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An Unexpected Killer

Channel: CBS Justice (DStv 170)
TX Time: 19h00
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series, Docu-Drama

An Unexpected Killer

Expect the unexpected in this true crime series that delves into shocking murder investigations in which the identity of the killer comes as a complete surprise.

Each standalone episode takes you through the twists and turns of a captivating homicide investigation, combining interviews with dramatic re-enactments.

Just when detectives think they've cracked the case, new evidence turns the investigation on its head and ultimately leads to a suspect no one anticipated.

In the series premiere, "Modern Family Murder": A selfless couple, Robert and Kathryn Swartz, were found brutally murdered on the first snowy morning of January 1984.

As investigators arrived at the scene of the crime, they struggled to find the true motive on why this religious couple who were deeply devoted to their family and charitable causes were killed.

But as they dug deeper into the case, investigators uncovered dark family secrets ultimately leading them to a suspect no one saw coming.

The Bachelorette Australia 6

Channel: Vuzu (DStv 116)
TX Time: 20h15
Genre: Dating Game Show, Reality Competition

The Bachelorette Australia 6

In an Australian first, The Bachelorette Australia will boast double the roses and double the romance when sisters and best friends, Elly and Becky Miles, embark on their very special quest for true love.

Although Elly and Becky have the same family tree, their taste in men could not be more different.

But don't fret, TV's very own cupid, Osher Günsberg, is on the case to ensure there will be Prince Charmings-aplenty, ready to sweep these two ladies off their feet.

Having captivated Australia's hearts on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor Australia, 25-year-old country nurse Elly is taking the reins and seizing her chance at finding Mr. Right.

To capture Elly's heart, the Bachelors will need to be adventurous, positive, kind-natured and always up for a laugh.

Joining Elly on the romantic journey of a lifetime is her 30-year-old sister Becky.

Having recently had her heart broken, Becky is ready to risk it all for love again.

She is hoping to find a respectful, kind and devoted Bachelor, who is willing to put her first.

Born and raised in Parkes, New South Wales, Elly and Becky have always supported and empowered each other to take on new experiences and adventures.

From breathtaking dates to romantic rose ceremonies, Season 6 will follow Elly and Becky as they date the nation's most eligible Bachelors, hoping to find someone to bring home to the Miles' family gatherings.

Destination Fear 2

Channel: Travel Channel (DStv 179)
TX Time: 22h05
Genre: Docu-Reality, Paranormal

Destination Fear 2

Buckle up for another fright-fueled season of Destination Fear - a haunted road trip turned terrifying sleepover.

Brother and sister duo Dakota Laden and Chelsea Laden, and best friend Tanner Wiseman along with camera operator Alex Schroeder, confront their fears once again, as they pile into their RV and hit the road on a nail-biting cross-country journey to pursue paranormal evidence, spending the night inside America's most haunted abandoned buildings.

Lured by the unknown and with a greater understanding of fear, the crew explores a whole new set of abandoned locations with grim haunted histories and restless spirits lurking within.

Only this time the destinations remain a surprise, not just to Chelsea and Tanner, but to Dakota as well, as they each take turns picking a haunted hot spot, challenging each other in unique ways.

After exploring reports of paranormal activity, they separate to sleep alone in the dark... and that's the moment when fear really takes over.

In the Season 2 premiere: Dakota surprises Chelsea and Tanner by taking them back to where it all began: Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth, Minnesota, a frightening location that loomed menacingly near their childhood homes.

Dakota has been itching to investigate this 118-year-old building for years, but never had the courage to set foot inside.

The site of 1,500 deaths, Nopeming's history runs rampant with murder, suicide and sinister spirits.

Now, the team will finally confront their childhood fears as they explore and spend the night inside one of Minnesota's most paranormally active locations.

What happens to the group during their overnight is an experience they will never forget, replete with poltergeist activity and a chilling encounter with the disturbed spirit of a former maintenance man.

Along their journey the team will make stops at the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas; Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana; Hill View Manor in New Castle, Pennsylvania; Cambria County Jail in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania; and the Sheboygan County Insane Asylum in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where they will be the first paranormal team to spend the night inside a building that has never before been investigated on television.


Channel: Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163)
TX Time: 19h30
Genre: Telenovela


Revolves around the the worlds of the upper- and lower-class communities of posh Sandton and neighbouring Alexandra - a crowded, hard-working township nicknamed Gomora.

An unfortunate series of events causes two families on either side of this divide to collide, revealing a complex story of romance, social inequalities and prejudices.

As the series opens, a woman manages to escape from her lowly, humble township roots and makes it big as a hotshot Sandton socialite.

A series of events leads it all to come crashing down around her and suddenly she finds herself back where she started, in the hustle and bustle of Alexandra township.

Although Alex is just down the road from her previous life, it feels like a million miles away. Before long, she finds herself at the heart of its underworld.

The beloved Johannesburg kasi is where most of the story unfolds and is an insight into the love and care of a community, despite the tough, frightening environment they often find themselves in.

Katlego Danke stars as Thathi, the trophy wife whose life takes an unexpected turn at the start of the series.

Connie Chiume plays crime boss Mam'Sonto, a woman who appears to be a loving grandmother on the outside – but underneath has a heart of steel. She pulls the strings in this community and doesn't let anyone forget it.

Also starring in the series is Themba Ndaba as Mbongeni, Thathi's husband who is the CEO and one of the major shareholders of CBS bank.

Thembi Seete plays Gladys, a tough social worker in Alex who is street-smart and tough, and fervently believes in uplifting the community in which she works.

Zolisa Xaluva stars as Mondli, Thathi's ex who is now married to Gladys and is the principal at the school in Alex.

Also starring is Ntobeko Sishi as Ntobeko, Gladys and Mondli's son who chooses to seek out the kind of love and appreciation he doesn't get at home, seeking affirmation from the dodgy elements and criminals in Alex.


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