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Season 2

Out Of The Box is a game show that challenges contestants to think and respond imaginitively to diverse creative games.

This second season of the show sees the introduction of various changes to the format and style of Season 1. While staying true to the show's original concept there are new hosts, a new set and different games.

Once more contestants play for points, putting their speed, knowledge, and ultimately, their ability to think out of the box to the test.

Each week four new contestants team up in two's to face each other in two teams - one led by Refiloe Seseane and the other led by Pabi Maloi. Playing as a threesome Team Refiloe and Team Pabi put their abilties to the test by playing five different games against each other.

All the games are worth one point each, except for the fifth deciding game, which is worth five points. The ice breaker game that starts each episode is a warm-up that doesn't count towards the score.

Ice breakers include a Word Association game that involves each team getting a word which the first person has to make an association with. The second person in the team then needs to make an association with the first persons word and so it goes.

The competitive games include:

Quirky Quiz:
Contestants are put through a general knowledge quiz with a difference. Instead of answering their own question, each contestant must give the answer to the question asked to the team mate ahead of them.

Two contestants are given a squiggle as a starting point to create a picture. They have 50 seconds to draw a picture and then they give their pictures a name. The show adds three names to the list, resulting in the pictures having five possible titles. The team leader (Refiloe/Pabi) then needs to try to work out which title goes with which picture. If teams draw, each team gets a point.

Catch Phrase:
One contestant from each team has to describe a word that appears on a screen to their two team mates. To assist in their explanation they cannot say "sounds like," they can't give the first letter and they can't mime. They can only use language to creatively describe it.

The team member who gets it right swops places with the person describing and starts describing a new word. The team to decipher the most correct words wins.

Yay Or Nay:
The show's host Darren gives each team a statement, the two contestants indicate whether they think the statement is true or false. If they think think's true they hold up a signboard that says Yay and if they think it's false, they hold up Nay.

Their team leader then makes the teams final decision by deciding on whether she agrees with them or not and adds her third yay or nay sign which their final answer.

Picture Perfect:
Each team gets a mysterious picture that provides them with clues that refer to a title from one of five categories: movies, song titles, celebrities, TV shows an nursery rhyms.

Both teams play together and as soon as anyone in a team has the answer they press a buzzer and they get a chance to answer. If they get it wrong the other team automatically gets a point without needing to answer.

The show also has a fourth regular character who goes by the name of Lebo. She's never seen and interracts with the show's host Darren through voiceovers only. Lebo makes sure that the scorings are correct while passing commentary on the teams and contestants.

The prize up for grabs for the winning contestants is a weekend away for two at a South African holiday destination.

Season 2 Cast

Host - Herself

Host - Himself

Host- Herself


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