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Written by Shows Editor from the blog New Shows and Seasons on 14 Sep 2022
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Channel: Disney+
TX Time: 00h01
Genre: Comedy


Dating is hard enough - it's even harder when you also happen to be a psychic.

Maggie's gift allows her to see into the future of her friends, parents, clients, and random people on the street.

But when she begins to see glimpses of her own destiny after meeting an unexpected stranger, her romantic life suddenly gets a lot more complicated.

Can you let yourself fall in love when you think you know how it ends?

She probably should have seen this coming...

In the series premiere, "Things Begin Where they End": Disheartened with relationships and always foreseeing how things end, Maggie's life is forever changed when she has a prediction she didn't see coming.

Sins of Our Mother

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series

Sins of Our Mother

When Lori Vallow's kids vanished, the search for them unearthed a trail of suspicious deaths, a new husband who shared her doomsday views — and murder.

Lori Vallow was known to friends and family as a devoted mother of three, a loving wife, and a woman of God.

But over the past three years, something went very wrong: Now Lori is in jail, waiting to stand trial for conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of her fourth husband, her fifth husband's wife, and her two youngest children.

For the first time, Lori's surviving son Colby steps forward to provide exclusive insight into his family's backstory as well as their present-tense narrative as Lori faces justice.

At the heart of this three-part series is a single burning question: how did a seemingly normal woman become the most notorious mother in America?


Channel: S3
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Documentary


57 is the number of South Africans that have been murdered every day in the last few years.

The making of this film is inspired by the tragic murder of Matwetwe lead actor, Sibusiso Khwinana, who was stabbed to death in Pretoria during  a theft of his cellphone.

The incident happened outside a cinema where the film Matwetwe was screening.

A group of filmmakers who were connected to the film, Matwetwe, go on a three-year-long journey to try and make sense of our insane murder rate and crime statistics.

The film is an attempt to find some meaning behind these insane numbers.

How is it possible that 57 people can be murdered every day? Our murder statistics compare to those of a war zone.

The film explores a subject close to all South Africans hearts.

Why are we such a violent society? Why is there so much rage in South African men? Why do we kill each other in such large numbers?

Even though the subject matter is hard, the film attempts to shine light on the subject.

The documentary aims to open a conversation, unearth insights, and begin to demystify the madness that is currently consuming and suffocating our nation, while at the same time honour and explore Sibusiso's tragic passing.

It is only when we really understand the complexities of this subject matter that we can begin to find ways to fix them.

We speak to criminologists, psychologists, historians, academics, journalists, comedians and many every day South Africans.

People interviewed include Gareth Newham, Kagiso Lediga, Eusebius McKaiser, Mmatshilo Motsei, Brenda Goldblatt, Joey Rasdien, KG Mokgadi, Jonny Steinberg, Tebatso Mashishi, Fuad Cassim, Peter Delius and many others.

Planet Insect

Channel: Curiosity Channel (DStv 185)
TX Time: 21h00
Genre: Wildlife, Nature, Documentary Series

Planet Insect

Scientists discover that insects have remarkably sophisticated behaviours and even personalities similar to humans.

Between 5- and 10-million different kinds, maybe ten quintillion individuals, there's absolutely no doubt that we're living on Planet Insect.

This three-part series is narrated by Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew.

In Ice Cold Blood 3

Channel: eReality (Openview 108)
TX Time: 22h20
Genre: True Crime, Docu-Drama, Documentary Series

In Ice Cold Blood 3

Hosted and executive produced by Ice-T (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), the series spotlights shocking true stories involving sex, money, murder - or a fatal cocktail of all three.

Told through in-depth interviews, reenactments and archival footage, each hour-long episode delves into an edgy mystery filled with expert detective work, unexpected turns and stunning revelations.

When two of the most basic human desires - sex and money - cloud our judgment with lust and greed, they run the risk of dangerous consequences.

This series exposes real-life cases where unhinged passion and extreme greed have motivated someone enough to kill.

As first-hand detectives and victims' friends and family members recount each case, captivating recreations come together to bring each ruthless murder story to life.

Coming up this season:

When some of the most basic human desires - sex and money - cloud our judgment with lust and greed, they run the risk of dangerous consequences.

Real-life cases spotlight unhinged passion motivating someone enough to kill.

Law Enforcement officials involved first-hand, along with family and friends closest to the victim, bring each cold-blooded story to life.

Upcoming episodes include the following:

When an up-and-coming hotshot defence attorney is brutally stabbed in her own office, detectives uncover a world of possible suspects.

Could this be a work-related incident, or was it something much more sinister?

Lies, betrayal and terror are unearthed as investigators uncover the killer.

When a young woman in her prime is found brutally murdered, the entire community rallies to help find her killer.

What they uncover is a world of double identities, infatuation and obsession.

But this story has a silver lining - one that led to the arrest of dozens of outstanding felons and to the self-defence training of tens of thousands of women.

This Changes Everything

Channel: S3
TX Time: 23h00
Genre: Documentary

This Changes Everything

This documentary takes a deep look at gender disparity in Hollywood through the eyes of well-known actresses and female filmmakers.

Told first-hand by some of Hollywood's leading voices, This Changes Everything is a feature-length documentary that uncovers what is beneath what is one of the most confounding dilemmas in the entertainment industry - the under-representation and misrepresentation of women.

It takes an incisive look at the history, empirical evidence and systemic forces that foster gender discrimination and thus reinforce disparity in our culture.

Most importantly, the film seeks pathways and solutions from within and outside the industry, and around the world.

Actress Geena Davis rallies Meryl Streep, Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon and others in this powerful documentary.

Heartbreak High

Channel: Netflix South Africa
TX Time: 10h00 (all episodes)
Genre: Drama

This Changes Everything

An incendiary mural exposes everyone's secret hook-ups at Hartley High.

Its author, Amerie, has to grapple with the messy fallouts as a total outcast.

Amerie becomes an instant pariah at Hartley High, and causes a mysterious and very public rift with her ride-or-die Harper.

With her new friends - outsiders Quinni and Darren - Amerie must repair her reputation, while navigating love, sex and heartbreak.

Heartbreak High is a reimagining of the 90s Australian YA series which ran for seven seasons.



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