Still Breathing

Genres: Drama
Broadcast on: M-Net, Vuzu



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Season 1

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
M-Net 27 Feb 2020 21 May 2020 Thursdays, 20h10 - 21h10 13
Vuzu 10 Jan 2021 04 Apr 2021 Sundays, 20h00 - 21h00 13

Season 1

Still Breathing is a South African television drama series about a circle of former friends who have drifted apart with the passage of time but are drawn together again when tragedy strikes.
Themes of love, friendship, complicated relationships, betrayal and long-kept secrets form the emotional crux of the tale.
The tagline is: "In short, it's all about love, death – and the mess in-between."
The series stars Kate Liquorish (Madiba), Lorcia (Cooper) Kumalo (Lockdown), Shannon Esra (The Queen), Ty Keogh (The Wild), Brendan Pollecutt (Soul City), Brandon Auret (Isidingo), Siv Ngesi (The Man Cave), Fulu Mugovhani (Ring of Lies) and Susan Danford (Known Gods).
Also starring are Sean Taylor (The Wild), Michele Maxwell (Scandal!), Jane de Wet (The Girl from St. Agnes), Nandi Nyembe (Isibaya), Dorothy Ann Gould (4Play: Sex Tips for Girls) and Michael Richard (Radio Vuka).
Still Breathing is an M-Net Original Production, produced by BBZEE Films for M-Net. The series was created and written by Tiffany Barbuzano and Johnny Barbuzano; and directed by Johnny Barbuzano.

The producers are Tiffany Barbuzano and Johnny Barbuzano. The writing team includes Tiffany Barbuzano, Kabomo, Sasha Stokes, Tsepo Desando and Johnny Barbuzano.

Original music and the title song are composed by Brendan Jury. Vocals on the Heaven remake are by Tracey-Lee Oliver.
Character Bios
Abi (Kate Liquorish)
Abi is smart, fun, and quirky. She is a perfectionist and is always there to lend a helping or advisory hand to her friends and family.
Trent (Brendan Pollecutt)
Trent is a loving and doting husband with a terrible secret. A sudden tragedy sends shockwaves through the friend group and Trent, not fully knowing who he is, is a chameleon that changes his colours according to who he's with.
He is the quintessential golden boy that does not want to upset anyone around him.
Jessica [Jess] (Tiffany Barbuzano)
Jess is a super mom who seems to be able to do it all. She's Abi's number 1 supporter and will do anything to protect her sister.
Jess has always been level-headed, which has given everyone around her the impression that she has everything together, but a sudden loss and devastating news send her reeling.
Danny (Brandon Auret)
Danny is the gentle giant of the group; friendly, reliable and an all-round good guy. He is a loving partner to Jess and dotes on his three children. He is incredibly loyal to his friends who are like family to him.
Candice (Shannon Esra)
Candice is the supermodel of the group; beautiful, wealthy, and a career-driven woman. She has been Abi's best friend since high school, but their relationship could be likened to that of sisters.
T-Boss (Siv Ngesi)
T-Boss is the guiding light of the group; he's always there and ready to assist whenever anyone needs him – no questions asked. He works as a doctor and grew up with two mothers in Bryanston.
T-Boss's life has not been an easy one. He is married to Noli and is a father to twin girls.
Mrs. Jones (Dorothy Ann Gould)
She is T-Boss's adoptive mother. She is a typical Bryanston middle-aged woman who took the maid's son in and raised him like her own. She loves T-Boss and regards Innocent as her best friend.
Innocent (Nandi Nyembe)
Innocent is T-Boss's biological mother and continues as a domestic worker in the house where her son grew up with two mothers; one white and one black. She adores her son. She remains best friends with Mrs Jones.
Lucille (Lorcia Cooper)
Lucille is forthright and very loving; she would do absolutely anything to protect her friends or save them from any kind of pain/trauma. She is a champion of truth and justice no matter the cost.
Her love for justice and equality are her strongest assets and greatest flaws.
Stephen (Ty Keogh)
Stephen is the group's resident bad boy; he was an IT genius with endless promise but is now an old man in a young man's industry. He is the epitome of cool and has not changed since his youth.
Noli (Fulu Mugovhani)
Noli is a young, fun-loving woman who struggles with motherhood. She is married to T-Boss and unfortunately feels tied down in the marriage.
Noli tries her best to be supportive but she doesn't understand/can't relate to her husband's need to connect to his roots and find who he is.
She feels like an outsider in T-Boss's group of friends; the age gap doesn't help, and as a result, she comes off as standoffish and finds it hard to find her feet with them.
Trish (Susan Danford)
Trish is first and foremost a mother. She is a woman who has always done her "job", a socialite who is the perfect wife. She throws the best dinners, wears the right clothes and is Oliver's greatest achievement.
Coming from a poor family in Rosettenville, she has always felt like she owed Oliver something for "saving her", something he often holds over her. She is a 'rags to riches' story.
She is a good mother, however - as her own parents may not have had a lot of money - they did have an abundance of love.
Oliver (Sean Taylor)
Oliver is an astute businessman and heavy-handed father figure to his children Trent and Tegan; he is the patriarch of the family.
He is a man who worked hard in order to financially secure his place on top of Northcliff Hill, and now lives a life of luxury behind the high walls and electric fences.
He is obsessed with keeping up appearances.
Helen (Michele Maxwell)
Abi and Jessica's mother. Helen was a vivacious, still attractive, strong older woman. A woman who has always had the highest intelligence.
A devourer of books, of poetry and a woman who thrived on her eccentric view of the world. Warm, kind and funny.
She now has Lewy body dementia - a rapid onset form of dementia. She has moments of clarity which sometimes devastate her because she knows what's happening to her.
Colin (Michael Richard)
A warm, kind, slightly eccentric man who has a love not only for his family but for his bowls too.
He will dance in the rain while sipping gin and tonic and is easily as comfortable in a room full of businessmen.
He has been the only man in the household filled with women (Abi, Jessica and his wife Helen) for many years so he has a close bond with his son in law (Danny).
He is now faced with looking after his rapidly ailing wife's dementia but tries to remain as positive as possible.
He is an old school gentleman but will defend his children and wife to the death.
Tegan (Jane de Wet)
Tegan is a rebel - young, vibrant and a bit of a lost cause according to her father, Oliver. A "laat lammetje" growing up in the golden glow of her brother, Trent.
She has thrived in the shadow despite her father's dismissive relationship. Her mother, Trish, is her greatest support.

Season 1 Cast

(scroll to bottom for available actor bios)

Brandon Auret		...	Danny
Tiffany Barbuzano	...	Jessica
Shannon Esra		...	Candice
Ty Keogh		...	Stephan
Lorcia Cooper		...	Lucille (as Lorcia Cooper Kumalo)
Kate Liquorish		...	Abi
Siv Ngesi		...	T-Boss
Brendan Pollecutt	...	Trent

Recurring / Guests

Susan Danford		...	Trish
Fulu Mugovhani		...	Noli
Nandi Nyembe		...	Innocent
Dorothy Ann Gould	...	Mrs Jones
Linda Sokhulu		...	Ntombi
Kate Normington		...	Liza
Gabriella Cirillo	...	Louisa
Zetske van Pletzen	...	Alicia
Sean Taylor		...	Oliver
Jane de Wet		...	Tegan
Garion Dowds		...	Matthew
Michael Richard		...	Colin
Michele Maxwell		...	Helen
Jamie Barbuzano		...	Heath
Jesse Barbuzano		...	Noah
Oliver Naude		...	Jack
Uyo Peters		...	Leesa
Queen Koma		...	Kayla
Morne du Toit		...	Marvin
Assanda Nduku		...	Paramedic
Etienne Naude		...	Wedding Minister
Bruce Molema		...	Foreman
Carl Veldman		...	SCP Officer 1
Alex Kgwane		...	SCP Officer 2
Thalia Auret		...	Lily
Bright Mngomezulu	...	Mncedisi
Johnny Barbuzano	...	Peter
Nosipho Poyo		...	Teller
Kabomo Vilakazi		...	Cecil (as Kabomo)
Peter Jones		...	Minister (as Dr. Peter Jones)
Cassidy Nery		...	ECP
Shelby Storme Kuhn	...	Nurse 1
Luyolo Mngonyama	...	Nurse 2
Abigayl Royffe		...	Screaming Girl
Pippa Hatfield Leicher	...	Mom 1
Natasha Zietsman	...	Birthday Girl
Paddy Mazibuko		...	Private Investigator
Leon van Wyk		...	Judge
Luhandre van Schalkwyk	...	Lawyer
Donovan Paulin		...	Accused
Sandra Kriek		...	Prosecutor
Shelby Storme Kuhn	...	Nurse
Tebogo Mohuba		...	Begging Man
Frankie Reardon		...	Young Jessica
Maggie Reardon		...	Young Abi
Clementine Mosimane	...	Sister
Jose Domingos		...	Manny
Aurelie Stratton	...	Dr. Green
Etienne Naude		...	Priest
Maya Terblanche		...	Tegan Age 4
Kate Roothman		...	Amy
Demi Joan Zoghby	...	Glory
Shaun Moneron		...	Melville Kid
Maricia Pieterse	...	Melville Kid

Season 1 Cast





Lucille (as Lorcia Cooper Kumalo)





Mrs Jones





Cecil (as Kabomo)




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