SCD 4x06: Ashley's Odyssey Comes To An End

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Strictly Come Dancing Episode Recaps on 07 Mar 2008
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Continuing the trend of complete and utter predictability on Season 4 of Strictly Come Dancing, Ashley Hayden became the fifth celebrity eliminated from the show last night.

Only three couples remain, and to be fair - for once they are the three best dancers in the competition.

Ashley and partner Muntu Ngubane were capable enough, but no match for the talents of Emmanuel Castis, Trevor Noah and Tanya van Graan, who have consistently been the top three celeb dancers.

This week all couples danced one Ballroom dance and one Latin dance.

Ashley and Muntu kicked off the evening with their ballroom dance, which was little better than average. They scored 24, which was always going to put them in the red considering their competition.

Trevor and saucy partner Hayley Hammond upped the ante by scoring 28 for their ballroom number, but Tanya and the perennial Brandon Eilers went one better and scored 31 for theirs.

Emmanuel and Lindsey's Tango set the tone for the evening, however, as they sashayed up and down the dance floor to ABBA's "Money, Money, Money".

Lilian, who gets visibly hotter under the collar each week when Emmanuel takes to the floor, awarded them a 9, saying: "You’ll never have to worry about money with talent like that. Great top, great passion, great style."

Dave scored them a 10, for an overall score for the first round of 35.

Then came the Latin portion of the show, and once again it was Ashley and Muntu who dusted the floor, with a Jive which earned them a big improvement, a score of 29. It wasn't enough to save them from the dance-off however.

Dave was more impressed with Ashley the second time around. "Ashley you’re a dancing blonde bombshell," he enthused, a hint of madness in his eye.

"Just a word of advice - work on your own strengths and forget about the others. If they want to do the tricks, let them do the tricks. Your strengths are your attitude and performance."

Trevor and Hayley also performed the Jive as their Latin number, scoring 31 from the judges.

Tyrone, looking more and more like a Mexican bouncer with his ever-growing, greasy ponytail, was impressed, but offered earnest advice to Trevor ahead of the finals.

"You’re dancing well for Season 1, Season 2 or 3 - Season 4’s steaming hot - please push it push it. 24 hours non-stop rehearsals. Vamos, compadre."

Tanya and Brandon were next up with the Jive, but this time only managed a score of 29, and a moment of madness from Salome.

"Timing, timing, timing. Timing, timing, timing Tanya. I cannot say it more. Timing, timing - please. That’s your downfall. If you get it right you are A for away."

She would have carried on about timing had Ian von Memerty not abruptly ended her rant, in that specially rude little way he does.

That left one more dance for the night: Emmanuel and Lindsey's Cha Cha Cha. They managed two perfect 10's from Dave and Lillian, with 9's from Salome and Tyrone giving them the season-highest score of 38/40.

Each couple's scores were added together, giving us the following leaderboard:

Emmanuel and Lindsey: 73

Tanya and Brandon: 60

Trevor and Hayley: 59

Ashley and Muntu: 53

Although Trevor ended up in the bottom two, audience voting allowed him to switch positions with Tanya. The dance-off was thus between Tanya and Ashley, and that was never going to be a real contest.

Tanya might have struggled with her timing, timing, timing, but her natural dancing talent, technical skill and consistently good performances over the season saw her saved by the judges.

Next week it’s the semi-finals and the following week the final showdown.

Should Trevor be the next contestant eliminated we have a juicy prospect for the grand finale: boyfriend vs girlfriend. Emmanuel will be forced to concede the title to Tanya, or face the very real possibility of sleeping on the couch for the rest of his natural life.

However, we suspect it will be Trevor who goes through to the finals with Emmanuel, based purely on the indication of audience voting this week.

Either of those two could win it. Heck, we'd be happy for Mark Williams to have won it. Anyone, anyone but Nutsman.

This week's TVSA Blogger to attend the live show was Toxic - look out for her coverage of the evening which will be coming soon.


06 Mar 2008 21:58

Lindsay............... Lindsay............... and Emmanuel , they blow me away . I will vote you guyz in all the way.

Anyway , Sanibonani in 2008...................

06 Mar 2008 22:22

Ya neh! It has become 2 predictable! I know i don't want boyfie & gilfie final. Gosh! Was hoping 4 Emmanuel & Hayley finale.

06 Mar 2008 23:22

Didn't Emmanuel & Tanya break up just before the competition started? Each week the tension is terrible between them!

06 Mar 2008 23:50

Should Trevor be the next contestant eliminated we have a juicy prospect for the grand finale: boyfriend vs girlfriend````That would be interesting. Ya i agree with u devilgirl, the tension betweeen them is tense, but ke i dont expect any less between x's!!

Trevor is losing his stamina big time (my observation). He seems to be going down each week. Emmanual is hardcore, stiff competitor!!

07 Mar 2008 00:03

I was hoping Tanya gets eliminated yesterda, so that the final is between Trevor and Emmanuel...But its clear who the winner of this season is...Lindsey doesn't have too much competition in this season, i wish Hayley Bennett was also participating

07 Mar 2008 00:08

Tension? I must say I hadnt noticed it, they are hardly ever in one shot together mos, oh well.

I thought i had it figured out, it was gonna be Ashley, Tanya, the a Trevor vs Emmanuel final, which the latter would win. But Tanya is really giving Trevor competiton, he reallly needs to do somthing drastic next week if he wants to go through.

And whats with Lillian and Emmanuel? Lol, she's like a schoolgirl, and Ian is not helping with his comments....hai. 

Anyway, really cool episode, but why did Emmanuel and Lindsey dance a different dance?

07 Mar 2008 00:09

Auuw shem Ashley, woza nazo Tox.

07 Mar 2008 00:15

Quick aside: @Cande, Got an email from a friend of mine with the stars of mzansi pics, i was suprised u and TDC were in the circulating pics, heeh, u are celebrities now.

07 Mar 2008 00:20

I also saw the pics Rene and i was like OMG what if they end in the wrong hands..holding a glass of wine and wearing a ring on my wedding finger. DANG..
back to the topic
Trevor is a good example of how much the public votes can keep you in the competition, i was suprised he was not doing the dance off yesterday

07 Mar 2008 00:24

@ Renegade, I think Lilian is dying to shag Emmanuel, phela u can just see that uGogo Lilili uyamurhalela umfana omcane BIG TIME!!!!!

And it's crystal clear that Emmanuel is gonna take it and plus too u can just see his determination that he wants the the guy is dead serious about winning whereas, uTrevor yena he's like whatever I know that if I am half determined my looks and fans willpull me through...........kanti shem uwrongo sana,,,,,,,,,things are not looking good for u!!!! 

07 Mar 2008 00:27

Oh and shame even though it was inevitable for Ashley to leave yesterday, I couldn't help feeling that if her ankle hadn't screwed her up in the first place, she would have danced better and perhaps made it further...........even though she wasn't gonna win neway!!!!!!!!!!!

07 Mar 2008 00:42


07 Mar 2008 01:13

Ashley well done my sister/gogo you have shown that white women have Rhythm..

07 Mar 2008 01:19

I'm a big Trevor F.A.N... but yesterday Tanya was far better than him. She was on top of her game. Ashely and Muntu knew their time was up but they went out real good - I'm looking forward to the final which we know Emmanuel will take but since the votes saves Trevor yesterday - they might come in handy at the final too.

07 Mar 2008 01:32

I dont get why we need to vote at the final, coz public vote wont make a difference, the judges will decide. 

What I'm  saying is: Lets say Emmanuel and Trevor are in the final, the judges score Emmanuel higher. This means, after the judges decision:
Emmanuel : 2
Trevor : 1
Now, if we vote majority Trevor, this will end up with:
Emmanuel : 2
Trevor: 2
So, this will come down to the judges decision, and since they had score Emmanuel higher anyway, they'll obviously go with him.
Should the public vote favour emmanuel, he wins anyway.
Maybe i'm looking at this wrong, but I really dont understand the point of a public vote on the final show.

07 Mar 2008 01:33

Sorry,make that 
if we vote majority Trevor, this will end up with:
Emmanuel : 3
Trevor: 3

Not 2 each, my maths...!

07 Mar 2008 01:46

Rene, I am so with u, the public really doesn't have a say in the final winner, yes they might be able to pull Trevor through to be in the final two but when it's him against Emmanuel at the end, nomakanjani the judges will declare Emmanuel as the winner. Which in the case of SCD I think it's a good thing, coz in many cases the public has proven that it's not just about dancing or whatever the talent at hand is, it's whether they like u or not!!!!

07 Mar 2008 02:09

I do not think Trevor is going to the finals

07 Mar 2008 02:47

I felt sorry for Muntu & his partner, if it was not about that leg storry they should have been in, That toll lady Tanya is stiff i dont know either it me or what.  She is just slim & tall defenactelly not active. I wanted her to go out yesterday. Remember first episod where there was no judging with that yellow outfill she was like a pole stiff as ever.

Sorry Muntu i alway wanted you & yr partner to be top 3.
That foot....... Foot...... if only it was not about it
Ashley Hayden can dance like a professional

07 Mar 2008 02:50

@ Nonny...I think it's a good thing, coz in many cases the public has proven that it's not just about dancing or whatever the talent at hand is, it's whether they like u or not!!!!

I agree with u there. Phela Emmanuel is on fire!!!!! There's just no stoping him!

07 Mar 2008 03:24

Shoooo...Next week the dance off will definitely be between T r e v a and Tanya. Although i'm a huge Treva fan, im also in agreement that Tanya will probably be favoured by the judges. 
Emmanuel is the ultimate winner...the dude was really shakin' his bon bon yesterday..atatatata!!

07 Mar 2008 03:27

And regarding Ashley...she wasnt that bad, but last nights episode just proved that sadly she cant compete any further with young flexible blood...shame

Brown Shuga
07 Mar 2008 11:02

I want Emmanuel to win, he deserves it!!!

Your Hotness
11 Mar 2008 23:42

Emmanuel & his partner always have the energy. I've watched the show for about three weeks now and I must say, I am soooo impressed. They deserve to win. Nomakanjane!!!!!!!! Otherwise I will go to Carlton Center for the finals and toyi toyi. I am going to watch the finals so my placard will be ready should he not win. Anyone want to join me??????

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