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One Deadly Mistake

Channel: CBS Justice (DStv 170)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series

One Deadly Mistake

Each episode of One Deadly Mistake follows a homicide investigation where police work tirelessly against the clock to solve a complex case, until they discover a piece of evidence left behind that exposes the identity of the calculated killer.

These are the stories of elusive killers who could have gotten away with murder if only they remembered to cover all their tracks.

From unlikely evidence to clues hiding in plain sight, each episode reveals the buried truths and vital pieces of information that helped investigators crack the cases once and for all.

In the series premiere episode, "Out of the Darkness": Kathy Blair, a well-known and beloved member of the Austin, Texas community, is found brutally murdered in her own home on a chilly afternoon in December 2014.

As investigators process the puzzling crime scene, the clues point in several different directions.

They are convinced they're on the hunt for a meticulous killer who has gone to great lengths to cover his tracks.

But when an elderly couple in the same neighbourhood is also found dead a week later, detectives work fast and furiously to track down the killer as the community awaits in fear for answers.

One by one, as suspects are interviewed and evidence is tested, detectives begin to hone in on their killer when a surprising piece of evidence is discovered exposing the killers careless One Deadly Mistake.

Diggstown 3

Channel: Universal TV (DStv 117)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Drama, Legal Drama

Diggstown 3

This legal drama follows Marcie Diggs (Vinessa Antoine, Being Erica), a star corporate lawyer who, after her beloved aunt commits suicide following a malicious prosecution, decides to reconsider her priorities.

Set in the gritty arena of a legal aid office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the team of lawyers that Marcie works with are a curious band of do-gooders, cynics, and scrappers - messy souls struggling to keep personal disappointment and demons out of their practice.

They work directly in the community to find justice for their diverse clients, exploring issues of racism, poverty, and gender bias.

Marcie is driven by one thing - to never again allow innocent lives to be destroyed by the justice system.

In this third season, the world has changed.

It's a post-COVID society - perspectives and priorities have altered, relationships have formed while others have fallen apart.

For Marcie and the team at Halifax Legal Aid, COVID has exacerbated the chasm between the rich and the poor, making their work all the more critical.

In the Season3 premiere, "Nina Francis": Marcie defends a Continuing Care Assistant charged with assault and criminal negligence following an incident with a patient's daughter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doug and Iris find themselves in a race against time as they fight for an indigenous unborn child to remain in the care of the family.

City on a Hill 3

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)
TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Drama

City on a Hill 3

Final season!

Season 3 brings us to Boston's high society Beacon Hill.

Having left the FBI and thrown his badge into Boston Harbour, Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) lands a lavish new gig running security for a wealthy family.

Life is good until secrets begin to unravel.

When an investigation opens, ADA Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) sees an opportunity to finally rip out the machinery perpetuating a broken criminal justice system.

Decourcy enlists the help of Sergeant Chris Caysen (Matthew Del Negro), who puts more strain on his family responsibilities in order to root out the criminality in his own BPD unit.

Siobhan Quays (Lauren E. Banks), representing a construction worker who was severely injured on the Big Dig, encounters the city's corruption first-hand, all while coping with the traumatic events of her past year.

As Jenny Rohr (Jill Hennessy) can attest, given her history with her father, some experiences will haunt you beyond your breaking point.

In the Season 3 premiere, "Gods and Monsters": Struggling to make ends meet after leaving the FBI, Jackie Rohr gets a job offer from his old mentor.

The perks are enticing, but Jackie has no idea what he's getting himself into.

ADA Decourcy Ward eyes a promotion but is diverted by some bad news which lands him back in Brooklyn.

Siobhan Quays, having left her prestigious law firm for a position at the ACLU, takes on a case against a construction colossus.

Jenny Rohr begins volunteering at a community centre where she runs into a familiar face.

Pointless 25

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)
TX Time: 18h00
Genre: Quiz Show, Game Show

Pointless 25

Hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, Pointless is a quiz show in which teams of two contestants have to score as few points as possible by finding obscure but correct answers to questions.

Before the show, each question has already been posed to 100 people who have 100 seconds to give as many correct answers as they can think of.

The less commonly known answers are the ones the contestants are looking for as they are worth the least points, whereas incorrect answers are awarded the full 100 points.

A 'Pointless' answer is one which none of the 100 people gave.

The couple that makes it through to the third and final round has the chance to win the jackpot of £1,000, which rolls over each episode if the finalists don't find a pointless answer.

Extreme Salvage Squad 3

Channel: CBS Reality (DStv 132)
TX Time: 09h30
Genre: Reality

Extreme Salvage Squad 3

Any job, any time... Enter the high-stakes world of marine recovery and rescue with Extreme Salvage Squad.

Based in the Whitsunday region of North Queensland in Australia, the team tackles time-critical, dangerous salvage missions where one mistake could mean serious injury or financial disaster.

They are faced with a region devastated by a recent Category 4 cyclone that caused massive damage and left the area littered with broken vessels and vehicles.

But filled with true Aussie grit and a determination to see the job done, the team meet every challenge head-on - and know how to have a little fun along the way.

Stuffed with tension, excitement and camaraderie, this series is all about overcoming adversity to help keep one of the world's most beautiful coastlines in the best possible condition.

In the Season 3 premiere: The team take the risk of packing up shop and moving to Gove in the Northern Territory, where they have been hired by the local council to retrieve an infamous landmark.

Location, Location, Location 24

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176)
TX Time: 09h00
Genre: Reality

Location, Location, Location 24

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer return and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever.

Britain's choosiest home hunters are looking for just the right spot, and expert realtors Kirstie and Phil are up for the challenge.

They will help these house hunters secure the right home in their desired location.

Searching all over the UK, they'll take on the unpredictable housing market – from the rural countryside of Cheshire to the super speedy London market.

No matter how small the budget or how big the expectations, Kirstie and Phil are on hand to match these hopeful house hunters with their dream homes.

In the Season 24 premiere, "Edinburgh": In Edinburgh, Phil helps Zoe and Jason, who have an extensive wish list.

Also, Kirstie meets Stephanie and Tana, who want a countryside feel and a city vibe.

Donal's Family Kitchen

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176 / Openview 113)
TX Time: 14h00
Genre: Food

Donal's Family Kitchen

Donal Skehan is back with a new TV series filmed in his home kitchen.

The past 18 months has thrown plenty of curveballs at us all and Donal Skehan is no exception.

Aside from the obvious lockdowns, throw in an overseas move, juggling two toddlers, writing a book and filming a new TV show, there is seldom a dull moment in the Skehan household.

However, there is always time to serve up good food and Donal's Family Kitchen will help you do the same.

Being back home in Ireland and closer to his family, Donal recognises the necessity of those essential recipes that make a home kitchen tick, the classic dishes he comes back to time and time again for comfort and security.

As life begins to return to normal, Donal's Family Kitchen will celebrate those missed moments with extended family and friends, while his 'Kitchen keepers' are tried and tested recipes that you will return to over and over to satisfy the pickiest eaters.

The series provides a blueprint of recipes that allow you to manage the madness life throws at you and get a supper to the table that everyone wants to devour.

With children back in school and everyone gradually returning to the office, the last thing you need is the headache of deciding what's for dinner.

Discover recipes that don't require long lists of ingredients and avoid a last-minute dash to the supermarket with Donal's time-saving tricks for mealtimes.

Like many of us during the last year and a half, Donal has found solace in the kitchen during lockdown, making recipes he knows himself, his wife and boys can enjoy together.

Think cheesy beef shin lasagne, smoky chicken tacos and speedy pastas, there's something for everyone.

With more time spent in the kitchen, Donal's love for baking has also been reignited and each episode includes recipes like his Swedish inspired cinnamon buns, a bright pink funfetti cake and his quick fix lemon curd pudding.

It's time to send out the invites and set a few extra places at the table as Donal dishes up delicious lunch and dinner ideas packed full of seriously good flavours to share with the people we've missed the most.

Tune in to catch Donal in action and get all the inspiration you could ever need to feed a busy family, entertain guests and impress your friends.

Donal's Family Kitchen has something for everyone and is guaranteed to give a little je ne sais quoi to your kitchen table without slaving away for hours.

All About Property 8

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176)
TX Time: 16h30
Genre: Factual, Home Improvement

All About Property 8

A factual look at the South African real estate market which aims to equip new, existing and potential property buyers and sellers with an up-to-date understanding of the ins and outs of the property market.

Whether you're a buyer with a modest budget or a rather boastful one, a seller wanting to upgrade or downscale, or a real estate investor, All About Property has got you covered.

Catch various real estate professionals and stakeholders as they acquaint you with the different types of residential offerings, give you their professional advice on home finance and the legalities of property transactions.

They'll offer you pointers on home-buying, growing you property investment portfolio, and examine how certain trends and technological innovations have influenced the industry, either by boosting it or disrupting it.

It is an advice-driven, informative, empowering and entertaining show that reveals the real estate market under a whole new light.

No matter who you are, you may at some point what to buy or sell your home, and this is a great way to learn All About Property before you make the biggest transaction of your life.



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