The Bridge 2 - SO Breaking Bad

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 09 Sep 2014
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I've been catching-up on Season 2 of The Bridge and I'm 100% hooked. Totally and absolutely.

The season started on FOX Crime in July already - on Sundays at 21h25 - but I didn't watch when it started. I recorded it, started catching-up last week and couldn't stop watching until I'd seen every episode available. 

The first season was the bomb but they've outdone themselves this time, with Eleanor specifically. She's so unbelievably ominous, so hostile and twisted, so Breaking Bad.

She's exactly the sort of character who would have been in Breaking Bad except they never had such bad women so she's taken things to the next level. 

The details surrounding her ... the extremity of her need for revenge, her accent, her clothes, her hair, her background, that ledger she carries everywhere - every aspect is perfect and Franka Potente plays her splendidly.  

I tried to imagine the show's creators coming up with the character and pictured them deciding they needed a new villain, connected to the drug ring but someone who could be even more dangerous than Fausto Galvan.

Galvan who's most interesting characteristic is his complicated relationship with Marco - who I'm mad about. I can't tell if it's actor Demián Bichir himself (who plays Marco) or his interpretation of Marco but he seems like such cool person. Genuinely so. A tragic hero who should win. I really want to see Marco winning.

Same thing with Sonya, but different because her tragedy's different.  The addition of her new boyfriend adds such a twist of kinky intrigue and danger and mistrust. Their relationship's mindboggling - I can't work out what she's been getting from it. I'm convinced she doesn't love him though ... and yet she definitely feels something.

All of the other characters are appealing in their tragic circumstances too - the journos, the crazy drug-smuggling couple on the farm, even that detective with the huge moustache - the only happy one out of them all.

My only gripe with the season is with Steven Linder because I can't hear what he's saying anymore. His heavy accent's getting lost in that terrible beard of his and I can hardly hear a word. I manage to catch bits-in-between but it's occassional and it's hard work so I'm not impressed by that.

It's a minor details though considering how brilliant the rest of the show is. Four more episodes to go. Episode 10 is coming up this Sunday and there are 13 in the season. 

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