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SEASON 1 | 2

Episode 1: Bankruptcy

When Kgosi announces that the Cherry Blossom Guesthouse is facing bankruptcy, everyone tries to outdo each other in finding money-making schemes. That is, all except for Lesego, who has her suspicions about her husband's motives.

Episode 2: What's For Dinner?

Lesego is put out when Kgosi demands that she cook for him – something she has never done. Things take a turn for the worse when she enlists DK's help. And the newly arrived wedding party is vegan, inspiring Nthato to swear off meat and bond with a new feathered friend.

Episode 3: In a Pickle

When a very old couple passes away at the farm, Kgosi is thrust into a crisis about his own mortality, and he resolves to bond with his heir, Nthato. Feeling her grip on her inheritance slip, Lesego sets about sabotaging Kgosi's attempts.

Mapaseka's kitchen, and her cooking, are under suspicion in the investigation into the mysterious deaths, causing her to go on an obsessive cleaning mission, which DK tries to exploit.

Episode 4: Green Farm

Nthato sees a documentary and announces to Cherry Blossom that the Earth is dying. When the farm is thrust into a massive blackout, Nthato tries to use this as an opportunity to learn how to live with less power...

In the middle of all this, Lesego accidentally injures Mapaseka's hand and is forced to start performing some of her farm duties.

Episode 5: Three's a Crowd

When a chief's son arrives with his first wife to marry his second, Lesego is disturbed by an awful dream in which Kgosi takes Mapaseka as another wife. But is it actually such a stretch of the imagination?

The kids almost destroy the wedding when DK bets Nthato she can charm the chief into making her his third wife.

Episode 6: Days of our Soap

A soap star comes to the farm for a quiet weekend, but gets just the opposite. When the star-struck Lesego isn't harassing him, DK is lurking ominously nearby. To make matters worse, a prominent church, and moral, leader is coming to pay Kgosi a visit.

Kgosi, desperate to impress, shows off his far-from-perfect family.

Episode 7: Love on the Run

When a young couple arrives under mysterious circumstances, the staff suspects they are the culprits of a nearby robbery. The revelation that the bride is actually escaping ho shubedisiwa (bride kidnapping) puts Lesego and Mapaseka at loggerheads.

DK bets Nthato that she can pass for Lesego while tending to the desperately ill Kgosi, leading to a very awkward situation.

Episode 8: Mother Dear

Lesego gets a nasty surprise when her mother comes to visit. At first nobody believes that Ntswaki is a monster, but when they do, unusual alliances are formed to get rid of her. DK tries on a very expensive piece of jewellery – and damages it.

When she enlists Nthato's help to repair it, things only get worse.

Episode 9: Promotion

DK gets a promotion when Lesego appoints her as the receptionist. She becomes drunk with power, putting her severely at odds with the rest of the staff.

Meanwhile, Christmas has come early to the farm. Everyone gets involved in planning a Christmas-themed wedding. Though Nthato is okay with playing an elf, Mapaseka is not at all happy that she has to dress as a wise man.

Episode 10: Read My Lips

When DK takes it upon herself to educate Nthato in the ways of women, the others get the wrong impression and believe that DK and Nthato are involved.

Kgosi's determination to learn sign language for the wedding of a deaf man sees him irritating Lesego and inadvertently offending the couple. The bride is already at the end of her tether, exhausted by her fiancées endless chatter.

Episode 11: The Voortrekker Bride

Things are not right at Cherry Blossom. It seems the guest house is haunted. It all starts when Nthato and DK spin the tale of a local ghost called the Voortrekker Bride, and begin to haunt Lesego and Mapaseka.

Soon enough a real haunting becomes evident. There is the restless spirit of a Basotho warrior... Lesego is writing up a new advertising brochure for Cherry Blossom...

Episode 12: Cherry Politics

When the chairman of the Cherry Council arrives to visit the guesthouse, he mistakes Mapaseka for Kgosi's wife... and can't stand Lesego. Since she's so desperate to curry favour with the chairman in order to host the Miss Cherry Blossom Pageant, Lesego agrees to swap places with Mapaseka for a day.

It's a recipe for disaster and made much worse when DK finds a pair of handcuffs in a guest bedroom...

Episode 13: Anniversary

Cherry Blossom does a time warp for an Eighties-themed wedding. DK's Brenda Fassie is banned and Mapaseka's Yvonne Chaka Chaka is outdone by Lesego's Madonna – but they're all trumped by Kgosi's Michael Jackson.

When Lesego mistakes her wedding anniversary for that of her previous marriage, Kgosi is irate and a game of revenge ensues.

We also learn of Lesego, Mapaseka, Phineas and Kgosi's lives in the Eighties.


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