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Genres: Drama
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Roer Jou Voete (Move Your Feet) is a South African television drama series created by Justin Strydom and Joshua Rous about a talented young dancer who falls foul of a nasty Joburg drug lord and discovers that his only hope to survive is a Latin and Ballroom Dance School in a forgotten Karoo town.

The series tells the story of Dillon Pretorius, a talented but wayward show dancer in his mid-20's, struggling to come to terms with the guilt of his father's death.

When a nasty drug lord comes looking for his money, Dillon is forced to flee to the one place he believes no one will find him: his father's dance club situated in the heart of a Karoo mining town called Verloren.

The plan is to sell the club, pay off his debt and get his dance career back on track. Unfortunately, what should have been the perfect place to hide becomes the perfect place to die.

While trying to remain hidden, he heats up the town: bumping heads with the local sheriff; a shifty Latino dancer; the town pastor and his father's ex-lover. He also stumbles onto the secrets of his family's past.

As luck would have it, he makes a dangerous new enemy in the ruthless town mayor, who wants to steal his birthright, thus opening up the opportunity to frack Verloren into oblivion. To stop this from happening, he must right the wrongs of the past.

Verloren is a place where the past and the present weave an intricate dance, and to survive, one has to learn to "Roer Jou Voete"...

The series stars Marno van der Merwe as Dillon Pretorius, Nicole Fortuin as Maryke van Niekerk, Ilse Klink as Tamara van Niekerk, David James as Rudi Bryce, Saint Seseli as Dr. Ephron Serameng, Robyn Brophy as Janine van Niekerk and Jose Domingos as Toni Palguiera.

Supporting cast members include Grethe Fox as Gertruida Pretorius, Bradley Olivier as Willem van Niekerk, Jason Willemse as Riaan Huisman, Busisiwe Mtshali as Dawn Senatla, Nicholas Nkuna as Shakes Mbebe, Nosiphiwo Samente as Nqobile Tsiriletso and Chris Jaftha as Gideon Adams. Drikus Volschenk also recurs as the town pawn broker Toon.

Roer Jou Voete was the first Afrikaans drama to be commissioned by SABC3. It is broadcast with English subtitles.

The series was created by Justin Strydom (who is also the head writer) and Joshua Rous and is co-produced by Tung n' Cheek Productions - the maiden project for the production company - in conjunction with Rous House Productions. The executive producers are Lizette Khan, Marcia Mahlalela and Luke Rous.

Other writers on the series include Menke Diederichs, Libe Ferreira and Wikus du Toit, who also composed the soundtrack and opening title music.

Roer Jou Voete was filmed primarily in Pretville, Hartbeespoort, in the North West province; with extra scenes filmed in Philippolis, Free State.

Main Characters

Dillon Pretorius (played by Marno van der Merwe)

A lean and muscular 25-year-old, Afrikaans, Joburg boy. Despite being a dancer he is the epitome of masculinity. Some see him as secretive, materialistic (confident with money in hand), roguish (not bound by the laws which govern the norm), charming, and others see him as a little lost.

He believes that "only a weak person needs someone around the whole time". The truth is, he is haunted by his past and will never allow anyone to get too close. He fears losing himself in an effort to blend in or for the sake of a superficial relationship.

Maryke van Niekerk (played by Nicole Fortuin)

An attractive, 25-year-old, born and bred Verloren woman. She has long wild hair and a smile that can melt any man's heart. She is often described as strong willed, independent of men's overt affections, cynical, fiercely loyal to her family, sensual and disciplined, but most guys think she's just too tightly wound.

She believes, "when everything goes to hell, family is all you've got". At night, or with a glass of wine, when she cuts loose on the dance floor, she has deep hidden wells of passion that surface in ways only the tango and mambo can appreciate.

She instinctively sides with the under-dog, and has a soft spot for the 'bad boy'.

Tamara van Niekerk (played by Ilse Klink)

A 37-year-old dance teacher from Verloren. She is vivacious, flamboyant, young at heart, open-minded, and affectionate. At least that is what she wants everyone to believe.

The truth is that she has been hiding a deep secret for years and now that her abusive relationship has come to an end, she won't allow anyone to 'fence her in'. Some people think she is a little too liberal in a conservative community.

Rudi Bryce (played by David James)

A powerful and attractive 50-year-old, who also happens to be the Mayor of Verloren. During his late teens and early twenties he was a miner on the Verloren Diamond Mine. There he learnt to be devious, malicious and callous. In short, he is as dangerous as they come.

To him "power isn't everything, it's the only thing". He believes he is entitled to everything he has, no matter how he got it.

Dr. Ephron Serameng (played by Saint Seseli)

Verloren's resident 40-something bachelor. He is also the town doctor. He is often referred to as being wise, cautious and somewhat duplicitous. He believes that he can make things happen but fear stops him from fully realizing the potential that lies in himself.

Janine van Niekerk (played by Robyn Brophy)

A quick tempered, rebellious and angry 17-year-old Verloren High School girl. She believes "rules are made to be broken", as well as long distance track records.

She wants to get away from her mom because she is tired of everyone judging her. She wants to make every person that ever said a bad thing about her, eat their words.

Toni Palguiera (played by Jose Domingos)

A 40-year-old Portuguese policeman. Toni has been indulging in the town tuisnywerheid's koeksisters a few too many times, but as the chief Konstabel in a town where nothing has happened since the 'De Witt Farm Fire', what else is there to do?

He believes "you only live once". Even though he tends to act tough and do what the public at large sees as right, he has a heart of gold.


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