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Bone of My Bones 2

Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: Drama

Bone of My Bones 2

Drama series which revolves around a group of four male friends who have been friends all the way from childhood to adulthood.

We follow these men as they struggle with the mundane of everyday life and their relationships with strong-willed and opinionated women who refuse to have their voices suppressed.

Through these couples we unpack what it means to love a person and what they're willing to do to show that love, and how they triumph or fail through challenges presented in their relationships and in the lives.

This is a series that aims to unpack relationships while sticking to the core of drama, and that is telling authentic stories that will entertain, resonate and educate.

In Season 2 the role of Karabo is now played by Motlatsi Mafatshe, replacing Aubrey Poo in the role.

Also new to the cast is Simphiwe Ngema in the role of Ruth, a music producer who used to date Kgotso (Solomon Sebothoma) back in high school. She comes back from working overseas for the last decade and settles in with her friends Thembi (Mmatema Moremi) and Keitumetse (Gontse Ntshegang).

In the last episode of Season 1 there were three different versions of the truth regarding the night in question, so who could Detective Maswanganyi (Fumani Shilubana) believe?

With Thembi having crossed the line by placing a hit on Neo (Kgaugelo Mosomane), they must figure out how to move forward when battle lines have been crossed and Karabo is caught in the crossfire.

Keitumetse wakes up in Thabiso's (Batsile Ramasodi) bed - what does this mean for Kgotso, who is meant to be ordained as the senior pastor in a week's time?

With all of this happening Karabo manages to convince his wife Thembi and friend Neo to confess everything to Detective Maswanganyi, while Matome (Warren Masemola) also feels cornered.

He decides to take matters into his own hands by going to Maswanganyi to present his side of the story (an attempt to save his own skin), but when he arrives there he finds that Kgotso, Neo, Karabo and Thembi are already there... surrounding the lifeless body of Detective Maswanganyi, who is hanging from the roof.

In the first episode of Season 2, we begin with a direct pick up from Detective Maswanganyi's house, where the boys have since called the cops to the scene.

Everyone wants to know who could have killed the cop and Matome surprises everyone by naming Mokau (Kabelo Moalusi) as the killer, supported by Thembi as a witness.

While everyone is shocked at this startling accusation, Kgotso is adamant there must be a mistake. Neo wants to believe that Mokau is guilty while Karabo is on the fence, not sure what to believe.

We also find out that Thembi has taken the liberty of firing TJ as a producer for Karabo and hired Ruth instead. While everyone is still trying to come to terms with accusations levelled against Mokau, he finds himself being arrested for a murder that he professes to not know anything about.

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The Fixer 5

TX Time: 22h00
Genre: Drama, Thriller

The Fixer 5

For the moneyed, the powerful and even the President, Olivia is a legend in her field. Her spectacular success is mostly due to her unbreakable rule of always trust your gut.

No matter how careful you are, when you do damage control for a living, you're bound to cause some damage to your own life. She and her crew eat, sleep, live and breathe crisis.

Each week, as the team races against the clock to defuse intriguing new problems before they become full-blown disasters, they also have to deal with their own personal issues.

They may call themselves "gladiators in suits", but little by little, Olivia and her crew begin to reveal the chinks in their armour.

In the Season 5 premiere, "Heavy is the Head": Olivia and Fitz are back together again and enjoying every scandalous moment together while Cyrus, Mellie and Huck are all still dealing with the aftermath of helping Command.

Meanwhile, when a visit from the Queen of Caldonia and her family turns into a tragedy, Olivia is hired to make sure the Royal family's private life stays private.

TVSA Show Page: The Fixer 5

In for a Penny

Channel: ITV Choice (DStv 123)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Game Show

In for a Penny

Stephen Mulhern will once again be let loose in towns and cities across the UK, challenging the Great British public to take part in silly games in the 'on the street' game show, In for A Penny.

Nowhere is safe as Stephen will pop up at a host of brand-new locations all over the UK asking shoppers for a penny to take part.

In the series premiere Stephen heads to Nottingham, but how will the unsuspecting public fare when faced with a host of games including Driving Me Round The Bend, You Are What You Eat and Check It Out?

And will anyone to walk away with a grand in the final game In for A Penny?

In Diving Me Round The Bend, contestants have just 30 second to reverse park into a designated space. If they manage to park within the lines they win the money but if any part of the car is on or over the line they leave empty handed.

You Are What You Eat sees Stephen blindfold both contestants before feeding one member of the pair an item of food from a menu for them to describe to their teammate without saying the name of it.

For example, if they are fed a cream eclair, they can't mention the words cream or eclair. If the pair correctly guess the items, they will win their food order.

In Check It Out, Stephen is in a supermarket at the tills, where he presents unsuspecting shoppers with five items on the conveyor belt.

If they can correctly guess whether all five item are more or less expensive than the previous item on the belt, Stephen pays for the entire contents of their trolley.

The In for A Penny challenges contestants to five rounds of games; if they win all five rounds, including the 'famous' stop-watch game, they bag themselves £1,000.

Papa Penny Ahee 4

Channel: Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)
TX Time: 20h00
Genre: Docu-Reality

Papa Penny Ahee 4

Shangaan disco king Penny Penny takes you on a colourful journey to get to know his family, life and music.

A father to more than two dozen children, there's no shortage of baby mama drama for him.

Season 4 returns with bittersweet news as Papa Penny and Mama Nomi welcomes their new born son - but also grieve Mama Nomi's son, Nicholas, who committed suicide.


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