | 05 Dec 2023 15:25
REALITY LOW Love Island USA gets double renewal from Peacock, for Seasons 6 and 7. Franchise airs on M-Net in South Africa. No sign of another season of the local version after the insulting, amateur drivel they assaulted us with in 2021.
Comments | 22 Nov 2023 15:59
REALITY LOW YouTuber and actor Moshe Ndiki becomes the latest personality to get "candid" in Life with Moshe. Follows him as he prepares for the arrival of his twin children, carried by a surrogate. According to Mzansi Magic, questions raised include: How does this form of parenting work? How will traditional lineage and ancestral connection customs play out? Premieres Sunday 28 January 2024 at 19h00.
1 Comment | 21 Nov 2023 15:04
REALITY LOW Mzansi Wethu intervenes in landlord-tenant disputes in Mastende, hosted by Single Guys star Tumi Matila aka Stopnonsons. Each episode highlights nonsons and solutions, with legal expertise and the Rental Housing Act thrown in. Produced by Tribal Media House (Seng'Khathele). Premieres Friday 3 November, 18h30.
Comments | 12 Oct 2023 12:40
REALITY LOW Are you prepared for the end of the world? People on kykNET's Gee my Krag (Give me Power) claim they are. Preppers include an inventor who's built his own power wind turbines, a professor who uses the sun to power the lives of his three generational family and a guy who hand built his 100% self-sustainable house. Premieres Thursday 5 October at 21h30.
1 Comment | 27 Sep 2023 17:07
REALITY LOW Sangomas are the new dating fodder in Mzansi Magic's Thokoza Munt’wam. 13 eps featuring three couples who want to balance their spiritual and physical worlds. The question: can their love survive their ancestral callings? Premieres Wednesday 11 October at 20h00.
Comments | 27 Sep 2023 15:22
REALITY LOW Plastic surgery reality low Botched returns to E! on Sunday 8 October at 18h10 to traumatise us with Season 8. Cases include a dog bite victim, a deformed tummy tuck and intestines on the outside of someone's body. It's like stopping at the scene of an accident.
Comments | 12 Sep 2023 12:15
REALITY LOW Bear Grylls terrifies more schlebs in new second season of Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge by spinning them in tumble dryers. Jokes. Bradley Cooper spends a night hanging from a cliff, Cynthia Erivo wrangles a freezing waterfall and Troy Kotsur rages with a river, as the first deaf guest on the show. Premieres on National Geographic, 27 September at 21h00.
Comments | 16 Aug 2023 17:51
REALITY LOW Big Brother Naija Season 8 airs on DStv 198 for the next 70 days, torturing us with 20 All Stars who think they're more deserving than the rest. Daily and weekly shows air on Africa Magic Urban in SA. Eviction shows on Sundays at 20h00 (CAT).
Comments | 24 Jul 2023 13:22
REALITY LOW 24-year-old HR professional Lebohang Raputsoe became the first Miss SA Top 12 finalist to be told she's not "good enough" to be Miss SA after a networking and photo shoot challenge on first episode of Crown Chasers. Who wants to win a networking challenge anyway? Means you're good at being fake surely? >>
1 Comment | 10 Jul 2023 12:20
REALITY LOW Seems MultiChoice agrees with us about Kalawa Jazmee's dismal track record when it comes to the Idols winners they "represent". They've been elbowed out by JR for the final season. The winner will be signed by his recording company Feel Good CSR Records.
Comments | 09 Jul 2023 12:54
REALITY LOW kykNET to debut local version of The Bridge, produced by Red Pepper Pictures, producers of Big Brother Mzansi #Uh-Oh! Contestants work together to build a bridge to an island with a hidden prize of R1-million. Only one will win it and must decide whether or not to share. Castings happened in early '23 with a call for "The Great Adventure". Starts 26 October at 20h00.
Comments | 29 Jun 2023 15:18
REALITY LOW Wow... how's this for a desperate move. The final season of Idols will air on Saturdays instead of Sundays, from 8 July, at 18h00 on Mzansi Magic - same time as The Masked Singer SA on S3 at 18h30. We'll have to suffer a double dose of Somizi within the same hour. The SABC should never have cast him!
Comments | 23 Jun 2023 11:37
REALITY LOW No, just NO. The VIA channel has its own Dr Pimple Popper and it's called Dr Etter, which literally means... pus. Dr Pus. Starts sometime this month. See New on TV Today on the day. We can't even bring ourselves to share the premiere date.
Comments | 15 Jun 2023 15:59
REALITY LOW The overexposed Mseleku family dominate more women in yet another Mzansi Magic series Izingane zeS’thembu. Focuses on Musa's children and eldest son who wants seven wives. Starts 27 June at 20h00.
Comments | 29 May 2023 17:40
REALITY LOW Below Deck Season 7 Reunion Special airs on E! on Sunday 2 July at 18h10, hosted by E!'s poster boy Andy Cohen and tired Captain Sandy Yawn. Season currently airs in the timeslot.
Comments | 29 May 2023 16:55
REALITY LOW A re-imagined Joe Schmo Show on the way next year. Another regular guy will be duped into believing he's on a reality TV show when he's actually surrounded by improvising actors. This comes hot on the heels Amazon Prime's new series Jury Duty, centred round Ronald Gladden who believes he's on jury duty in the real world when he isn't.
Comments | 19 May 2023 17:31
REALITY LOW More South African women to be Americanised on Season 3 of The Real Gold Diggers of Joziburg. Two returnees with four newcomers. This after Christall Kay, Briinnette Seopela and Gugu Khathi were involved in an alleged fisticuff in a Pretoria nightclub after Season 2. They were supposedly doing what the show wants them to do - women fighting! - and now they're gone. Premieres Friday 19 May at 20h30 on 1Magic. See comments for cast. >>
1 Comment | 21 Apr 2023 17:48
REALITY LOW The invasion of Gold Diggers continues. This time in the Cape Winelands, on kykNET. Die Real Housewives van die Wynlande premieres 20 April at 20h00 with six fame seekers: a former beauty queen, an "entrepreneur" (with hubby's money we presume), a trauma doctor turned plastic surgeon (same thing!), a fitness schmodel, a singer who switched her mic for the corporate world (someone couldn't cut it) and a housewife who's married to old money. *Shudder*. Identities to be revealed on 31 March apparently. >>
1 Comment | 23 Mar 2023 16:19
REALITY LOW Mzansi Magic launches new dating show S'jola Sonke in which three couples and 17 singles wanna hook up. The goal: throuples! Those on the show believe in having more than two people in an intimate relationship and the couples are looking to add someone to their cocktail. Premieres Sunday 9 April at 21h00.
Comments | 17 Mar 2023 16:55
REALITY LOW The Great British Bake Off Musical spin-off starts a two month run in London's West End. Features overly dramatic singers and actors pretending to be contestants, with a script of baking puns and show references for viewers who know the show. See comments for a clip >>
1 Comment | 14 Mar 2023 09:39
REALITY LOW CBS launches a Survivor companion podcast hosted by Jeff Probst, advertised as "The show's only official podcast," - obviously to outdo the other companion podcasts by former contestants (e.g. Rob Cesternino) and Survivor fans who've been doing it for years. It's titled On Fire With Jeff Probst.
1 Comment | 23 Feb 2023 12:47
REALITY LOW Big Brother Titans housemates nominated with their partners for the first eviction of the season, meaning the eviction will be unfair on one of them. Nominees are Nelisa and Yemi Cregx, Juicy Jay and Olivia, Justin and Yvonne; and Sandra and Theo Traw.
Comments | 25 Jan 2023 12:47
REALITY LOW MaCele and MaKhumalo land another spin-off to Mzansi Magic's polygamous uThando Nes'thembu. First it was relationship talker Igumbi Lamakhosikazi on SABC1 and now it's a Mzansi Wethu reality show called Ezomshado which stages interventions for married or engaged couples facing "challenges". Premieres Sunday 15 January at 21h00.
Comments | 05 Jan 2023 13:19
REALITY LOW Contestants on the UK's latest edition of Love Island will be more terrified than loved-up this season. They're filming in the schmancy Ludus Magnus villa in Franschhoek and the production's hired armed guards to ensure they don't get kidnapped. Other security measures include night vision CCTV and a police hotline (will they even answer?). Premieres in the UK on 16 January.
1 Comment | 04 Jan 2023 11:55
REALITY LOW The meaning of a recording contract on Idols suddenly changes from "The winner wins an album" to "Now they win an EP". Season 17 winner Berry's prize titled Unspoken Words was quietly released by Kalawa Jazmee last week, a year after her win, and it only has six songs on it. >>
2 Comments | 14 Nov 2022 17:25
REALITY LOW Zahara: As I Rise coming to SABC1. Zahara tells her story. How honest will she be? SABC1's channel head Thuli Nhlapo describes it like so: "We want to pull on those emotional strings and we want to remind everyone that we are human, we all make mistakes, we all are a part of a society and SABC1 is the ground where you must be free to be who you are, and we want to tell your story and not gossip."
Comments | 09 Nov 2022 12:44
REALITY LOW Nomsa Buthelezi-Shozi switches hosting Our Perfect Wedding for Mama Vs Makoti, a HONEY reality low where a man's mother and wife compete to cook his favourite meal and he chooses a winner. No, just NO. Smacks of the sexist belief that "women belong in the kitchen"!
Comments | 27 Oct 2022 15:40
REALITY LOW Big Brother Mzansi and Big Brother Naija to combine into Big Brother Titans in 2023, with Nigerian and South African housemates. Not former ones but new ones.
Comments | 22 Sep 2022 19:43
REALITY LOW The Real Gold Diggers of Pretoria premieres on kykNET on Thursday 13 October at 20h00. But wait... there's more. The Real Gold Diggers of Gqeberha. On Mzansi Magic in 2023. >>
1 Comment | 22 Sep 2022 19:26
REALITY LOW Polygamous Musa Mseleku returns to Mzansi Magic for Season 6 of uThando Nes'thembu on Thursday 6 October at 20h00, with a place set at the table for wife No. 5. See comments for artwork >>
1 Comment | 21 Sep 2022 17:54
REALITY LOW E!'s plastic surgery rescue show Botched renewed for Season 8. Premieres in 2023, date to be confirmed.
Comments | 24 Aug 2022 17:13
REALITY LOW The Bachelor SA's Lee Thompson spotted by YOU and Huisgenoot, living in a homeless shelter. Yikes! If the pic's anything to go by, he's a mess. >>
1 Comment | 19 Aug 2022 19:36
REALITY LOW The Real Gold Diggers of Pretoria heads to kykNET in October with a cast of six Botox junkies. 13 episodes in total, produced by Provoco (Seks in Afrikaans, Die Siener and Liefde Sonder Grense). Premieres 13 October at 20h00. Will be in Afrikaans.
Comments | 17 Aug 2022 11:21
REALITY LOW The Kar'trashians Season 2 premieres on Disney+ on 22 September, with fresh, new storylines. NOT. Another wedding, another baby and another boyfriend, Pete Davidson. >>
1 Comment | 12 Jul 2022 16:18
REALITY LOW CBS to produce reality gush-fest titled Superfan. People must compete to prove they're the biggest fans of these musicians: Kelsea Ballerini, Gloria Estefan, Little Big Town, LL COOL J, Pitbull and Shania Twain. The point? They win an undisclosed prize, described as "once-in-a-lifetime", which could mean anything e.g. "You win the opportunity to... scrub your idol's floors - lucky thing!"
Comments | 20 Apr 2022 18:06
REALITY LOW Mzansi Magic to premiere new reality show Twice as Bold about twins Olwethu and Owami Siko who are "so close" they married the same man and had a baby with him (one each). Now they're divorced and want to share someone new but their family wants them to live separate lives. Oh, and BTW, they also want to become prophets. Premieres Thursday 7 April at 20h00.
1 Comment | 22 Mar 2022 16:36
REALITY LOW Mzansi Magic casts a new pastor for Season 2 of The Bachelor knock-off Pastor Wants a Wife: 35-year-old Tshego Modisakeng. An IT technician, entrepreneur, pastor and father of two from Rustenburg. He's looking for an "outspoken woman" who doesn't need to be involved in church activities. Premieres Thursday 6 April at 20h00.
1 Comment | 18 Mar 2022 16:29
REALITY LOW You know the world isn't fair when the judge who's been accused of domestic abuse is the only one who gets to keep their job. Somizi to return to Idols for Season 18 after being briefly suspended. Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa replace ousted Unathi and Randall. Unathi last seen weeping in a corner. Randall last seen auditioning for an Elvis cover band.
2 Comments | 16 Feb 2022 15:01
REALITY LOW You saw the Casting Call on TVSA, now the show's coming to TV. Reality competition Dance Yo Dumo premieres on SABC1 on Sunday 6 March at 18h00, hosted by Ntando Duma. Three celebrity mentors compete to form the best dance crews. Unfortunately the majority of "mentors" are Insta influencers: Chad Jones and Justin De Nobrega. Yes, THEE Chad and Justin. Also, Amapiano Awards street dance winner Hope Ramafalo.
Comments | 14 Feb 2022 17:50
REALITY LOW SABC1 picks up talk show spin-off of Mzansi Magic's uThando Nes'thembu. Musa Mseleku's four wives become agony aunts on Igumbi Lamakhosikazi, a 13-part series inspired by people asking them for advice on the socialz. Premieres Monday 7 February at 21h00.
Comments | 21 Jan 2022 16:43


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