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  • TheTVObserver: The Drama, We Broke Up!!!
    20 Jul 2009 00:00 (59 replies)

    You advised, commented and now the drama unfolds. Find out what happened with the DUMP or sorry BREAK UP! Yikes.
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  • TheTVObserver: Enter The New Shawn Brady
    16 Jul 2009 00:00 (5 replies)

    Eye candy for daytime-tv ladies or housewives in South Africa. Enter a hot new thing called "Brandon Beemer" to play Shawn Brady. Jason Cook left the building.
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  • TheTVObserver: I am Dumping You!
    9 Jul 2009 00:00 (57 replies)

    Can you imagine if someone dumped you on a post-it like Berger did Carrie on Sex And The City?. How do you avoid hurting the one you are dumping?
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  • TheTVObserver: Ms.Tyra Banks
    2 Jul 2009 00:00 (18 replies)

    Who the hell is Tyra Banks and why do most hate her? Well, we take you behind the career of Ms Tyra, America's Next Top Model creator, ex-producer & tv-talker.
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  • TheTVObserver: Oprah Crossed The Line
    1 Jul 2009 00:00 (38 replies)

    Oprah decides to address the growing trend of teen sexual acts, but the whole thing goes horribly wrong when Dr.Berman decides to be revolutionary. This is SICK
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  • TheTVObserver: Prizes Delivered
    1 May 2009 00:00 (9 replies)

    Belz, TheLady and WSG had their prizes specially delivered. From the US, to Germany then JHB Airport and finally their door steps. See all the pictures.
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  • TheTVObserver: Muti Killings
    20 Apr 2009 00:00 (18 replies)

    His genitals where cut off by his neighbor, and by 2010 it is expected that the body part trade will increase. The gang is convicted, but is it enough to stop?
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  • TheTVObserver: Country Music Awards
    9 Apr 2009 00:00 (4 replies)

    From the best dressed star to Nicole's interesting outfit and the worst dressed, the Fashion Report returns. The event was held at the MGM Grand for CBS TV.
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  • TheTVObserver: Zachary Levi
    8 Apr 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    The star of NBC's hit show CHUCK makes the list of TheTVObserver's StarStread.
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  • TheTVObserver: She Is Fabulously O
    8 Apr 2009 00:00 (26 replies)

    A special announcement to one of our leading fans. In an unprecedented step in reader and fan interaction, TheTVObserver makes one fan very happy.
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  • TheTVObserver: Meiki Snapped!
    7 Apr 2009 00:00 (10 replies)

    She was waving her knife while on top of an office desk, in what looked like a scene from a bad movie. Meiki snapped and its about bloody time.
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  • TheTVObserver: Arno Carstens Giveaway
    5 Apr 2009 00:00 (9 replies)

    Win two tickets to see Arno Carstens at the Piatto Unplugged in Fourways, Johannesburg.
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  • TheTVObserver: Sex And The City Sequel
    4 Apr 2009 00:00 (29 replies)

    The girls are coming back for yet another dose of Sex And The City.eight facts about their return.
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  • TheTVObserver: OhMiBod Lines Closed
    3 Apr 2009 00:00 (10 replies)

    You have sent in your SMS for a chance to win one of the two OhMiBod prizes. The lines are now officially closed.
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  • TheTVObserver: Sello Maake Ka-Ncube
    3 Apr 2009 00:00 (14 replies)

    He will remain the most charismatic actor on screen and with Scandal he proves the point that he is talented despite being hated for his Archie days.
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  • TheTVObserver: Justin Guarini
    2 Apr 2009 00:00 (1 replies)

    From being complimented by Simon Cowell, to being asked by Oprah to appear on her show instead of the winner and now he is the Correspondent for TVGuide Network
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  • TheTVObserver: Nandipha & Parsons
    2 Apr 2009 00:00 (19 replies)

    Parsons has turned into a stranger, whilst Thandi only sees the money. Nandipha has to face being screwed yet again by her husband. Is it the money or greed?
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  • TheTVObserver: OhMiBod Update
    1 Apr 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    An update for the SA version of the competition.
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  • TheTVObserver: Brothers & Sisters Movie
    1 Apr 2009 00:00 (1 replies)

    It was perhaps the most exciting 2hours for any fan of this great TV show. Memorable Moments looks at ABC's Brothers&Sisters Movie Event.
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  • TheTVObserver: Eva Longoria
    31 Mar 2009 00:00 (5 replies)

    Before her Desperate Housewives days, she was on The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210.
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  • TheTVObserver: Oh Dear! Am I Driving?
    30 Mar 2009 00:00 (8 replies)

    This commercial cracks me up! I don't know who thought of the names, but those glasses kill me flat. The Muriel and Mavis Road Trip.
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  • TheTVObserver: HBO in Botswana
    28 Mar 2009 00:00 (5 replies)

    The best premium cable channel in the world, is heading to Botswana with an all new dramatic series starring Jill Scott and Desmond Dube. Premieres Sunday at 8.
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  • TheTVObserver: OhMiBod Giveaway
    27 Mar 2009 00:00 (25 replies)

    WIN a premium product, shipped direct to your door step. TheTVObserver, OhMiBod and Vidamo present an exciting new giveaway. TheTVO Giveaway!
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  • TheTVObserver: OhMiBod
    27 Mar 2009 00:00 (16 replies)

    The sexual satisfaction blog inspired by Motswako, attracted an interest from the CEO of Suki, LLC who agreed to giveaway prizes to TheTVO readers and fans.
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  • TheTVObserver: Movie Report #3
    26 Mar 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    Vin Diesel returns with Paul Walker - 2F2F, DreamWorks' new animation movie and Lionsgates Haunting. Only 3 made the cut. Movies opening this weekend.
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  • TheTVObserver: Maggie Webster
    26 Mar 2009 00:00 (7 replies)

    It could be the best thing to be done by an actress or the biggest blunder. Maggies weight becomes a storyline...fat or obesity? Are you that brave?
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  • TheTVObserver: Felicity & Neville Meintjies
    25 Mar 2009 00:00 (15 replies)

    Is Neville falling for Felicity? What the hell is going on with Neville, has he lost his mind? Or has his feelings taken over?
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  • TheTVObserver: Chad Micheal Murray
    25 Mar 2009 00:00 (1 replies)

    The star of One True Hill is being fired. Chad said they are trying to save money. Why would they fire a leading actor? StarSpread with Chad
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  • TheTVObserver: The LAB Season 3
    23 Mar 2009 00:00 (4 replies)

    SPECIAL NOTE: The blog is now online. A comprehensive look at The LAB season 3 with pictures, video and what could have been.
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  • TheTVObserver: Hugh Jackman
    20 Mar 2009 00:00 (3 replies)

    He played an angry prisoner on Correlli, the tv series and went on to become an international film star with hits like X-men, Swordfish and Australia.
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  • TheTVObserver: Movie Report #2
    19 Mar 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    This week only four movies made the cut. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen; Nicolas Cage; Valentino Garavani star in movies opening this weekend.
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  • TheTVObserver: Memorable Moments #4
    19 Mar 2009 00:00 (2 replies)

    He played Jett Carver on Days of Our Lives. Marcus Patrick become the most talked about actor because of his Scandal with nude pictures and stripping.
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  • TheTVObserver: Felicia Mabuza
    18 Mar 2009 00:00 (43 replies)

    Very few hosts have had the success and popularity that Felicia Mabuza-Suttle and her talk show had in South Africa. She remains the most memorable tv star.
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  • TheTVObserver: New Channel Launch
    17 Mar 2009 00:00 (3 replies)

    A new 24 hour channel goes on air March 2009. Launched by Celebrity Chef and Author Rone De Beauvior. Also..TheTVObserver is now iPhone Compatible
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  • TheTVObserver: Zooming In On Men
    16 Mar 2009 00:00 (2 replies)

    South African men are ranked among the most violent in the world. Do you think SA men are violent and why? Any real life case? Personal or not?
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  • TheTVObserver: Gabrielle Union
    13 Mar 2009 00:00 (36 replies)

    StarSpread presents Gabrielle Union. She recently appeared on SABC1 in her movie with LL Cool J titled "Deliver Us From Eva". Dated Ludacris & was on Ugly Betty
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  • TheTVObserver: MovieReport
    12 Mar 2009 00:00 (2 replies)

    HDNET broke the rules when it premiered brand new movies whilst they were on theatrical release, could this change pay-tv rights? TheMovieReport premieres.
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  • TheTVObserver: Sean Penn, Best Actor
    11 Mar 2009 00:00 (2 replies)

    His performance on "I Am Sam" was breathtaking. Playing a gay activist on "Milk" was nothing short of Penn magic. He was also married to Madonna! There's m...
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  • TheTVObserver: Memorable Moments #3
    10 Mar 2009 00:00 (25 replies)

    Mangi gave one of the most memorable and amazing performances on Scandal, when he played a drug addicted junkie desperately needing a fix. Bring the needle!
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  • TheTVObserver: Sexual Satisfaction
    9 Mar 2009 00:00 (7 replies)

    A Pastor/Sex Educator, Sexologist, a clinical psychologist & a cervical cancer survivor talk sex on Motswako as they address Sexual Satisfaction For Women.
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  • TheTVObserver: Hottest Ladies on TV
    8 Mar 2009 00:00 (22 replies)

    To celebrate the International Women's Day, TheTVObserver presents a list of televisions hottest females in association with StarSpread.
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  • TheTVObserver: TV Love Stories
    13 Feb 2009 00:00 (6 replies)

    Love stories are showcased on our screens, season after season. Because of this, people tend to remember TV love better. Which one do you remember?
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  • TheTVObserver: Life's Stickiest Situations
    12 Feb 2009 00:00 (6 replies)

    How ethical are you? Randy Cohen my favorite columnist "The Ethicist" for The New York Times Magazine on Oprah discussing ethics in lifes stickiest situations.
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  • TheTVObserver: Sexual Novelty v Monogamy
    11 Feb 2009 00:00 (15 replies)

    "I cant get enough of women". "I have to look at every woman who walks by", "I flirt", "I keep in touch with past girlfriends" & He slept wi...
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  • TheTVObserver: Halle Berry
    10 Feb 2009 00:00 (24 replies)

    TheTVObserver's StarSpread presents Halle Berry. Over 18 high quality pictures of this beauty with more information on her career and life! Get to know Halle.
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  • TheTVObserver: Marry or You'll Go To Hell.
    10 Feb 2009 00:00 (55 replies)

    Do you think the church should decide for you when you should get married? Do they need to condemn you, if you are a single parent with a child out of wedlock
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  • TheTVObserver: Forgiving A Porn Addict
    9 Feb 2009 00:00 (10 replies)

    Can you imagine discovering a slew of porn on your computer courtesy of your husband or boyfriend? And when he asks you to invite a stranger into your Bed?
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  • TheTVObserver: The N Word
    4 Feb 2009 00:00 (5 replies)

    Most black people use the word almost all the time but when a white person uses the word, all hell breaks loose. Is there a double standard?
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  • TheTVObserver: What's your pledge?
    28 Jan 2009 00:00 (10 replies)

    Barack Obama gave America HOPE through CHANGE with three words YES WE CAN. As we prepare to vote, what is our HOPE and CAN WE CHANGE our country for the better?
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  • TheTVObserver: StarSpread with Tom Cruise
    27 Jan 2009 00:00 (3 replies)

    StarSpeard presents Tom Cruise. A multi-award winning actor, a Motion Picture Star, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Lecturer & Speaker. Get to know the Star!
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